Understand nurse aide skills needed to provide for residents ’ nutrition and hydration...

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Unit B Resident Care Skills Essential Standard NA6.0 Understand nurse aide skills needed to provide for residents’ nutrition, hydration, and elimination needs. Indicator 6.01 Understand nurse aide skills needed to provide for residents’ nutrition and hydration needs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Understand nurse aide skills needed to provide for residents ’ nutrition and hydration...

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Understand nurse aide skills needed to provide for residents nutrition and hydration needs.Unit B Resident Care SkillsEssential Standard NA6.0 Understand nurse aide skills needed to provide for residents nutrition, hydration, and elimination needs. Indicator 6.01 Understand nurse aide skills needed to provide for residents nutrition and hydration needs.6.01Nursing Fundamentals 724316.011Nutrition and Hydration26.01Nursing Fundamentals 72436.01 IntroductionThis indicator introduces the nurse aide to the basic principles of nutrition. It includes ChooseMyPlate.gov, therapeutic diets, adaptive devices, alternative methods of feeding, providing drinking water and nourishments, feeding a resident, and measuring/recording intake and output.

There is intentional repeat of some HSII course content in Nursing Fundamentals. Repeating course content distributes learning over time and increases long term memory.

Academic and skill competence must be maintained at a very high level for direct resident care.

Be GREEN. Recycle knowledge and build on it!

Nursing Fundamentals 724336.0136.01Nutrition and HydrationFood is broken down by the gastrointestinal system into small substances called nutrients.

Nursing Fundamentals 72434Nutrients6.01

6.01Nutrition and Hydration4Nutrients are absorbed into the body for use. Nursing Fundamentals 724356.01

Nutrients6.01Nutrition and Hydration5Nursing Fundamentals 72436Nutrients6.01

ProteinCarbohydratesFatsVitaminsMineralsWater6.01Nutrition and Hydration6Builds and repairs tissueNursing Fundamentals 72437Nutrient - Protein 6.01


Supplies fuel for the bodys energy needs Supplies fiber necessary for bowel eliminationNursing Fundamentals 72438Nutrient - Carbohydrates6.01

Source of stored energyHelps body use certain vitaminsConserves body heat Protects organs from injuryHolds kidneys placeNursing Fundamentals 72439Nutrients - Fat6.01

Necessary for carrying out and maintaining specific body functionsNursing Fundamentals 724310Nutrients Vitamins6.01

Necessary for carrying out and maintaining specific body functionsNursing Fundamentals 724311Nutrients Minerals6.01

Nursing Fundamentals 724312Nutrients - Water6.01The most essential nutrient for lifeWithout it a person can only live a few daysAssist in digestion and absorption of foodHelps maintain normal body temperatureLargest component of blood plasma

6.01Nutrition and Hydration12No one food contains ALL the NUTRIENTS needed for good health.Nursing Fundamentals 724313Nutrients6.01Soooooooooo . . .Eating a variety of foods is needed to sustain good health.Nutrition guides typically divide foods into food groups and recommend daily servings of each group for a healthy diet.Nursing Fundamentals 724314Nutrition Guides6.01A food group is a collection of foods that share similar nutritional properties or biological classifications.

Nursing Fundamentals 724315Food Group6.01Nursing Fundamentals 724316Vegetable Group6.01

Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.

Vary your vegetables.Nursing Fundamentals 724317Fruits Group6.01

Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.Nursing Fundamentals 724318Grains Group6.01

Make at least half your grains whole grains. Nursing Fundamentals 724319Protein Group6.01

Make lean choices.

51+ years old, need 5 ozs. daily for men and 5 ozs. for women. Nursing Fundamentals 724320Dairy Group6.01

Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk.

Men and women over 51 years old need 3 cups of dairy group each day.Nursing Fundamentals 724321ChooseMyPlate.gov6.01

Two overarching concepts:

Nursing Fundamentals 724322Dietary Guidelines for Americans6.01

Maintain calorie balance over time to achieve and sustain a healthy weight.

A calorie is a unit of energy. Nursing Fundamentals 724323Calories6.016.01Nutrition and Hydration23Nursing Fundamentals 724324Calories6.01

Taken from: How Stuff Works6.01Nutrition and Hydration24Two overarching concepts:

Nursing Fundamentals 724325Dietary Guidelines for Americans6.01Focus on consuming nutrient-dense foods and beverages.

