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Technology is changing every

day & the way in which we use it

differs from person to person.

Social media has taken an effect on many of us.

We cannot unplug mentally from the

distractions our mobile devices provide. .

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Much like anything in life, too much can be detrimental, and it can be

used for good and for evil.

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Most are beginning to PLUG IN. Social network “Facebook” has a

minimum age requirement of 13 years old. Showing that our younger generations are becoming more and more

digitized -they have to.

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Page 5: Unplug or Plug-in

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Adult users are plugging in as well. In 2008 approx. 12 Million

were using social networking ..

Source: http://www.arbitron.com/downloads/infinite_dial_2011_presentation.pdf

Page 6: Unplug or Plug-in

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..That number grew to approx. 46 million in 2011 –

an 18% increase

Source: http://www.arbitron.com/downloads/infinite_dial_2011_presentation.pdf

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But what are we connecting with? The answer…

Smart Phones.

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Mobility is the cause for our obsessive need to

stay connected, informed and entertained.

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Besides entertainment, more and more smart

phones are being used for work

Page 10: Unplug or Plug-in

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By the end of 2010, 53% of companies

will have deployed iPhones.

Source: Aberdeen Group, Dec


Page 11: Unplug or Plug-in

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Just how connected are we? Lets put it this way…

Page 12: Unplug or Plug-in

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97% of text messages are opened..

87% of them are opened within 1 hour




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48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook right

when they wake up.

Source: http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/facebook-statistics-


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About 28% of them check their Facebook on their

smart phones before getting out of bed.

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Being connected all the time has its pros and cons.

With accessibility, comes responsibility.

Today, we are able to fit, what was 48 hours, into a 24-hour day. = PRO!

Page 16: Unplug or Plug-in

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However, accessibility and connectivity opens doors to

viscous behavior.

50% of youngsters have experienced digitally abusive behavior = Con!

Source: http://www.puresight.com/Cyberbullying/cyber-


Page 17: Unplug or Plug-in

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In the end, it’s how we use the connectivity

and the information that is provided to us.

… maybe there is too much information? Are we taking it all in?

Page 18: Unplug or Plug-in

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The informationage is defined by output: we

produce far more information than we can

possible manage, let alone absorb.

…But are we still able to be selective with our information?

-Overload!, Columbia Journalism Review

Page 19: Unplug or Plug-in

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Everyone is different. The way in which we

network and connect is different. Which ever you choose, be aware of what you are doing, and how its is effecting

you and those around you. .

Many of us rely heavily on our mobile devices. Some of us too much. Some say

that technology is removing the way people exist in the real world, others say we

benefit living in a digital world. However, I think we just need to find the right balance with our digital lives.

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Plugging in is a great thing if used correctly, efficiently, and responsibly.

Don’t be afraid I am not a bully, so go ahead and plug-in with me!

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