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Two or more sides in one

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Life is like puzzle pieces, and there should be “the grace” to take us to the suitable


It has been six years since a strange, dim light accidentally flashed into my mind.

Gradually, it started a brand new marvelous world-look, which was also the very

first grace to change my life.

Initially, everything was very vague, but I seemed to be obsessed of that light and

could not get it of it. Whenever I think about it, consecutively came up in my mind

questions of “why? why?...” and thousands of other questions that need to be

answered. I like immersed in a different world, it's very strange and attractive,

great and vast.

The second grace led me to work for the dead, neighboring bone ashes, serve them

and make them beautiful. My heart felt warm, I became mentally stronger because

I always felt to have friends around me and they supported and reinvigorated when

I was weary. Then it took me to expose them to many different religions... along

with my own knowledge and thoughts trained at school ... My entrie ideal,

thinking and lifestyle…all my life have already changed.

Every day, I walk into this particular world to contemplate and search for the

answers. Day by day, everythings gets partially to more and more completely clear

until I am able to figure the entire beautiful painting as of now.

And I can say: Such knowledge I have attained now and even in the future seems

to be adwarded to me by some individuals because they didn’t have enough time. I

am only a man of grace with a spirit of trying my best in order to live up to one’s

promise and responsibilities.

Therefore, my major life plans is for the community. Should anyone have

enthusiasms for the community, for general happiness, we can work together

contribute to a meaningful world. However, it must be done really seriously, if

someone has bad intentions so they must pay a big cost.

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As Albert Einstein said: "A theory is something nobody believes, except the person

who made it. An experiment is something everybody believes, except the person

who made it". What so new and unfamiliar is often difficult to be accepted

immediately, especially the philosophical theory which is the inherent abstraction.

But I still build my house with endless passion and hope to communicate that

with everyone.

I would like to thank the universe for giving me Human consciousness and my

parents for giving me Human body, sacrificing everything so my body and

consciousness get fit. Next, I would like to thank my wife, siblings, and close

friends as brothers for the same companion, encouraging and helping me.

I also thank friends on the forum for discussions and suggestions. It helps me to

raise ideas, see shortcomings in the content so I can complete this work. Finally, I

would like to send the deceased to the message - "I remain intact promise: I will

return to serve you."

Because this is a first work and I notice to miss a real teacher so I can not avoid

mistakes on the content. Therefore, I also look forward to receiving feedback and

comments from everyone so that I can have a better work completed in the next


I sincerely thank you!

Do Quang Sang

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Entity is any existed and existing state.

Universe is the state component by Zezro and Matter.

Matter is the existing state with mass.

Mass is the measure that Human used to measure matter and the

manifestation of matter to Human.

Zezro is the existing state without mass; in other words, it’s not yet to have

and will have the mass in another state by decisions in motion, in case its

state is no longer Zezro, so it is Matter.

Energy is the measure that Human use to measure Zezro and the

manifestation of Zezro to Human.

Elementary state is the undivided and inseparable entity.

Small system is the entity which includes elementary states and unity in an

overall interaction with a defined reference frame.

Big system is the entity which includes small systems and unity in an

overall interaction with a defined reference frame.

Object is the entity to include: Elementary state, Small system and Big


Motion of an object is the moving state of this object including the

properties of the velocity (speed and direction) + moving orbits (overall


Change of the system is the alternative (by Human/Natural) one or more

objects in a system or impact (by Human/Nature) > change the moving

state of one or more objects in a system > generate the new moving state of

this system or generate the new system.

Which does not exist shall be rejected; in this case, “Emptiness” obviously

does not exist.

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Which objects do not contain energy absolutely have no existence.

Which objects do not have motion absolutely have no existence.

Unlimited Universe is what already exists – originally called Zezro. Every

states of existence is originated inside Zezro Universe) through

development mechanism and circulation transformation. There are

countless of limited universes originated inside one and the only unlimited


Zero in the universe just means “relatively zero”. “Absolute zero” means

“No existence”.

Every object in the universe is only the temporary expression state, and

originated from one only source.

Motion decides every expression states in the universe.

Space is the result of motion.

There is no unlimited speed; but the limitation of the object upon speed.

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Two biggest problems embrace all, which Human often think about but don’t have

united answers:

1. The universe nature?

If this problem is decoded, Human will answer a series of other big questions:

Where was the universe born? The universe is limited or unlimited?

Relationship between science and religion?

Unity between micro science (scientific method) and macro science (philosophy)?

Unity between religions? So religions can unite in a way?

Connecting the most important keys of the universe constitutes a thought idea

system as "the macro lemma" and the largest.

2. Human being nature?

If the problem is answered, we will explain a lot of Human problems (psychology,

behaviour, happiness - suffering, soul - body)? The formation of Human society?

Human role and position in the world, in the universe?

Two-Side will solve all of the above problems.

Two-Side is the philosophical theory includes platforms:

Introduce new concepts about Zezro - Matter with expression and measure

through Energy - Zezro and Mass – Matter and give these two objects in one to

constitute the universe.

Reject the existence of "Zero - Emptiness" and Zezro is replaced in this position.

Zezro and Universe is only one - infinite.

Explain Space - Time

Zezro originates all states in the universe and the most important milestone is a

part of Zezro converted into Matter, it also means that a part of Energy converted

into Mass.

Motion determines the formation of the state of Zezro - Matter in the Universe.

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Two-Side affirmed: the Big Bang theory and other current theories only explain

half of the formation and development universe. As a result, Human is researching

and giving theories only suitable for the range of limited universe (formed after

the Big Bang and it is prone to the matter state) and in the infinite universe, it

contains a multitude of other limited universie.

Links big problems seem to be oppositions: Philosophy (macro science) with

scientific method (micro science), Religion with Science, between Religions,

Spirituality with Science…

Human being nature and soul…

Let us contemplate Two-Side picture holistically and we will see its beauty along

with true meaning. If someone only sees one aspect (maybe it is problems that I

put into Two-Side to verify), they will not see the novelty and more difficult to

figure out.

But the most visible basic thing is when we put the former problems into Two-

Side, it still does not lose the right of each problem. Especially these previous

separate problems are magically correlate in Two-Side, which is not possible in

other theories.