Foods that have high nutritional content as well as energyNursing Fundamentals 724326Nutrient Dense6.016.01Nutrition and Hydration26Calories contained in food that provide fuel but few or no nutrients. Nursing Fundamentals 724327 Empty Calories6.016.01Nutrition and Hydration27Factors That Influence Caloric NeedAgeSexSize and activity levelClimateState of healthAmount of sleep obtained

Nursing Fundamentals 7243286.016.01Nursing Fundamentals 724329Effects of Good NutritionPromotes physical and mental healthProvides increased resistance to illnessProduces added energy and vitalityAids in the healing processAssists one to feel and sleep better

Healthy, shiny looking hairClean skin and bright eyesA well-developed, healthy bodyAn alert facial expressionAn even, pleasant disposition

Nursing Fundamentals 724330Signs of Good Nutrition6.01Restful sleep patternsHealthy appetiteRegular elimination habitsAppropriate body weight

Nursing Fundamentals 724331Signs of Good Nutrition6.01Hair and eyes appear dullIrregular bowel habitsWeight changesOsteoporosis and other diseases Nursing Fundamentals 724332Signs of Poor Nutrition6.01Results of Poor Nutrition(continued)Lack of interest - mental slowdownSkin color and appearance poorNursing Fundamentals 724333Signs of Poor Nutrition6.01Results of Poor Nutrition(continued)Anemia leading to:tired feelingshortness of breathincreased pulseproblems with digestionpale skinpoor sleep patternsheadaches

Nursing Fundamentals 724334Signs of Poor Nutrition6.01

Basic NutritionHave we got it?Lets check and see

Stick diagnosticsStudent Name AStudent Name BNursing Fundamentals 7243356.016.0135Nutrition and Hydration6.01Nursing Fundamentals 724336Influences on nutrition and dietary habits1) Aging2) CultureMetabolism slows muscles weaken body moves slow activity is reduced reduced activity decreases appetite. Nursing Fundamentals 724337Nutritional Challenges of Geriatrics6.01

Loss of vision affects the way food looks, which can decrease appetite.Nursing Fundamentals 724338Nutritional Challenges of Geriatrics6.01

The aging process and some medications weaken the sense of smell and taste which can decrease appetite. Nursing Fundamentals 724339Nutritional Challenges of Geriatrics6.01

Less saliva production affects chewing and swallowing. Nursing Fundamentals 724340Nutritional Challenges of Geriatrics6.01

Dentures and poor dental health make chewing difficult.Nursing Fundamentals 724341Nutritional Challenges of Geriatrics6.01

Digestion takes longer and it is less efficient. Nursing Fundamentals 724342Nutritional Challenges of Geriatrics6.01

Constipation interferes with appetite. Nursing Fundamentals 724343Nutritional Challenges of Geriatrics6.01

X6.01Nursing Fundamentals 724344Factors Influencing Dietary PracticesPersonal preferenceAppetiteFinanceIllnessCulture

The diets of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and people from Far East include rice and tea

The diets of Spanish-speaking people include spicy dishes containing rice, beans and cornNursing Fundamentals 724345Culture and Dietary Practices6.01Culture and Dietary Practices(continued)The Italian diet includes spaghetti, lasagna, and other pastasScandinavians have a lot of fish in their dietsNursing Fundamentals 724346Culture and Dietary Practices6.01Culture and Dietary Practices(continued)Americans eat a lot of meat, fast foods, and processed foodsUse of sauce and spices are culturally relatedNursing Fundamentals 724347Culture and Dietary Practices6.01Days of fasting when all or certain foods are avoidedChristian Science - avoid coffee/tea and alcoholRoman Catholic - avoid food one hour before communion, observe special fast days

Nursing Fundamentals 724348

6.01Muslim/Moslem - avoid alcohol, pork products7th Day Adventist - avoid coffee/tea, alcohol, pork and some meats, caffeineNursing Fundamentals 724349

6.01Baptists some avoid coffee, tea and alcoholGreek Orthodox - fast days, but usually forgiven when illNursing Fundamentals 724350

6.01Conservative Jewish faithProhibits shellfish, non-kosher meats such as porkRequires special utensils for food preparationNursing Fundamentals 724351

6.01Conservative Jewish faithForbids cooking on SabbathForbids eating of leavened bread during PassoverNursing Fundamentals 724352

6.01Conservative Jewish faithForbids serving milk and milk products with meatStrict rules regarding sequence in which milk products and meat may be consumed

Nursing Fundamentals 724353

6.016.01Nursing Fundamentals 724354Therapeutic, Modified, or Special DietsHelp body organs to maintain and/or regain normal functionTreat metabolic disorders by regulating amount of foodNursing Fundamentals 724355Therapeutic, Modified or Special Diets6.01556.01Nutrition and HydrationAdd or eliminate calories to cause a change in body weightAssist with digestion of food by taking foods out of diet that irritate digestive systemRestrict salt (sodium) intake to prevent or decrease edemaNursing Fundamentals 724356Therapeutic, Modified or Special Diets6.01Clear liquidFull liquidBlandLow residueControlled carbohydrate (Diabetic)Low fat/low cholesterolNursing Fundamentals 7243576.01Types of Therapeutic, Modified or Special DietsHigh fiber Low calorieHigh calorieSodium restrictedHigh proteinMechanical soft, chopped, pureedNursing Fundamentals 7243586.01Types of Therapeutic, Modified or Special DietsNursing Fundamentals 7243596.01Diet CardsList:the residents nameInformation about special dietsFood allergiesLikes and dislikesNursing Fundamentals 7243606.01L