Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human

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Universe, Religion, Human, Hell, Heaven, Time, Space, Mass, Matter, Energy, Motion, Soul

Transcript of Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human

  • 1. TWO-SIDEPhilosophical TheoryDO QUANG SANG Two or more sides in one

2. 2TABLE OF CONTENTSContent PagePREFACE 3BASIC POINTS OF TWO-SIDE 5INTRODUCTION 7UNIVERSE 10Motion 19Space Time 21Stability diaram of Zezro and Matter 25RELIGIONS 26HUMAN 31Heaven and Hell 36Soul 37The role and significance of humans in the universe 39What are humans doing? 42OUTSIDE THINKING 44 3. 3PREFACE Life is like puzzle pieces, and there should be the grace to take us to the suitable pieces. It has been six years since a strange, dim light accidentally flashed into my mind. Gradually, it started a brand new marvelous world-look, which was also the very first grace to change my life. Initially, everything was very vague, but I seemed to be obsessed of that light and could not get it of it. Whenever I think about it, consecutively came up in my mind questions of why? why?... and thousands of other questions that need to be answered. I like immersed in a different world, it's very strange and attractive, great and vast. The second grace led me to work for the dead, neighboring bone ashes, serve them and make them beautiful. My heart felt warm, I became mentally stronger because I always felt to have friends around me and they supported and reinvigorated when I was weary. Then it took me to expose them to many different religions... along with my own knowledge and thoughts trained at school ... My entrie ideal, thinking and lifestyleall my life have already changed. Every day, I walk into this particular world to contemplate and search for the answers. Day by day, everythings gets partially to more and more completely clear until I am able to figure the entire beautiful painting as of now. And I can say: Such knowledge I have attained now and even in the future seems to be adwarded to me by some individuals because they didnt have enough time. I am only a man of grace with a spirit of trying my best in order to live up to ones promise and responsibilities. Therefore, my major life plans is for the community. Should anyone have enthusiasms for the community, for general happiness, we can work together contribute to a meaningful world. However, it must be done really seriously, if someone has bad intentions so they must pay a big cost. 4. 4As Albert Einstein said: "A theory is something nobody believes, except the person who made it. An experiment is something everybody believes, except the person who made it". What so new and unfamiliar is often difficult to be accepted immediately, especially the philosophical theory which is the inherent abstraction. But I still build my house with endless passion and hope to communicate that with everyone. I would like to thank the universe for giving me Human consciousness and my parents for giving me Human body, sacrificing everything so my body and consciousness get fit. Next, I would like to thank my wife, siblings, and close friends as brothers for the same companion, encouraging and helping me. I also thank friends on the forum for discussions and suggestions. It helps me to raise ideas, see shortcomings in the content so I can complete this work. Finally, I would like to send the deceased to the message - "I remain intact promise: I will return to serve you." Because this is a first work and I notice to miss a real teacher so I can not avoid mistakes on the content. Therefore, I also look forward to receiving feedback and comments from everyone so that I can have a better work completed in the next version. I sincerely thank you!Do Quang Sang 5. 5BASIC POINTS OF TWO-SIDE Entity is any existed and existing state. Universe is the state component by Zezro and Matter. Matter is the existing state with mass. Mass is the measure that Human used to measure matter and the manifestation of matter to Human. Zezro is the existing state without mass; in other words, its not yet to have and will have the mass in another state by decisions in motion, in case its state is no longer Zezro, so it is Matter. Energy is the measure that Human use to measure Zezro and the manifestation of Zezro to Human. Elementary state is the undivided and inseparable entity. Small system is the entity which includes elementary states and unity in an overall interaction with a defined reference frame. Big system is the entity which includes small systems and unity in an overall interaction with a defined reference frame. Object is the entity to include: Elementary state, Small system and Big system. Motion of an object is the moving state of this object including the properties of the velocity (speed and direction) + moving orbits (overall interaction). Change of the system is the alternative (by Human/Natural) one or more objects in a system or impact (by Human/Nature) > change the moving state of one or more objects in a system > generate the new moving state of this system or generate the new system. Which does not exist shall be rejected; in this case, Emptiness obviously does not exist. 