Two-Side is a oriented model that give basic natural laws and doesn’t go into

detailed problems (broadly but not deeply). Based on that, we can give prediction

models and use to single systems to explain the root of problems, or it opens the

new way of research with new thinking about the problems in the universe.

Two-Side don’t accept to take into other theories (explain nature) because we are

not sure whether they are correct? Firstly, we see very clearly their results: they

are only true in the limited area and can not solve major problems in the universe

and lead to deadlock.

This theory has certain values depend on the extent and degree that explain in the

kind of natural laws (page 12).

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Human beliefs have two directions:

1. Believe in what we know> Science.

2. Believe in what we do not know> Religion.

But someday, Science will explain clearer and clearer to Human and Human have

noticed the uncanny similarity in the universe philosophy of religious > There is a

particular bond in the universe between all problems that seem discrete and

contradictory. How long does Science take us to know enough if Religion is still

arrogant and agnostics?

To accelerate the process of unification, Religion must be loaded on the root end.

Religion and Science have to look to the same direction - Universe, solving the

problems of Universe. Thus, beliefs will be different entirely, we believe in what

we have already known (proven) and we believe in what have real basics (remove

the bigotry, the default belief - we are not considered or touched).

If we can understand the way science from religion or vice versa, it will unify

general ideas and many mysteries that will be clarified.

Conflicts between Science - Religion or between Religions are really good for this


This universe is multi-facted and has enough room for everyone to look at it with

own way. My way is the creating the bond among problems that are completely

separate or conflict to reach a consensus. The results shall not take us to the bad

thinking and the bad action (or better).

"I always break down the current way of explanations and approachs to find a

new way for myself. When I go on this way, all current platforms are eyes front,

there are nearly, far, clear, blur, though not yet fully detailed. Then I see

something very clearly, it's right in front of my eyes, not because I used to my

subjective to observe them, actually they are on my way".

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Universe (U)

is the existing state

without mass


is the existing state

with mass

Zezro + Matter = Universe

Zezro converts into Matter and vice versa

When the matter has not appeared, Zezro = Universe

Karl Marx’s philosophy (one case) has selected two independent objects and

disproportionate, Matter - Consciousness cover the entire universe. And this

theory is deadlocked with those mistakes and squirming for Matter –

Consciousness, which had before? Matter decides Consciousness? And it sinks

deeper into oppositions between Idealist - Materialism, Religion - Science ...

This idea should be dismissed so that we open an other right view, more

comprehensive and it can answer big deadlock questions.

In Two-Side’s ideological consistency, Zezro - Matter are two states that can not

be separated. They have an intimate relationship over the universe. In that

consciousness is one manifestation of Zezro (probably one of the most developed

Zezro states).

With the new theory and new definitions about some important problems to be the

theoretical fundamental, I have opened a door in order to decode and link big

problems today.

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If someone asks: Where was Zezro born?

I used an antithetical method, let us imagine: According to us, where was "zero -

emptiness" born?

Why does anyone recognizing the existence of "zero - emptiness " never doubt

about its origin? So it is default to be the starting point and itself exists? That is

absurd and contrary to all the laws of nature, Human’s knowledge when we accept

or default: "zero - emptiness " can be produced everything.

I find this hypothesis false and everyone can see its absurdity but we don’t have

the better explanation for the origin of the universe and we should have accepted.

And "zero - emptiness " is as one of the mystery, or one of the idealism religious

something like that.

Theoretically, I was totally rejected the existence of "zero - emptiness " and it's

also reasonable, "zero - emptiness " does not not exist. I replaced it by Zezro > No

doubt, when the nature of the "Zezro" is consistent with the "zero" of Human, and

we accept Zezro as the premise - platform of the entire universe.

"Emptiness " was rejected in favor "Zezro" - "Existence" and "without mass" in an


It is a new step of thinking that consistent with all natural raws and put the

problems of science - religion together in a strange manner.

We live together by the convention, but the convention is the most logical, the

most comprehensive and solve most problems that will be recognized and exist.

With my theory, we must look again the nature of "0" in mathematics, most people

can misunderstand its nature. And "0" associated with Human - is also located in

one of the narrow natural laws, it is only true in one of reference frames - where

we will frame ourselves.

“Emptiness” and “Existence” in the universe

It only exists “relativity zero” which means “zero on hold” and is called “Zezro”.

Something or a phenomenon does not exist temporarily; in fact, it only changes

Page 12: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 12

the expression state from time to time but does not disappear forever. “Immutable

zero” is only for itself - that does not exist “absolute zero” -“emptiness”.

Therefore, according to viewpoints of Two-Side, “Existence” is the start of all

things and the only difference is the state of things - phenomena in the universe.

Any state that has not appeared yet does not mean it will never appear. Therefore,

“Zezro” - “Existence” is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. We are

considering at the most general level corresponding to all of the system and the

reference system in the universe.

In terms of thinking, this theory denies “absolute zero” and gives out positive

implications of Human thinking. Human must always believe and hope about

everything in life in particular and in the universe in general.

All things are temporary and not available; if you try to promote it, then it will be,

and totally rejects the thought of “unable” and “never”.

Therefore, the new concept of Zezro in Two-Side: Zezro is the existing entity

without mass “Existence” here means to be existing rather than already existed).

“Without” means that it is on hold and will be in mass at one different status

decided by motion. At that time, its state is no longer Zezro but Matter.

Laws of the universe (Rules):

Classify rules according to the range impact:

Basic rules: the general rules for all activities in the universe which is

compatible and suitable for all reference systems in the universe.

Common rules: the rules are only consistent with some reference systems in

the universe.

Narrow rules : the rules are only consistent with one reference system in the


To better understand , people think of the laws in the United States of America:

There are basic laws applied to the entire territory of the US, there are common

laws applied to some states of the US and some laws are applied separately for

Page 13: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 13

each state . Back to the laws of the universe, what is experimental science looking

for? – That means seeking the rules by the experimental demonstration.

But people face difficulty in differentiating which one are basic rules, common

rules, or narrow rules because we are just living in one of countless systems in the


If people find and prove the basic rules, it must be so great. However, people

mostly find and prove the common rules or narrow rules; it will have limited

impact and proper in certain range.

