Unit 2 Hinduism Festivals. Diwali – Festival of Lights late October, early November) Most popular...

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Unit 2 Hinduism Festivals

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Transcript of Unit 2 Hinduism Festivals. Diwali – Festival of Lights late October, early November) Most popular...

  • Unit 2 HinduismFestivals

  • Diwali Festival of Lights late October, early November)Most popular celebration in IndiaFor many Hindus (in North) , Diwali is New Years EveCelebrations last 5 nights (in Canada, 1 night)Honours:Lakshimi goddess of wealth and good fortuneVishnu defeated the demon Naraka & Ramas return to his kingdom after defeating Ravana

  • Diwali activitiesSet off fireworksdecorate their houses with lightsgive giftswear new clothescelebrate triumph of good and knowledge over the dark forces of evil and ignorancefeast (lavish vegetarian dishes)gambling a way of ensuring good luckPuja at sunset

  • Holi Festival of Colourfull moon day in MarchAgricultural festival honouring the arrival of springMyth origins: Young Prahalad was resented by his wicked father for being so devoted to Vishnu. His evil aunt tried to burn him but instead she was burned to ash good overcomes evil

  • Holi Activitieslight a bonfire (signifies the burning of evil)squirting coloured water on friends and family distribute and eat sweets and other foods

  • Maha shivaratri The Night of Lord Shiva New moon, Feb

    Special event dedicated to lord Shiva

    Devotees worship Shiva, keep vigil, and fast for 24 hours

    Said to the be night that Shiva married Paravati and performed the Tandava or the dance of primordial creation, preservation and destruction

  • Maha shivaratri ActivitiesRecite Shivas name between midnight and sunrise

    Place flowers and grain on Shivas his image


    pour water in a steady stream from a copper vessel over his image

  • Navratri Nine Nights FestivalThe beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn equinox

    agricultural religion

    The 9 nights - to revel in the knowledge of the goddesses that live within us

  • Navratri ActivitiesNights 1-3 worship the goddess Durga (manifestation of Paravati) believed to wash away laziness and evil thoughts

    Nights 4-6 with a pure mind, offer puja to Lakshimi goddess of wealth and good fortune

    Nights 7-9 worship Saraswati goddess of knowledge and learning

    10th day, worshippers observe the day of victory