6. 6 Which objects do not contain energy absolutely have no existence. Which objects do not have motion absolutely have no existence. Unlimited Universe is what already exists originally called Zezro. Every states of existence is originated inside Zezro Universe) through development mechanism and circulation transformation. There are countless of limited universes originated inside one and the only unlimited universe. Zero in the universe just means relatively zero. Absolute zero means No existence. Every object in the universe is only the temporary expression state, and originated from one only source. Motion decides every expression states in the universe. Space is the result of motion. There is no unlimited speed; but the limitation of the object upon speed. 7. 7INTRODUCTION Two biggest problems embrace all, which Human often think about but dont have united answers: 1. The universe nature? If this problem is decoded, Human will answer a series of other big questions: Where was the universe born? The universe is limited or unlimited? Relationship between science and religion? Unity between micro science (scientific method) and macro science (philosophy)? Unity between religions? So religions can unite in a way? Connecting the most important keys of the universe constitutes a thought idea system as "the macro lemma" and the largest. 2. Human being nature? If the problem is answered, we will explain a lot of Human problems (psychology, behaviour, happiness - suffering, soul - body)? The formation of Human society? Human role and position in the world, in the universe? Two-Side will solve all of the above problems.Two-Side is the philosophical theory includes platforms: Introduce new concepts about Zezro - Matter with expression and measure through Energy - Zezro and Mass Matter and give these two objects in one to constitute the universe. Reject the existence of "Zero - Emptiness" and Zezro is replaced in this position. Zezro and Universe is only one - infinite. Explain Space - Time Zezro originates all states in the universe and the most important milestone is a part of Zezro converted into Matter, it also means that a part of Energy converted into Mass. Motion determines the formation of the state of Zezro - Matter in the Universe. 8. 8 Two-Side affirmed: the Big Bang theory and other current theories only explain half of the formation and development universe. As a result, Human is researching and giving theories only suitable for the range of limited universe (formed after the Big Bang and it is prone to the matter state) and in the infinite universe, it contains a multitude of other limited universie. Links big problems seem to be oppositions: Philosophy (macro science) with scientific method (micro science), Religion with Science, between Religions, Spirituality with Science Human being nature and soul Let us contemplate Two-Side picture holistically and we will see its beauty along with true meaning. If someone only sees one aspect (maybe it is problems that I put into Two-Side to verify), they will not see the novelty and more difficult to figure out. But the most visible basic thing is when we put the former problems into Two- Side, it still does not lose the right of each problem. Especially these previous separate problems are magically correlate in Two-Side, which is not possible in other theories. Two-Side is a oriented model that give basic natural laws and doesnt go into detailed problems (broadly but not deeply). Based on that, we can give prediction models and use to single systems to explain the root of problems, or it opens the new way of research with new thinking about the problems in the universe. Two-Side dont accept to take into other theories (explain nature) because we are not sure whether they are correct? Firstly, we see very clearly their results: they are only true in the limited area and can not solve major problems in the universe and lead to deadlock. This theory has certain values depend on the extent and degree that explain in the kind of natural laws (page 12). 9. 9Human beliefs have two directions: 1. Believe in what we know> Science. 2. Believe in what we do not know> Religion. But someday, Science will explain clearer and clearer to Human and Human have noticed the uncanny similarity in the universe philosophy of religious > There is a particular bond in the universe between all problems that seem discrete and contradictory. How long does Science take us to know enough if Religion is still arrogant and agnostics? To accelerate the process of unification, Religion must be loaded on the root end. Religion and Science have to look to the same direction - Universe, solving the problems of Universe. Thus, beliefs will be different entirely, we believe in what we have alre