The value of religion supports the experimental science that is some basic rules

which has been pointed out (probably implies, metaphors). In the root of each

religious ideology that people cannot find and demonstrate experimentally, that

Human cannot access to.

Religion is to be understood mysteriously and contains a lot of fear. Religion has

been distorted and developed according to the majority. If we simply understand

religion and the mystery of such theories, it would greatly shorten the time to find

out some basic rules that Human cannot access to.

People can learn the universe outside of the experimental science by calculations

and logic links through the basic rules – common rule to find out the mystery of

other systems.

Page 14: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 14

m EMatterZezro



Two sides in one and inseparability

Energy Mass

Energy is the basic property of Zezro

Mass is the basic property of Matter

Energy is Human’s measure used to measure Zezro, like Mass is Human’s

measure used to measure Matter. And these quantities are relative; in other words,

Zezro is manifested by Energy and that is the signal so that Human identified

Zezro by Energy. A similarity, Matter is manifested by Mass and that is the signal

so that Human identified Matter by Mass.

Zezro – Matter (Energy – Mass) are two states in one object that can not be


To better understand, I connect in ideas:

Idea 1: Light has two states waves and particles (wave-particle duality) depending

on approach and research methods.

Idea 2: Water - H2O is an object. But sometimes, it manifested in the liquid state,

sometimes it manifested in the solid state, sometimes it manifested in the gas state.

Therefore, it has three different states in one object by the effect of temperature.

Broadly View of the universe, between Zezro (without mass) and Matter (mass).

All differences are made by Motion (the temperature is also one of Motion’s

causes that change the object’s motion and change the object’s state). There are

many other problems in the universe (Human) with Two-Side nature.

Page 15: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 15

Certainly, we will be a lot of the asked questions: Universe is limited or unlimited?

The early universe like? The universe was born from?

I will turn to answer each question: Universe is limited or unlimited?

(1) Hypothesis 1: The universe is limited. The most logical, limited universes are

nested or parallel. If it is only one limited universe, so what is the outside

boundaries? If anyone successfully prove “the outside boundaries does not exist

Energy – Zezro”, my theory will collapse.

Case 1: The nested universes is contained in the unlimited universe (U∞)

Case 2: The parallel universes is contained in the unlimited universe (U∞)

Case 3: Both case 1,2 are contained in the unlimited universe (U∞)

To explain the root problems, I choose U∞ to interpret.

(2) Hypothesis 2: The universe is unlimited. There is only one unlimited universe


From (1) and (2) > The most extensive universe is (U∞).

How is the initial U∞? It is organized by the most basic state of Zezro. Universe is

Zezro and Zezro is Universe. Universe - Zezro is only one in its initial state.

Therefore, A question: where was the universe born? It becomes meaningless.

(Denied the existence of Emptiness and replaced by Zezro in this position as the


Page 16: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 16

E = mc2

In Einstein’s theory of relativity:


m ? E



Intermediate states: heat, electricity,



The formation of the universe is the development of Zezro states from the most

basic Zezro to a lot of Zezro states in different levels. The biggest break created

the entire universe: Energy converted into Mass.

A famous formula in Einstein’s theory of relativity:

E = mc2 (*)

With, c : constant light

M : mass

E : Energy

I can understand when the object move at the speed of light, so a part or the entire

mass will be convert into energy.

The speed of light is the limit speed (fastest) of any object in the universe? With

me, everything in the universe is relative and even Einstein's theory of Relativity.

Therefore, questions for the case of the absolute speed of light is not suitable. It

may be true in the limits of Human observation. It will exist the speed that faster

than 299,792.458 km/s but it is not itself over the certain limit and the speed

comes will no longer exist > the new object - new speed.

Page 17: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 17

Thus, in particular speed or motion in general is one of the fundamental attributes

of any object in the universe.

Existing entity is insepareted from Motion attribute. If it does not have motion, it

does not exist.

There is no unlimited speed; but the limitation of the object upon speed.

We have, v (velocity) - c (speed of light) - V (the limit velocity comes with a

predefined object).

In particular, c, V ∈ v and V > c. And according to my opinion, V and c will be at

odds with the infinitesimal speed. So what is the limit objects? We will wait for

time and the experimental science will find it. And it is also the changed threshold

of Zezro states or Matter states in the universe by velocity.

So here, I consider two more general formula:

E = mV2 (**)

E = mv2 (***)

So (*) or (**) is a case of (***).

I placed the reverse problem: Energy is converted into Mass under what conditions?

In theory, everything is completely grassroots. someday, we will demonstrate

empirically that under these conditions a, b, c ..., the energy states e1, e2, e3 ...

will be converted into mass states x, y, z ...

If we prove it empirically, we have solved the biggest bottleneck of the universe


"The transition of Energy - Zezro states and Energy – Zezro states, Energy –

Zezro states and Mass - Matter states obey the laws of conservation of energy in

the universe"

At this time, the universe composed of two states in one: Energy - Zezro and Mass

- Matter.

The elementary states evolved from the most basic states to the richness and

diversity of matter states in the universe now.

Page 18: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 18

Similarly and previously, the development of the basic Zezro states led to the

formation of Zezro states in many different levels. It is the evolution of Zezro.

During the interaction, consistent in one-billionth of times, so it generated the

conditions for the emergence and formation mass of the initial matter state.

That's the origins of this universe.

The intermediate state is the converted state between Energy - Zezro and Mass -

Matter. It is a testament to the transition between two states is true. Through it,

Human recognizes the existence of Energy - Zezro.

For example: Electricity, lighting, heat ... Human called the "Energy Source"

These objects are composed of particles including: Electron (with mass), and

Photon (without mass) ...

It is the hermaphrodite state between Zezro and Matter.

And indeed, if Mass – Matter is not the lead sources, so Human can not recognize

them at the Energy - Zezro states.

The interaction and exchange between energy and mass has no clear boundaries.

So it's exactly how to empirical science? That's a great question!

