UC System CSU System CCC System FAFSA ï‚ Start a College file ï‚ Research...

download UC System CSU System CCC System FAFSA ï‚ Start a College file ï‚ Research & visit colleges Physically / Virtually  Prepare and take Standardized tests

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Transcript of UC System CSU System CCC System FAFSA ï‚ Start a College file ï‚ Research...

Preparing for your future

CSU Sonoma ACT Composite Score20-24SAT Critical Reading...465-560SAT Mathematics.460-570


Main TopicsUC SystemCSU SystemCCC SystemFAFSAThings To Do While In High School That Will Help You With Your College Experience:Start a College file Research & visit collegesPhysically / Virtually Prepare and take Standardized testsSAT / ACTBecome a well-rounded studentVolunteer, internships, summer job, travel, etc.Discuss College financial options with your familyEx: Loans

Which College Should You Attend?The best college for you is the one that has the program of study that matches your interest This website can help you http://www2.assist.org/exploring-majors/Welcome.do

Supplies academic rigor to match your aptitude and preparation.

Makes you feel you belong there.

What are Colleges looking for? Admission Officers want to know: How have you taken advantage of the academic opportunities offered by your High School, and what will you bring to their campus.Comprehensive Evaluation:Rigor of classes over 4 yearsGPA/TranscriptPersonal Statement (UCs)SAT or ACT scoresExtra-Curricular Activities/Community Service

Holistic Review: Applicants are assessed in terms of the full range of their academic and personal achievements, viewed in the context of the opportunities and challenges each has encountered.CSU San Francisco ACT Composite Score19-24SAT Critical Reading...440-560SAT Mathematics..450-570


CSU Monterey Bay ACT Composite Score18-23SAT Critical Reading...420-540SAT Mathematics..420-540


CSU Fresno ACT Composite Score16-22SAT Critical Reading...400-520SAT Mathematics..420-540


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo ACT Composite Score25-29SAT Critical Reading...540-640SAT Mathematics..580-680


CSU Northridge ACT Composite Score16-22SAT Critical Reading...400-520SAT Mathematics..410-530Back

CSU Channel IslandsACT Composite Score16-22SAT Critical Reading...440-540SAT Mathematics..430-540


CSU Los Angeles ACT Composite Score15-20SAT Critical Reading...380-490SAT Mathematics..390-510


CSU PomonaACT Composite Score21-27SAT Critical Reading...460-580SAT Mathematics..490-630


CSU Dominguez Hills ACT Composite Score15-19SAT Critical Reading...370-470SAT Mathematics..380-470


CSU BakersfieldACT Composite Score16-22SAT Critical Reading...400-510SAT Mathematics..410-530


CSU Long Beach ACT Composite Score18-25SAT Critical Reading...440-560SAT Mathematics..460-590


CSU San Diego ACT Composite Score21-26SAT Critical Reading...480-580SAT Mathematics..500-610


CSU San Marcos ACT Composite Score17-22SAT Critical Reading...430-530SAT Mathematics..440-550


CSU Fullerton ACT Composite Score18-23SAT Critical Reading...440-520SAT Mathematics..420-540


CSU San Bernardino ACT Composite Score16-21SAT Critical Reading...400-500SAT Mathematics..410-510


A-G RequirementsUniversity of CaliforniaCalifornia State UniversityAdmission Requirements

Current Admission requirements, frequently referred to as A-G, for the two California University systems are listed below. All courses must be college preparatory.A. History/Social Studies2 years requiredB. English4 years requiredC. Mathematics3 years required(4 years recommended)D. Laboratory Science2 years required(3years recommended)E. Language Other than English2 years required(3 years recommended)F. Visual/Performing Arts 1 yearElectives G. College Preparatory Electives1 year required

Grades of C or better are required in all College Preparatory courses; see your counselor for more information.

The more Math, Science, and Foreign Language, you complete, the more competitive you become.The link below allows to seeAll the A-G approved courses forRidgeview High School. https://doorways.ucop.edu/list/ BACKRidgeviews ATP code : 050202http://ucop.edu/education-partnerships/_files/Map-online.pdf http://downey.monet.k12.ca.us/college/2011College%20Doc%20Folder/CSUHighSchoolGuide%20-%20College%20Plan%20Calendar%20-%20Use%20this.pdf