Unwrapping Tumblr

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Transcript of Unwrapping Tumblr

  1. 1. Unwrapping TumblrMykl Novak ~ Marquette [email protected]
  2. 2. OverviewI. What is Tumblr?II. Posting on TumblrIII. Engaging on TumblrIV. Lessons learned
  3. 3. $1,000 Jeopardy! clue (aired 12/16/11)
  4. 4. I: What is Tumblr? The easiest way to blog. Tumblr makes it effortless to shareanything you nd or create. Post text, photos, quotes, links,dialogues, audio, video, slideshows. tumblr.com/why-tumblr
  5. 5. So whats Tumblr really? ...the Lost and Found Department of theentire Internet. (Salon.com) ...the end of your social life.(urbandictionary.com) ...the most interesting party youve ever beenat. That party could have a political discussionin the kitchen or people doing keg stands inthe living room, but its all about that wholerange of human expression. (Mark Coatney)
  6. 6. Blogging hybrid longer posts scheduling multimediapagesfollowerstags timeline retweetsreplies favorites
  7. 7. Undercover TumblrTumblr has a chameleon quality, sincenon-Tumblr users who visit a tumblrblog see it as a more or less plain-vanilla blog: they dont see the socialnetwork behind the scenes... [To] reallyexperience Tumblr, you have to createan account and start followingpeople. (Stowe Boyd)
  8. 8. Tumblelog view nwkarchivist.tumblr.com
  9. 9. Dashboard view
  10. 10. What is Tumblr?tumblr [tuhm-bler] noun:Fast, free, easy blogging ofrich media within ahypervisual, hyperactivesocial network.
  11. 11. Whos on Tumblr?The Comic Sans Projectcomicsansproject.tumblr.com
  12. 12. Whos on Tumblr?clientsfromhell.net
  13. 13. Whos on Tumblr?Gareld Minus Gareldgareldminusgareld.net
  14. 14. Whos on Tumblr?
  15. 15. Demographics Top 25 websites in U.S. ranked 23rd by 55% female, 45% male Attracts ages 18 to 34 College educated audienceSource: quantcast.com
  16. 16. Tumblr vs. others Source: comScore
  17. 17. 15,346,507,389total posts 39,704,179total blogs (tumblelogs) www.tumblr.com/about/
  18. 18. II: Posting to Tumblr
  19. 19. Quick account sign-up 1.2. 3. 4.
  20. 20. The Dash Read posts Post stuff Interact
  21. 21. 7 types of posts
  22. 22. Photo driven 42% of original posts are photosSource: mashable.com, 11/14/11
  23. 23. Posting a photoClick Photo
  24. 24. Upload a photo1. Select photo2. Add caption (optional)3. Tag it (optional)4. Post
  25. 25. Dashboard result
  26. 26. Tumblelog result
  27. 27. Photoset
  28. 28. GPOYGratituitousPictureOfYourself(or any image thatmetaphoricallydescribes you)
  29. 29. Reaction images Exclamation points of Tumblr Images or animationsat end of a post Express joy, shock,sadness, laughter, anger,disgust, excitement or pride
  30. 30. Text post You can easily add images to text posts Use read more break for longer posts
  31. 31. Quote postBe ignited, orbe gone.(Mary Oliver)
  32. 32. Link post
  33. 33. Chat postOverheard at Brew Cudahy Cafe:Barista #1: Im really tired.Barista #2: You work in a coffee shop.Do something about it.
  34. 34. Audio post One audio upload per day MP3s only with 10MB limit Toll-free number to record
  35. 35. Video post Embed YouTube or Vimeo by URL Upload 5 minutes of video per day 100MB max per video le upload
  36. 36. Publish options Publish now I mean, right now Add to queue stagger your posts Publish on... schedule your posts Save as draft stockpile your posts Private only for you, when logged in
  37. 37. Theme garden
  38. 38. III: Engaging on TumblrNotes Reblog Like Reply Answer
  39. 39. Reblog Similar to Twitters retweet Quickly shares what you love on Tumblr Creates a copy to your tumblelog Allows you to add your own comments Attributes to the original author Adds to notes on the original post Noties author on dashboard (if set)
  40. 40. Reblog a post
  41. 41. Like Marks what you like from Tumblr Similar to Twitter favorites Does NOT create a post on your tumblelog Adds to Notes on the original post Likes may appear in a sidebar or link (if set) Noties author on dashboard (if set)
  42. 42. Reply Replies are off by default Can allow replies from people you follow Can allow replies from those following youfor more than two weeks Click Reply link on dashboard posts For comments, use DISQUS add-on
  43. 43. Answer a question End a text post or a caption with ? Creates a question post with answer box
  44. 44. Submit stuff to others
  45. 45. Ask others a question Click ask link or go to /ask 500-character limit Only 10 asks per hour No web or email addresses
  46. 46. Following Click follow button in the upper right Try Spotlight: http://tumblr.com/spotlight/ Try Explore: http://tumblr.com/explore/
  47. 47. Check archive, likes
  48. 48. marquetteu.tumblr.com
  49. 49. dearmarquette.tumblr.com
  50. 50. marquetteits.tumblr.com
  51. 51. postmarq.tumblr.com
  52. 52. Tags Great way to organize posts Surfaces content for others When posting, tags on right No hash/pound sign needed Comma or return after each Search tags from dashboard
  53. 53. Top 10 tags1. GIF (animated) 6. Illustration2. LOL7. Landscape3. Fashion8. Animals4. Art9. Food5. Vintage10. Film Source: mashable.com, 11/14/11
  54. 54. IV: Lessons learned
  55. 55. Tumblr sweet spot Visuals/multimedia Niche topics
  56. 56. What interests students?
  57. 57. Creation vs. Curation Strike a balance between... Creating your original posts Curating others posts (reblogs) Remix or curate... Be careful with copyright Attribute the source CoachBuzzLightyear
  58. 58. Follow judiciously Follow accounts that t your interests Initially, I followed all who followed me Sometimes led to dashboard noise Gradually, I unfollowed some accounts
  59. 59. Track topics with tags
  60. 60. Seedy side of Tumblr Spam likes or reblogs (block as spam) F-bombs, even on ofcial Tumblr stuff F***yeah blogs Over the line: click unfollow
  61. 61. Tumblr downtime42.1 hoursdowntimein 2011 forTumblr1.6 hoursdowntimein 2011 forwordpress.com Source: pingdom.com
  62. 62. Think like a news editor
  63. 63. Think like a historianMU in Cotton Bowl: Jan. 1, 1937 (MU Archives)
  64. 64. Think like Hallmark
  65. 65. [email protected]