Science experiments will play a crucial role in proving the transition from mass to


Finding the Higgs and explaining the Higgs formation mechanism to put Mass for

Matter from Energy by experimentalize is a signal that people really are ready,

begin to open up the new paths leading to the part sink iceberg of the universe,

which in the past, humans can not reach or even suspect existence. At the same

time, it helps reinforce the correct and appropriation for a large number of Two-

Side platforms.

If it proves to be, it also means that:

Theoretically, the miracle (Something from Nothing respiratory variables and vice

versa) of the gods that can be done.

Page 19: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 19

Similarly, according to Einstein's theory of relativity, we can build a time machine

put people at a time in the future, if the machines that can move with the speed of



Motion of an object is the state of objects moving which includes the properties of

the velocity (speed and direction) + orbital migration (overall interaction).

Direction is only one aspect of the object viewed from the motor, but correlated in

space it will not immediately fixed and depends on many other factors (altering

the direction states) > constitute the overall trajectory and dependence. Speed and

direction is for the object itself, also the the orbital migration is by the external


According to the theory of Two-Side, Motion decides the existence of the universe.

Motion decides the existing state of one object in the universe is Energy - Zezro or

Mass - Matter.

In the universe, there is not the absolute rest state.

Motion is fundamental properties and first of all objects in the universe. Therefore,

Motion is also basic properties of "Zezro" - Universe exists from the initial point

of the universe.

So what was the basic state of Zezro - constituted the universe?

It was the basic Zezro in dilute density. They moved and collided low, interfered

and interacted together (i) diluting density, less and ascending motion by (i) >

increased (i) > changed and increased the mobility state.. .> increased the Zezro

states ... That is the formation and development of the state Zezro > Big Bang.

Human studies and observed universe is expanding but really this is just a visible

part of the iceberg - the universe of human observered and tested by calculations

and supporting tools. This supernatant was the mixed Matter - Zezro after the Big

Page 20: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 20

Bang to the present form. This mixture could be denser and express the matter


The next space is Zezro fields. Maybe the universe will have many similar

explosions and formed a lot of small universes - we have called the universe

around us, who can be observed or tested.

Thus, the universe is limited and tilted to matter states, we have the small systems

to the large systems (our bodies, the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the

universe in which we are observed ...).

In micro, we will have limited interlocking universes (the large universe contains

many small universes...)

In macro, the maximum universe (limited), it will have the infinite universe to

contain all.

With this conclusion, I am totally in favor of Case 3 - Hypothesis 1 (Page 14)

It is the foundation "Existence" for all that I have analyzed, "Emptiness" was

rejected and replaced by "Existence without Mass" in only one object - Zezro that

is the infinite universe nature.

Big Bang theory explains the formation of the universe in the first point? In my

opinion, it actually explains the most important milestones of the universe - a part

of Energy converted into Mass. The time of the Big Bang and after, it would

appear a lot of intermediate states (the mixing of Zezro and Matter - basic states).

At this time, a part of universe is actually a giant melting pot.

Big Bang theory and the theory of matter development then (including Darwin's

theory of evolution) explain approximately half of the big problems universe. The

rest is the time before the Big Bang, it explains the development of the Zezro

states to the threshold of history - Big Bang.

In Two-Side, Zezro – Matter states move random but it follows the rules. The

universe has “n” systems with random + rules to associate with each system.

Randomness comes from the difference in the movement of one or more of the

original object - the starting point generated a new system. The links and

Page 21: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 21

similarities of each small system create larger systems to follow the rules. Each

small impact of an object in the system, it also changes the overall development

and nature of this system. Therefore, everything in the universe has an intimate

relationship, switch and interact together.

For systems with the reference frame of the earth, it also includes a multitude of

single systems and they have certain similarities. Its motion and development

follow the rules of this system, or in other words, we called “Experimental

Science”. Indeed, Empirical Science is only the extended arm of human senses. So

it is the limited vision and narrow thinking in our systems..

Although Experimental Science is true, but the range is mostly located in the rules

of this system. If you put it into another system so it could be wrong. And in the

universe, we have “n” systems. (“n” means a lot to endless).

“N” systems due to “n” randoms + “n” rules and they will have the different

characteristics and motion. Human > World > Solar System > Milky Way > Our

small universe can change the complete structure or destruction, loss and

prerequisite for the formation of other systems.

Therefore, in the universe, each system exists (motion and development) in a

period of time. The development of each system is for itself, not for the entire

universe. In the universe, this place have the thriving system, that place have the

dying system.

Space – Time

Space are a result of Motion.

Elementary state’s Space is the dimensional combination formed from the overall

orbit of this elementary state – formed by Motion.

Space of the small system is integrated in the interactive space and created by the

motion of elementary states.

Space of the large system is integrated in the interactive space and created by the

the motion of small systems.

Page 22: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 22

According to the conventional view, Time is the measure that Human used to

compare the milestones of the past, present and future.

Expansion of Side Two: Time is the measure that Human used to measure Space.

(Mobility is the fundamental property of the universe)

After all, Time have the same position as Mass and Energy - A measure is defined

by human consciousness and Human used to the subjective consciousness in order

to measure objectively objects. Therefore, Time is always relative, different for

each frame of reference.

The measure that human posed the convention of calculation and comparing

methods. It only fit the certain extent - the subjective conditions that Human put

into .

A problem is placed on the “n” reference frames , “n”case; it will have “n “ways

to measure and calculate . Thus, Mass, Energy, Time will have many ways to

measure. Depends on how we approach and put them in the conditions of

reference frame? And the most subjective that Human gave the right formula of

several hectares desert in order to apply for the entire desert. If these conditions

are near, so the results are less errors and can be accepted. But if there are too

many differences, the results will be obviously wrongs.

If the universe does not exist human consciousness and any conscious creatures, It

will not exist any concept of calculating and measuring objects in the universe

(calculation and measure - the subject must be clear , who calculated, measured

that without consciousness?) and "the concept of time" does not exist.

If Human put 1st milestone for the universe, it is the start point, and time are

measured (meaningful).

Therefore, the existence of time is due to the existence of motion + human


For the problem becomes more understandable, I think there is a interesting post:

Page 23: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 23

There are Human, we have the concept of TIME, ENERGY, MASS. Without the

existence of consciousness, we have the existing objective objects: SPACE,


Equation v = dxdt is a method that Human calculated the result from the cause.

