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  • Is this how you felt

    when you wrote your fist

    line of


  • Then maybe you will enjoy


  • Then maybe youll enjoy


    By Cameron Madani

    November 20, 2014

    With special guest star and

    award-winning game designer Adam Bryant

  • Outline (Blah, Blah, Blah)

    1. My Background

    2. State of the Industry

    3. How to get a Cool Job in Video Games

    4. Rules From the Road

  • But before I start

    What do you want to get out

    of this???!

  • My Background

    Previous life

    B-School and business plan in 2005

    Second job at Collision Studios in 2007 (Met Adam)

    Hired to raise money, stayed to make video games

    Started World Domination Industries in 2009

    K2/Reloaded in 2011

    Co-Founded SimGeneral in 2013

    Co-Founded TumblePlay in 2014

  • My Background

    Notable events and stuff

    World Domination http://www.wdindustries.net/

    DREAMS + BEER + DREAMS = DRUNK DREAMERS x Demo to nowhere!!!

    Torchlight XBLA= Cool

    Picked a bad partner = Not Cool (Covered later)

    Bad management (ME), had to shut the doors in 2011

    K2/Reloaded Games Classic case of Making $25MM and Spending $40MM


    Working with DreamWorks

    iOS App out in December, hopefully:/


    How it came to be (Adam and I)

    Show an tell


  • State of Video Game Ind.

    From ESA:




  • State of Video Game Ind.

    Where the jobs are: http://www.gamedevmap.com

    (SF (208), Seattle (94), LA/OC (161), San Diego (27)

    *Kickstarter: //List_of_video_game_crowdfunding_projects

    Total Projects: Approx. 330

    Fail: 49

    Ongoing: 3

    Success: 85%

    Mean: $193K


    More of an art than science!!!?

    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_crowdfunding_projects


  • How to get a Cool Job in Video Games

    1. Programmers

    2. Designers

    a.No entry level:/

    b.Technical designers are the coolest!

    3. Producers

    a. Usually through QA-> QA Manager

    4. Artist

    a. Technical artists are also cool!

    5. QA

    6. Other (like Adam and I)

  • Rules From the Road

    1. Manage up

    2. Develop attitude not just aptitude

    3. Under Promise/Over deliver

    4. Pace yourself

    5. L/2T = $

    6. Pay your dues

    7. Learn from bad bosses

    8. Believe in YOU!

  • Rules From the Road

    For future Entrepreneurs

    1. Pick good partners

    a. At least one of you has to be good at business:/

    b. Build for a market

    2. Self Publishing

    a. Kickstarter

    b. No more Platformers, or whatever

    the Platformers are this year

    c. Dont forget marketing

    3. Finding a publisher

    a. What they can/cant they offer

  • Q&A

    Thank You!!!?

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]