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Security Simplified.

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Security Simplified.

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As a law office, your data is sensitive and requires the most efficient methods of protection. To secure your critical and sensitive information, you might require a number of additional so"ware and hardware, and an extensive set of resources.

But with uLawPractice.com you can manage your practice from ANYWhere, at ANYTime, on ANYDevice and rest assured that your data is secure at all times. uLawPractice.com features sophisticated security measures to ensure your sensitive information is protected.

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•  uLawPractice.com runs on a hardened Linux server, which is immune to viruses. Server hardening is the implementation of various measures to ward off Trojan and virus attacks.

•  uLawPractice.com is hosted on Canadian soil with main servers in Ottawa and back-up & disaster recoveries co-located in Montreal & Toronto.


Data Server Hardening

•  To properly secure your law office, a vast amount of resources are required: anti-virus so"ware must be purchased, server and database administrators must be hired or outsourced, amongst others. But with uLawPractice.com’s secure solutions, your law office can focus on what matters.

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Passwords & Encryption

•  Similar to online banking, uLawPractice.com uses 256-bit encryption to ensure a secure experience for managing your matters. 256-bit encryption is a strong defense against data the" and data transfer between your office and our servers.

•  uLawPractice.com employs a strict password policy that acts as a barrier from unwanted access and data transfer to accounts and wards off attackers that try to crack passwords.

•  The passwords are required to be a minimum of eight characters and a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. This ensures that your account is protected with the highest level of security possible.

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Security as an Investment

•  As a law office, your data is extremely sensitive and important, which requires extensive resources in order to remain secure. Typically, you would be investing $1000’s of dollars to maintain a secure environment.

•  uLawPractice.com eases the investment required of your law office, and offers a comprehensive and secure practice management solution for an affordable rate of $29/month.

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•  uLawPractice.com takes security seriously. We understand the importance of keeping your practice’s cost low and keeping your data security high.

•  With uLawPractice.com, not only are you transferring the hassle of securing your practice, but you also get a comprehensive and low cost service that allows you to manage your matters, do trust accounting, and more.

•  uLawPractice.com comes bundled with advanced security methods that protect your practice. The so"ware simplifies security, while simplifying the management of your practice.

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Vasu Naik, Family Lawyer Ottawa, ON


“The uLaw software is easy to use and meets all the requirements in my job as a paralegal; I personally recommend anyone to use uLawPractice.”

Narainsamy Appasawmy, Kumar Paralegal Service GTA, ON


“The ability to docket time from anywhere at anytime through mobile devices is a unique feature that is extremely useful. uLaw is certainly a good investment for a new lawyer as well as a timely change for a seasoned lawyer.”

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