In terms of an object "Motion faster then Space and Time more shrinking" be

interpreted as follows: Motion more fast (motion factors considered are the

starting default), so the created space of object is shrinked compared with the

space of the previous condition. And consequence, the shrinking time due to

shrinking space according to the measure of human consciousness.

The motion of object more slow, the created space wider (compared to the space

of the previous condition) and the measure time of human consciousness more

wide (time slows down ).

Universe - Zezro is infinite and Motion will create infinite space. Because the

motion of each object are different > Space - Time of each object will be different

(micro). Only space - time are considered at the general level for the entire

universe (macro) is invariant - infinite. Thus, the relativity of space - time is


In a broader sense, all measurements (human) are relative. Both energy and mass

is too, it will change and relative depending on the reference frame is determined

by Motion. And Energy, Mass are also the consequences of Motion. So Motion

have a lot of consequences associated (space - time), (energy - mass). Pair of states

in one and inseparable.

Human used to the subjective consciousness in order to measure objectively


Get Time to measure Space.

Get Mass to measure Matter.

Get Zezro to measure Energy.

Therefore, the results are relatively consistent for each reference frame, it is

determined by motion.

Page 24: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 24

Currently, the measuring method of objects, Human mainly used the comparison

with the same measurement of other objects in a selected frame of reference and a

benchmark milestone. If another reference frames or reference systems, the results

of the comparison can be misleading.

Page 25: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 25

Stability diaram of Zezro and Matter:

At the general case of Zezro - Energy and Matter – Mass in the universe: Zezro

develops higher then it increases more stably. Matter develops higher , it

decreases more stably.

Page 26: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 26





The Father

The Son

The Holy



Mass Mass



Brahma(Vishnu, Shiva)





The foundation of Christianity is God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit,

the three persons are distinct, yet are one nature- one God

I would like to explain the relationship between Christianity and science bearing

deep meaning from the origin.

God (the Father) is Energy – Zezro who embraces the universe. He is present

everywhere, participates in all activities of the universe because He is the essence

of the universe.

God the Son (Jesus) was born of the Father, and He bears the human being in the

human body. We can refer Jesus as the person who represents the whole

existing Matter in the universe. That the Father transferred his power (gave birth)

to the Son is considered an act of energy – Zezro transforming into the entire

volume – existing Matter.

The Holy Spirit is considered as in between Zezro and Matter, the link between

the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit helps people recognize partially the

Page 27: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 27

covered energy in the universe, or recognize the presence of God the Father. The

Holy Spirit acts as a messenger connecting Zezro and Matter.

God the Father - God the Son - the Holy Spirit bear deep meaning of Zezro -

Material – Mediatrix, constitute the entire universe. Three in one and one in all.


Theravada does not worship gods, Buddha which means "the enlightened one –

the awakened one". Even Buddha Shakyamuni used to be a human who was

enlightened by the truth of the universe, which has been claimed in the Buddha's

teaching: "I am the Buddha now , all living things will be Buddhas in the future".

The origin of Buddhism is the enlightenment of the truth of the universe which

every human being can achieve by proper practicing. Spiritual Practice includes

cultivating oneself to avoid temptations and lusts which destroy minds, adversely

affect surrounding living things and especially human beings . Training and

nurturing a bright Mind to enhance willpower and have a wide mind . There are

two steps in the Spiritual Practice, which are Amendment and Execution. The

Amendment comes first and then the Execution – meaning using things learnt in

the Amendment stage to help living beings, guide and teach many people on how

to improve their Amendment to achieve the ultimate goal together

Most importantly Execution must be followed with serenity, not haste or greed,

which will lead to suffering for both oneself and others. Therefore, Spiritual

Practice doesn’t care about form or time but it is the fruit or reward that counts .

Focusing too much on form is completely out of the principles. If Amendment is

still not proper enough then Execution should not be practiced, otherwise that

practice will lead to bad results for many people or worthless speech producing

subsequent sufferings.

In Buddhist thoughts, the core or the center concept is the "Emptiness", the most

important and also the most abstract one.

Page 28: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 28

All the things and phenomena are formed by circumstance and then will be called


Emptiness means Existence, Existence means Emptiness. Related Emptiness gives

birth to the living beings, so does related Existence. Why waste time to find

differences between Existence and Emptiness when they are actually one being?

It’s the bottom line and also the beginning of the universe of all living things.

As I stated before (page 11): pure, absolute and permanent "Emptiness” has been

rejected and replaced by "Zezro" - "Existence" and "Emptiness (mass)", three in

only one body.

Energy – Zezro itself in this case is the essence of the universe, so why still

bother to differ between what form the universe and what form the Zezro?

In Two-Side, "Emptiness" concept has been rejected.

“Emptiness” in Buddhism as understood in Two-Side is" no mass " - Zezro, the

origin of the entire living things and phenomena in the universe.

Energy- Zezro converts into Mass – Matters , which means Existence is born out

of Emptiness.

Matters return to Zezro, which means Emptiness is born out of Existence. It is a

cyclic rotation and the laws of the universe (The Wheel of the law -


Existence and Emptiness is two consistent sides in the universe , two in one

(which is also a part of the inspirations for the work’s title TWO-SIDE , without



Hinduism in present is divided into many branches basing on the different

manners of worship, customs and faiths but generally those branches are still

derived from one root

In Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the three most worshiped and most

powerful deities (the three Trimurti).

Page 29: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 29

In particular, Brahma is the creator and lead the universe.

Brahma is the father of gods and human beings. Vishnu and Shiva are two

opposing forces while Brahma is the balancing force.

Brahma is also a privatization of Brahman (the Great self) . Initially the word is

used to refer to the divine power in a sacrificial ceremony, but then it has been

used to name a power called "Absolute" behind all the creations.

In fact, Vishnu and Shiva embody the power of Brahma in the universe. Therefore,

Brahma is also the embodiment of Energy – Zezro which constitutes and forms the

universe. Vishnu, Shiva and other deities as : Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Ganesha,

Hanuman etc are the embodiments of other physical matters in a whole Energy -

Zezro structure covering the universe - God Brahman. They are also the

embodiments of strength and power that enable human beings to sense the

existence of God Brahman.


