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Micronics: Ultrasonic Flow Meters http://www.micronicsflowmeters.com Looking for some useful information on Ultrasonic Flow Meters? This fantastic Presentation will provide you with the information you need on these excellent modern flow meters. This information includes the sustainability of Ultrasonic Flow Meters and how they are applied. For more information and to view flow meter products, visit: http://www.micronicsflowmeters.com

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  • Application & Sustainability
  • SUSTAINABILITY Sustainability has become an increasingly important factor in most business plans One of the key areas that business are able to reduce costs and make a positive environmental impact in is lowering the consumption of energy and water in their processes In order to reduce the use of water and energy, accurate monitoring of the flow of liquid or heat needs to be established
  • SUSTAINABILITY This is where ultrasonic flow meters are highly effective An ultrasonic flow meter can also show whether liquid or heat flow is too low to be effective, or too high and therefore wasteful The flow meter will enable the company to keep stringent controls on the consumption of heat or water
  • MICRONICS FLOW METERS Micronics was established in 1985 to design, manufacture, and distribute ultrasonic clamp on flow meters The company has invested heavily in research and development in order to create an extensive range of quality branded units These units have been utilised in a wide variety of industrial, construction and residential applications throughout the world
  • ULTRASONIC FLOW METERS Lodge Cottrell is a leading supplier of industrial equipment used to control air pollution They use Micronics portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters to provide accurate monitoring of the flow rate The clamp on style of these meters means minimal installation costs and ease of moving them to other parts in the process
  • ULTRASONIC FLOW METERS Bourne Prepared Produce supply pre-packed salads to UK supermarkets. They use a high volume of water to ensure the salad is clean and chlorine used in the process is sufficiently diluted to be safe for consumption In a bid to reduce costs as well as lower the use of chlorine and provide constant monitoring, they use Micronics ultrasonic flow meters in their process Unlike in-line flow meters, the clamp on equipment could be installed without the need to stop the constant production line or cut any existing pipework
  • ULTRASONIC FLOW METERS PA Energy develops water and energy saving initiatives for commercial use They have used Micronics ultrasonic flow meters to demonstrate the benefits of a number of their products to their customers, including the water saving potential of rainwater harvesting for grey water tanks The clamp on feature of these portable flow meters means monitoring can take place without their system needing to be fully drained for installation and then re-filled, saving time and money
  • MICRONICS To find out more visit: http://www.micronicsflowmeters.com/portable-flow-meters.asp Or for a free, no obligation quote call our Flow Meter experts today on: 01628 810456