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About “Unleash” Team

“Unleash” Team is based out of Hyderabad and was

incorporated in 2009 as a part of “Nucleus Group”.

The team consists of a blend of expert project managers and

technical specialists with a unique mix of management

consulting skills and technical knowledge.

With our immense experience in the Project Management

consulting and usage of various project management systems

available in market, we have developed our own Project

Management tool “Unleash” which is provided “On Cloud”.

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About “Unleash” Team

Unleash Team works out of two offices in Hyderabad based out

of Ameerpet (Admin) and Miyapur (Development).

Core expertise lies in web programming technologies

(php, mySQL, jquery, ajax etc) in addition to project management

and operations re-engineering consulting & training.

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About “Unleash” Team Our core strength lies in providing a complete package of

management consulting, management applications development

and training (a key component of change management) in the

arena of project management.

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About “Unleash” Team All our consultants come with many years of management

systems experience across a wide variety of industries and are

adept with various ERP and management systems to make

integrating our products into your existing management ERP

systems easy.

Additional benefit is that most of our consultants have worked in

very similar roles in various organizations and understand the

multi-faceted nature of the work involved.

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Project Management

Project is temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end

Project Management is a discipline of planning, organizing and

managing resources like time, money, people and scope to

achieve specific business goals and objectives.

No matter what type of project one is involved with, project

management typically follows the same sequence:

Definition Planning Execution Control Closure

A large project is done in multiple phases (Life cycle technique)

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Applying Project Management

Project management is applicable in each & every industry on

the planet which does project or companies which takes up

projects for achieving their business goals.

To name a few industry domains:

Aerospace / Defense/ Manufacturing/ Engineering


FMCG/ Retail

Energy / Oil / Gas / Petroleum/ Construction

Anything under the sun and beyond also eg. NASA sending a probe to mars for

exploration of life conditions.

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Project Management Software Project Management Software helps in various activities of a Project like

planning, scheduling, resource allocation, communication, execution etc.

Important Tasks of a Project Management Software include:

Scheduling, like:



Resources etc

Providing various Information like:

Tasks of people

Warning about all sort of risks

Overview information of different activities, resources etc

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Popular project management software include tools like:

• Microsoft Project (MSP)

• Primavera

• Basecamp

• Version one

• Agilezen

And many more tools (Literally in thousands)

Project Management Software

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An average citizen has got some banking requirement. He got two options:

1. A regular old styled bank where you need to stand in the queue to deposit/

withdraw your own money – Takes 4 hrs

2. The same service on Internet Banking- Takes just 5 min

• Present day competitive world, no one has such a time to waste.

• In real time business environment also, everyone would like to be

flexible, would like to have information at the right time at any place so that

they can make most of their time and resources.

• Cloud provides that flexibility and instant information but at much much

cheaper costs any where, because there is no requirement to maintain a

separate computers or servers and people to manage them.

Project Management on Cloud

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Cloud computing is delivery of computing as a service rather than product.

Cloud computing is a marketing term for technologies that provide


Software application

Data Access

Storage Services etc

Service is provided as per usage over internet on any device with internet

access. Highly attractive in times of limited budgets and distributed teams.

Delivers applications through internet;

All that Users require is just a browser and a computer/laptop/mobile.

Project Management on Cloud

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Page 13: Unleash Pm Introduction

Provide instant communication between globally dispersed teams and

be able to seamlessly access better versions of software as they are


Lead to greater economies of scale with out investing in backend


No need to maintain servers

No expertise required

Pay based on usage and only for actual usage of software

Pay for what you use; unlike in desktop software where you have to pay no

matter how much is your usage. Mobile Billing changed from per minute

based to per second based.

Project Management on Cloud

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Continued …

Fosters Innovation

As your project management is done more easily you have lots of

time to focus on business objectives

Spend more time in generating new ideas and efficiencies

Large enterprises can reduce their management cost (As

unleash can act as your assistant to help the senior

management focus on trouble spots regarding projects).