Muslims worship only Allah - the One - the Almighty and “Islam” in Arabic

means "submission to the will of God and obedience to His law” Therefore, Allah

is God, the One and the Only, the essence of the universe.

Judaism worships one God only.

In monotheistic religions, the supreme being worshipped is the embodiment of all

Energy - Zezro which forms and embraces the universe, the God has absolute

power dominating the universe.

In Two-Side I only gave some examples of big religions. The remaining religions

generally follow two directions: 1. Worship deities – normally God is the most

powerful one who is equal to the Universe - Zezro. 2. Worship a particular object

of Matter and honor it as deity but generally still direct to the God, the Universe.

God is considered the ultimate origin of almost all religions in the world. Human

weakness, fear-> God, people do not know, do not understand-> God. Actually,

when people do not know or do not understand something , they’ll become weak

Page 30: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 30

and panic. So what don’t people know and understand? What make them fear ?

That is the mystery of the universe, that is the Universe.

In another aspect, God is also a mirror reflecting all desires of people. Therefore

God is the most ideal, the most comprehensive model of all that man can think of.

And the image of God presented in the human eyes is literally the image of the

most perfect and omnipotent human being.

Page 31: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 31


On the introduction of the two human essences - 1. Zezro essence - soul

(including consciousness, etc) 2. Physical essence (body), I have emphasized that

humans differ from other living beings in the first essence because the second

essence only develops to match and nurture the first one . Life is a fundamental

characteristic of all living beings. But due to the outstanding growth of the first

essence compared to other organisms, human beings are more active in protecting

their existence

It is the privilege of activeness that founds the basis of human society, forms all

human operations as well as human psychophysiology. All of them revolve

around a principal which is life. Humans do everything to protect human life and

to live a better life, also to satisfy all demands ranging from low to high. In

broader meaning, human beings put their own happiness above that of other

creatures. It is the inevitable root of GREED. We need to look back at this fact.



Good Evil




GOOD means to

regard others’


happiness as one

own happiness

EVIL means to put

one’s happiness

above others,

regardless of

other’s happiness

“All human beings are acting to meet the needs of human selfishness, serve humans themselves”

Page 32: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 32

Human beings are not the only species to have GREED but Human GREED

greatly differs from that of other creatures due to the privilege of activeness and

the outstanding development of Zezro essence.

Humans have two desiring states to achieve: 1. The desire to have more of what

they have already had (extra time to live, extra clothes and money, etc). 2. The

desire to possess what they don’t have (which can be called desires). These two

states themselves contain both good and bad motivation. If GREED were replaced

by desires, only the second term would be satisfied. Most people understand

GREED as claimed in the first term and in a negative way . But is AMBITION


On the other hand, most of the things humans desire to get are all served to

satisfy humans themselves, which bears a little negative meaning in motivation in

compared to other living things. Therefore I myself have more evidences and

reasons to choose the word GREED. Because of the derivation from a common

root, the mix of good and bad in a human is indispensable, but the question is

which side he tends to fall more into ?A typical example proved that:

When a man saw a child playing, and the child accidentally went close to edge of

a well and was about to fall down, even if the man was an evil, he would at least

warn the child to stop if he was not suffering from mental illness-which means he

was not a true human literally (a mental illness is a state in which people lose

control of themselves due to rational disorders which can lead to behavioral

disorders) - It is a random act coming from the subconscious and emerges

accidentally when encountering circumstances.

Long time ago, people already wanted to answer the question : "Which is the

original being of a human just after being born, good or evil?"

To answer that question, we need to analyze the causes of good and evil in the

word “GREED”

Humans are born with a heart of both good and evil - “GREED”

Page 33: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 33

Humans become evil when their basic needs such as life and existence are

violated. All infringements and factors affecting human life will be prevented at

all costs despite any consequences. (New- born evil is possible).

And what factors affect life?

Direct : food, water, air, etc

Indirect: clothing, housing, money, etc

Because there are so many things which need to be protected or prevented that

there is no limit to human greed.

The evil arises naturally and is formed exponentially. Human kindness arises

naturally in anyone in any simple circumstance. It is the same if he did it or not.

Anyone will perform that action (excluding mental cases) as according to

common sense that everyone has greed for life. That can be defined as a sympathy

in an instant with no space for consideration.

In the case above the man would even run toward the child and bring him to a

safer place because there is no danger from the child which puts the man into a

state of defense .

Come back with the word “GREED” Whether the motivation is good or bad, if

desires were satisfied, happiness would be created, otherwise sadness or even

worse, suffering would be born.

We can conclude that both happiness and suffering are derived from a word

"GREED". In a great number of human desires in which there are needs ranging

from basic to advanced one that need to be satisfied they are not all satisfied as

expected. Suffering is inevitable in life, the more one hopes the more one suffers.

Hell results from the word “GREED”

Buddhism has described human beings in three words GREED, HATRED and

DELUSION, which are regarded as the source of all sins understood in a worse

way (narrow), not in a wider sense as analyzed above. But in fact, the word

GREED covers both HATRED and DELUSION because hatred and delusion are

both derived from human greed.

Page 34: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 34

"GREED” results in expectations and desires, if those desires were progressed as

expected, "MIND" would be tempted leading to “DELUSION”, otherwise

unsatisfied GREED would result in HATRED.

DELUSION after DELUSION with an unexpected consequence at the end would

also lead to HATRED.

In Two-Side, there is one more result in compared to Buddhist theory, it is

Happiness. Optimizing happiness is the most important goal of every human in

this world, or in other words: people achieve optimal status in heaven. Optimizing

life time is not the most important goal as many people misunderstood because

leading a longer life does not necessarily mean having more happiness.

How should humans do to optimize their happiness?

Human “ GREED” , which contains both good and bad motivations, leads to

"Good" and "Evil".

“ GOOD” means to regard others’ plausible happiness as one own happiness. In

other words, good people in society will always consider others’ happiness as their

own one. Thus, happiness will be multiplied many times. In addition, suffering

which is shared and sympathized will reduce significantly.

