Unlocking competitive advantage in the digital economyresearch- .Unlocking competitive advantage

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Transcript of Unlocking competitive advantage in the digital economyresearch- .Unlocking competitive advantage

  • OvumOvumTMT intelligence |

    Unlocking competitiveadvantage in thedigital economy

    Introducing Ovum, expert, specialist TMT consultants

    Ovum Consulting

  • Contents

    A leading global TMT consulting firm

    Our expertiseYour advantage

    Making growth strategies succeed

    How can we help you to succeed with your growth strategy?

  • A leading global TMT consulting firm


  • Business success in the digital services, telecoms and technology markets is achieved by deep, cut-through insights informed by reliable up-to-the-minute data and analysis.

    There are now more questions to ask, with disruptive technologies changing the rules of the game, and consumers expectations increasingly shaping new solutions and services.

    Making growth strategies succeedFor digital service providers and their technology partners Ovum provides unique insight into the sizeable but highly contested revenue opportunities within the connected digital economy.

    Ovum Consulting consistently delivers against our clients project objectives by combining longstanding TMT expertise with the most complete set of industry data available. With methodologies designed to deliver actionable advice we have a proven track record of helping organizations make the business decisions required to drive growth.

    Global coverage and local market insight, with 19 offices across the globe.

    150+ consultants and analysts working on projects for TMT clients.


  • Maximise the value of your IT investments

    IT Strategy and Selection

    We leverage our deep TMT expertise to help our clients identify and seize growth opportunities

    Who to target: increasing sales

    effectiveness to drive growth

    Why us?: positioning our service

    to deliver growth

    We need to evaluatetarget market

    segments and decide which are the most attractive to drive


    How to win: exploiting the growth


    We need to understand customer

    demand, the competitive landscape

    and how we shouldengage with the

    market to win business

    Sales Planning and Effectiveness

    Where to play: identifying and

    assessing growth opportunities

    We need contentmarketing to raiseawareness of our

    position in the marketand demonstrate


    Business and Strategic Planning

    We need a more effective salesforce

    that can better focus its efforts based on account-level data

    and insights to build afast pipeline

    We need independent, practical IT strategy and vendor selection insight to enable us to make the right decisions for our


    Content Marketing Services


    GTM Planning

  • Broad knowledge with deep expertise in TMT markets

    Our TMT consulting capabilities:Sectors we specialise in:

    Business and Strategic Planning

    ContentMarketing Services

    Sales Planning and Effectiveness

    IT Strategy and Selection

    GTM Planning


    Consumer services


    Smart home

    Connected car





    App Virtualization

    Network security


    Enterprise services


    IoT platforms

    Unified comms

    Enterprise mobility



    Financial services: digital CX

    Payments: distributed ledger

    Media: Next-generation devices & CX

    Telecoms: Hardware to virtual networks

    Public sector: growth of smart cities

  • What our customers have to say about us


    Ovum consulting has a proven track record of delivering

    projects, in a flexible manner, that allow us to understand and

    approach new markets.

    Asia-Pacific telecommunicationsequipment provider

    Ovum consultants understand our space better than anyone

    and, unlike others we have used in the past, produce highly

    practical outcomes.

    EMEA-based global paymentssolutions provider

    Ovum is a leading player they talk to the right operators, have

    a good view of the market, know their technology and give a realistic picture of what the

    market is saying.

    European Tier 1 network equipment manufacturer

    Ovum consultants provide practical outcomes, based on

    deep subject matter expertise.

    US network solutions manufacturer

    Ovum consultants technical expertise, global coverage of our

    market, and depth of analysis make for recommendations we

    can action immediately.

    European Tier 1 telco

    Ovum consultants are flexible and challenging unlike others

    they are always coming up with something new and

    important to say.

    US-HQd MNC Tier 1 technology vendor

  • Our expertiseYour advantage

    Meet our global experts


  • Meet some of our experts

    Ken LandolineCustomer Engagement,

    Principal AnalystSan Francisco

    Katherine HorowitzPrincipal

    Consultant Boston

    Nicole EngelbertTechnology,

    Research DirectorNew York

    Richard MahonyGlobal Director,


    Paige BartleyInformation Management,

    Senior AnalystSan Francisco

    Kieran HinesHead of


    Tony BaerInformation Management,

    Principal AnalystNew York

    Tony GunnarssonTV,

    Senior AnalystLondon

    Chantel CaryTelecoms Operations

    and IT, AnalystNew York

    Srushti GhisadMiddle East and Africa,

    Senior AnalystDubai


    Thecla MbongueMiddle East & Africa,

    Senior AnalystJohannesburg

  • Meet some of our experts

    Clement TeoIT Services,

    Principal AnalystSingapore

    Ian WattPrincipal Consultant


    TZ WongService Provider &

    Markets, Senior AnalystSingapore

    Kris SzaniawskiTelco Operations and IT,

    Practice LeaderLondon

    Alexandra RehakIoT,

    Practice LeaderLondon

    Ronan de RenesseConsumer Technology,

    Practice LeaderSan Francisco


    Nicole McCormickBroadband & Multiplay,

    Principal AnalystMelbourne

    Kevin NoonanGovernment, Lead Analyst


    Mark OliverHead of Consulting,


    Andrew MilroyHead of Consulting,


    David MolonyEnterprise Services,

    Practice LeaderLondon

  • Making growth strategies succeed

    Our methodology and success stories


  • Where to play: identifying andassessing growth opportunitiesWe help our customers determine:

    We are able to provide a granular market view that allows our customers to focus their efforts on the most relevant and potentially lucrative areas of opportunity.

    Size of the growth opportunity and

    how it is forecast to change over time

    Risks and challenges associated with a

    new market

    Disruption potential of emerging technologies

    on models of distribution and consumption

    Why this market represents a growth

    opportunity given our customers capabilities

    and strategy


  • The customer challengeOur client, a digital music service provider, aspired to be a fully global service and in order to accelerate its internal expansion - needed to carefully evaluate the addressable market of users that can potentially buy its service. This meant identify the number of unique smartphone users, payment card holders and data usage across a large number of potential target countries.

    Why Ovum?Ovums deep knowledge of the variables and potential distortions which impact on the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for a client-specific service, as well as the local conditions that exist in emerging markets, provided our client with credible and robust forecasts upon which it could make strategic decisions with confidence.

    The final outcomeOvum Consulting helped its client identify the greatest opportunities among the mix of markets with differing smartphone and payment enablement dynamics, and launch its subscription service into the most attractive new countries. We also advised our client on how its business model could be adapted to capture the local opportunity.

    Business and Strategic Planning: Total Addressable Market Analysis


  • We help our customers go to market to exploit growth opportunities by advising on:

    Our market, competitor and channel expertise gives our customers the specific, actionable insight necessary for them to achieve commercial success.

    Market demand, how it is changing, and what

    is required to become a digital enterprise

    The competitive environment and how others are supplying

    the market

    The strengths and competencies necessary

    to claim a position in the market ahead of the


    Potential future partners who can

    enable us to exploit these growth opportunities

    How to win: Exploiting the growth opportunities


  • Go-to-Market Planning:TV & Media Services Market Study

    The customer challengeAs the TV and media industry become digitised how could our TV and Media client become more competitive, efficient and attractive to consumers and help to drive business transformation in this challenging new environment?

    Why Ovum?With a unique competence in both Media and IT services along with existing insights from surveys and proprietary data sets we already have, Ovum was best placed to help our client respond.

    The final outcomeOur client was able to take Ovums key recommendations to

    Identify the partner and acquistion targets required to develop a proposition to satisfy customer expectations

    Re-position its