Facilitates global and interactive learning at affordable price

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How are we different?• While many of the contemporary software work online or on a cloud (using

services like MS Sharepoint, virtualization etc), they are inherently desktop

based software and are not designed to be cloud centric. Data migration

processes etc are also very cumbersome as source code is simply not

available for them (and no hope as well).

• Our tools (Unleash) have been designed completely from a cloud centric

point of view and offer superior performance and flexibility for customization

(What would take several months to customize utilizing various tools would

be possible in weeks with our systems due to the inherent simplicity and

complete focus on cloud based delivery).

Page 16: Unleash Pm Introduction

Methodologies: Waterfall and Agile

Waterfall is a Project Management methodology

which is more focused on building and following


Focus is on effective following of the defined processes

Agile is a Project Management methodology

which is highly flexible, fast and caters to

changes in competitive environment.

Focus is on how one can adapt to the changing requirements

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Methodologies: Waterfall and Agile Waterfall is a very popular software development

technique adopted in many organizations. Due to

increasing volatility in markets regarding requirements and

changes, many organizations have started moving towards

adoption of Agile practices.

Current state is that many organizations today practice

waterfall systems and Agile methodologies and a blend of

both as well (In same project). In addition, many

organizations adhere to various CMM practices.

Page 18: Unleash Pm Introduction

Methodologies: Waterfall and Agile Many organizations have project management systems in

place already (PMIS) as a part of PMO. However, still

many projects (75% of all projects) incur a cost escalation

of 179% over initial budget (Standish Group).

The traditional ERP systems are not able to deal with the

simultaneous existence of multiple project management

methodologies at the same time (some times within the

same project).

Page 19: Unleash Pm Introduction

Our solution: Unleash

Unleash Software is an easy to use On-Cloud Project

Management Software.

Unleash is a unique cloud based systems where you will find

tools to manage projects of both WATERFALL and AGILE or

any Hybrid in between.

Almost all companies use project management, which makes

Unleash a valuable software for almost all companies.

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Why Unleash

Affordable Price

On Cloud/On Demand

-Less infrastructure Cost

-Log in and get to work: All you need is a browser.

Flexibility of Usage in PM Systems- Waterfall or Agile or Both

Real time Notifications at Right time

Integrated module for SMS and Email (Based on control systems

defined) to help pro-actively manage your projects even before they

become trouble spots.

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Why Unleash Customization

Software to be installed on customer location and servers

On customer demand with very reasonable T&M contracts

Continuous Collaboration

On Demand

In built chat system

Constant Upgrades

We update our software once a month with new features constantly added

Technical Support-On Site & Off Site

A dedicated development team size of 40 members as of Dec 2011.

Discounts on Consulting Services in Project Management for your employees

Easy to use

Page 22: Unleash Pm Introduction

Unleash for Large IT Organizations Unleash is a completely customizable source code and can

integrate very well with any other ERP software like SAP or other

work flow systems already in place for your project and follows

the PMI standards and compatible with Mahindra Satyam’s

internal Project Management practices.

The experience of our management team with various projects

delivery and the challenges are addressed in our tool and helps

you to manage delivery of a variety of Project Management

Approaches and is available to you at a source code level with

customization possible on a T&M basis.

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Competitor Fact Sheet

Feature Name Unleash MSP 2010 Primavera

Affordability Starts at 20,000


Starts from

2,00,000 (8 Users)

Starts form

4,00,000 (8


Instant Notifications Yes No No

On Cloud Yes No No

Flexibility of Usage in

Existing PMIS

Yes No No

Discounts on

Consulting Services

Yes No No

On site Technical


Yes No No

Industries Preferred Every Industry

(Specially IT)

IT Industry Construction


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Existing Users (Brand “Unleash”)

Page 26: Unleash Pm Introduction

Differentiators• Completely customizable (At source

code), Completely local and India based team

• Can integrate easily with existing ERP systems

• Can work with Hybrid PM implementations (Reality of

life). A loyal assistant for your managers.

• Unleash core Team is experienced with consulting

and management trainings which makes it easy to help

implement (Change management aspect)

Page 27: Unleash Pm Introduction

A Sincere Thank You

for your Time