“EVIL” means to put one’s happiness above others, regardless of other’s

happiness, in some cases, to gain one’s happiness one can sacrifice happiness of

the others. One will have to suffer all of his suffering due to the lack of people to

sympathize. In general, evil people have very little happiness because they have

to trample over each other to obtain happiness. There is only a few who win in

this battle , the rest, the losers will have to suffer most of the suffering. That fact

causes a great danger in the society, it is hatred. Humans are sometimes pulled

down by their hatred and have to suffer ultimate suffering while their happiness is

just temporary and transient.

If Evil was given chance to develop and rage on, it would gradually assimilate all

the Good, soon the society would be dominated by the Evil. Good people would

be assimilated due to the following reasons:

Page 35: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 35

1.Change from the root because their conception was imposed while they were

children. 2.Influnences and changes from the environment, the only way to protect

themselves is either to accept the Evil or to let go of everything, count on luck or

to avoid, get away from human society. There’re only a few people who can use

their superior wisdom to seize their autonomy and live a life as the way they

want . But they account for only a very small percent in human society . GREED

is the human being. GREED forms human psychology and activities, which

results in the formation of human society

Humans set off for their own a cycle of existence called life , while the life cycle

also undergoes a lot of changes in state. And those states have certain similarities .

The main factors helping people to determine their cycle of life include:

awareness of the world , of oneself , awareness of one’s existence autonomy


It's like a movie governed by a system of consistent but separate rules. The

moments of right before birth and right after death show a large change in the

state during which, new movies are shown. They are beyond human

consciousness and they follow their own rules in another system.

It is the basis for humans to aware of their existence and do everything to protect

it, which leads to GREED.

Human existence here is understood as the existence of a reference frame in which

consciousness plays an active and consistent role.

We have one standard model of the human life’s reference frame..Anything lies

outside the frame of reference - the periods in which consciousness no longer

plays an active role (X), is not considered as the life of a human. Therefore:

1. In the course of life, the period people fall into the period (X) varies. So the

real lifetime of each person is different. And there are those who are living but let

state (X) dominate their life.

2. Time before birth and after death are included in (X).

Page 36: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 36

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and hell exist anywhere in which there is human consciousness in

particular or any living creature in the universe which have sense in general. They

are the places humans put on their states of consciousness called happiness or

suffering. In other words, heaven or hell lie in every human being and it is human

consciousness that decides the status they want to achieve. Therefore, I entirely

reject the argument that heaven and hell are existing places (space) separating

from human consciousness.1. In one human’s life, "GREED” is the source of both

happiness and suffering which are inevitable heaven and hell. Optimize happiness

is the most important goal of human beings in this world or in other words: people

achieve optimal status in heaven. And optimizing life time is not the most

important purpose of human beings as many people misunderstood because a long

life does not assure a happy life.

2. When the man dies, his soul (the nature of energy - Zezro) still exists and it is

the consciousness that outlasts ( as I have explained above) until new structure of

consciousness, new energy state – Zezro or new material is formed.

During the period of consciousness existence (possibly longer - depending on the

stability of the possible development of energy per person - according to the map

of durability distribution of Zezro and Matter) before completely switching status

if the soul is still "greedy" ( the language of Buddhism), can be understood as the

state of "inertia" - echo or intentional recollection, holding on GREED when still

alive (actually if humans die their GREED will also disappear, because "GREED

FOR LIFE" is the root to nourish "GREED" but because people live so long with

the root that there are a lot of souls after death still misunderstanding and

paranoid). That is the biggest hell after death of human beings.

I have mentioned the X state - a state in which consciousness no longer plays an

active role in controlling body. Then at the state after death soul becomes greed>

desire, expect but cannot control it by implementing actions, or in other words,

can not interfere> result is not achieved > suffering is created > true Hell.

Page 37: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 37


There are questions that have been asked by thousands of generations but still

there’s no consistent answer. They are “Does soul really exist?” “ If so, what is the


There is soul after death ( even when alive).

2. Soul includes the entire energy field - Zezro corresponding to each human body

and soul also includes consciousness, it’s not true that soul = consciousness.

3. Soul has no mass therefore it belongs to Zezro state not material state

4. When people are alive, the power of soul will be fully developed (changes in

the energy of each person will decide the person's health).

5. When people die, less durable part of the energy field will also decrease

gradually and be converted, while the consciousness part – the advanced

development of energy state – Zezro- should be more durable and will outlast

before being converted into a totally new state of Zezro, new levels or in

combination with the other energy field together provide support for other

physical objects.

The movement of energy - Zezro leads to the development of energy Zezro

sources - from low to high and the soul is one existing form of energy - Zezro.

The world of the human soul after death.

Humans can feel the world of spirit if they can open the door through a totally

different reference frame. There are few people who have special senses to feel

and contact to this world. Actually in their subconscious there is an accidental

similarity with the reference frame in a certain time because human beings have

two essences which are Zezro and Matter in one human body

Some people are said to have the wavelength that can catch the same wavelength

from the soul just like the way radio and TV capture radio and television waves.

We can also literally understand that: the soul of every person varies as their state

of energy-Zezro varies. The awareness of living people and the souls of the dead

Page 38: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 38

ones also vary due to the difference in reference frame’s " frequency "

determined by the velocity and the orbital motion of energy- Zezro.

It is not easy for everyone to control, it’s similar to the way we control movement.

Thus, a random or accidental state is more common.

The explanation of whether there are gods or supreme beings is the same as the

explanation of soul. It is also a special state of energy- Zezro, probably the most

highly developed form of energy - Zezro.

This state can understand energy - Zezro or explain and control partially or

entirely the movement of energy – Zezro.

Each creature has an energy field - Zezro (depending on levels) to maintain

physical life but only with the emergence of consciousness (which is the biggest

difference – also the in the highest state of development of energy - Zezro) will

human energy field - Zezro be called a SOUL.

Consciousness also creates a big difference between humans and other organisms

that is the privilege of activeness.

For other creatures after death , the energy - Zezro with lower levels of

development would become less stable ( see the stability diagram of the energy

states - Zezro and mass - matter in the universe ) and would quickly change status .

