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Unit 2: Entertain Me!. Unit Goals. P regunta E sencial. How do I discuss what activities I or someone else likes to do? Objective: I can tell WHAT I like and don’t like to do for entertainment. Gustar. When we talk about what we like to do we use the verb Gustar . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 1: Entertain Me!


Sra. Watersespaol IIUnit Goals

Essential Question: How do I discuss what activities I or someone else likes to do?

Objective:I can identify different forms of entertainmentI can say WHAT I like & dont like to do for entertainment

Basic Examples using GustarI like to swimYou like to readHe likes to danceMe gusta nadarTe gusta leerLe gusta bailarA practicar!Say the following sentences in SpanishShe likes to eat.I like to run.You like to study.He likes to write.I like to listen.Le gusta comerMe gusta correrTe gusta estudiarLe gusta escribirMe gusta escuchar

Verbs like Gustar Video VocabularioHacer ejercicioEscuchar msica

Bajar msica/ archivos

VocabularioMontar en bicicletaCaminar/ Pasear


VocabularioLeer revistas y novelasDibujar

Vocabulariojugar al bsquetboljugar al bisbol

Vocabulariojugar al ftbol americanojugar al volibol

Vocabulariojugar al ftboljugar al tenis

Mas vocabularioMirar pelculas/ videosIr al cineNavegar por internetPasar el rato solo(a)Platicar en lineaVer televisinSalir con amigosWatch movies/ videosTo go to the moviesTo surf the webTo spend time aloneTo chat onlineTo watch televisionTo go out with friendsMe Gusta/ Encanta Web Remember our Adjective Name Web. Similar project but this time were using words & phrases about what you like/ DONT like. Minimum of 8 likes & 8 dislikes- 16 ptsCreativity/ images/ drawing- 4 ptsAt home ideaWordlePPT image collage2 Pinterest board

Think-Pair-ShareThink: In your notes you just took, write two sentences using the vocabulary you learned today to say what you like to do.Pair: Tell your partner what you wrote. Be sure to write down what your partner told you.Share: In order to get participation points for today, you will need to introduce your partner and tell the class what he/she likes to do. (ex. Ella se llama Patricia. Le gusta escuchar musica y ver televisin.)