Types of room in hotel

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Different Types of Rooms


Rooms to guests means:- Comfort Security Privacy Convenience Cleanliness and Hygiene A Home Away from Home

Single Room This room provide single occupancy.This room has single bed.

Double Room

This room provide double occupancy.

This room has double bed.

Triple Room This room provide occupancy for 3 person.This room either has one double bed and one single bed or three single bed.

Quad Room

This room has occupancy of 4 person.Either it has 2 double bed and 4 single or 2 single and 1 double bed.

Twin RoomThis room provide double occupancy.This room has two single beds.A room which has two single bed separated by a center table.

Hollywood Room

This room provide double occupancy. The bed in this room is worable or attachable; hence it is called as Hollywood Room.

Studio Room A studio room is designed with the minimum basic requirement to live its made of a room open to a kitchen and has a small bathroom in it and usually it has an attached wardrobes its meant for those who cannot afford 1 bedroom (which is made of a 1 bedroom+hall.

Parlor Room

A room which is used for sitting and cannot be used for sleeping purpose.

Cabana RoomThis room is situated near to swimming pool.This room is also use for changing purpose.

Suite Room A room comprises of two or more bedroom, a living room and a dining area.Combination of one or more bedroom & a parlor.It may also contain small kitchen and a bar.

Pent House

A room that opens on the roof and may be accompanied by swimming pool, patio, tennis court and other facilities amenities.

Executive RoomA room that has large bedroom with sitting area provided with chairs and usually a sofa and coffee table.This is really a combination of bedroom-cum-sitting room.

Adjoining RoomsTwo rooms which share a common wall, mostly preferred by groups.

Adjacent Rooms

Those rooms which are parallel to each other.

Interconnecting rooms

Two rooms connecting to each other internally.

Sico RoomRoom has Murphy bed (foldable bed on wall).

Lanai RoomA room which overseas a scenic beauty e.g. Garden, landscape or water fall..