Similarly humans after death , the energy - Zezro in the more unstable position

(energy maintaining the operations of muscles) will be converted first, then come

the consciousness ( with the higher development of energy state - Zezro ) .

Consciousness of every person varies, so does the stability. In summary , any

energy - Zezro without consciousness shall not be called soul. Consciousness is

like the brain of the soul .

According to the diagram of the stability distribution of Zezro and Matter in the

Universe ( page 23 ) , the higher physical state of development is , the smaller the

stability is, which means humans with highly-developed physical bodies( physical

component ) will have less existing time. Whereas the higher development of

energy - Zezro leads to the stronger durability , therefore the existence of the soul

Page 39: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 39

( energy - Zezro ) is longer. This also explains why after death the soul still exists .

And the development of energy - Zezro in human will support and maintain

longer existence of the body.

Thus, to lead a longer life people should not focus on developing biomass

( body ) but to concentrate on training soul ( energy - Zezro ) . To develop one

soul, humans need follow these instructions.

a, Develop consciousness (senses) because consciousness is one part of the soul.

b. Cultivate serenity, nurture bright “ MIND” using love. Only love can help

people feel most at peace and only love is the infinite source for everything.

Training "MIND", also means to keep energy movement in the body in harmony,

which can help, stimulate and reveal most of the hidden wisdom.

Movement is a fundamental rule of the universe; therefore, movement is also a

basic method to help people live longer.

Another fundamental rule of the universe is that nothing in the universe exists in

one state forever , as a result, human desire for immortality is paranoid and

delusive. It also belongs to the great GREEED for life of human beings.

The role and significance of humans in the universe

Humans are always too blind to their decisive role and position in the universe.

All that belongs to human beings is just one speck in the infinite universe (it can

be a precious speck but in the universe, all are the same).

Actually humans can only be confident about their big role in a small universe

where they live and study (also a place where people lock himself and find fun

there). Humans should remember that there are countless similar small universes

in the infinite universe.

Without the existence of human beings, the universe still exists, moves and


But if there were no universe, there would definitely be no humans.

Consciousness is not only granted for the humans on the Earth.

Page 40: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 40

Within the scope of the Earth, humans are in a leading position, fully developed in

all aspects in compared with other species. Thus, humans are born with a

responsibility to coordinate all activities on the Earth with best effort following

the natural rules. Nature has granted humans an ultimate power – which is the

privilege of activeness in the world. It is the biggest significance for the existence

of human beings – controlling and guiding all the living things.

To be able to perform that role, humans have to think and act for others, for all

living things.

Other creatures which are naturally born are also assigned specific tasks by the

Nature; for instance, to supply food for other creatures so that all living things can

survive together. That is the basic role of the every creature in the world.

Currently, all creatures are doing very well their basic tasks passively following

the rules of nature.

So did humans complete their duty properly?

Humans are totally going against the task assigned by Nature, which is also the

most significant motivation of the present life.

Humans are using their absolute power to satisfy themselves, regardless of any

consequences Why is one’s satisfaction not the most significant goal of his life as

many people have misunderstood . Because if it is, then what is the difference

between humans and animals.

Humans are born, satisfied their basic needs for surviving and growing, satisfied

the high demand for a comfortable life, satisfied and satisfied+ time > then they

die. So what differs from other animals. Sometimes the satisfaction of an animal

when it eats its prey and become full, etc is even much more meaningful than

human satisfaction.

If the life-time goal of a human is just the satisfaction for himself, then he is

living a meaningless life and his existence is nothing in the universe.

These misleading orientation and ideas have resulted in a life in which there are no

joy or ambition happening to some parts of educated young people from

Page 41: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 41

supremely wealthy families. It is a dangerous disorientation. But the biggest

consequence is that people are slowly putting themselves on the brink of


The controller the universe is not someone (consciousness - idealist) but it is the

movement rules of Zezro that decide the status of all things and phenomenon in

the universe. In other words, the decisive factors in the formation and

development of all things in the universe is objective, they do not depend on

human consciousness or any other living things which have consciousness.

As I once said, "In the universe there are countless sets of movie which are

arranged in advance (as a rule)., but there is no movie similar to another."

In the macro level, humans or any animal and other phenomena are components of

one system in the universe and each component has a certain impact value> can

change the outcome of the movie (but it is also due to the pre-arranged rules).

In micro level, people can control one portion of the small systems but they are

only small grains of sand in the universe desert.

If humans could understand the movement rules of the universe, follow these

rules , foresee the results of different effects and use their privilege of activeness

to choose the most appropriate impact > ( rules ) lead to the best results . In this

case , people have indeed optimized their happiness . People on the Earth is more

superior than other creatures due to their privilege of activeness, which means we

have the right to actively intervene in the nature and can alter the consequences .

We should know how to optimize our privilege . Other creatures may also have

impact on nature but always in a passive state . That humans exist in this universe

is one predestined by movement rules and that is also one of the most important

tasks for humans . If we do not live to deserve what nature has granted us , we will

suffer or destroy ourselves .

Page 42: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 42

What are humans doing?

What directions are people following in the world of all living things? Base on the

above analysis, along with the most practical evidences, we can confirm again that:

"All human beings are acting to meet the needs of human selfishness, serve

humans themselves".

Suppose humans were king, and other creatures were human lieges within the

scope of the Earth (a country), the king would be a greedy king who cares about

himself regardless of any consequence that may harm his lieges. We can easily

foresee the consequence of that country.

The end of that country might be decided by its domestic problem or from more

powerful countries.

In this case " GREED " developed in a bad way and people would have to pay a

high cost for it .I have mentioned : " In the universe , each system was born , and

operated and developed in a specific time . The term “Development” is used for

each system and the reference frame , not for the entire universe . In the universe ,

there are places where the systems are highly developed while in others they seem

to decline .In the reference frame- the Earth where people settle , it is common

that there are movement and development with the peak of humans as well as

the decline or withering, and right now in somewhere in the universe that cycle is

happening . " Impermanence " is one of the most fundamental rules of the

universe . "

Therefore, destruction is inevitable but the problem is how fast are humans self-

promoting the process of destruction ? "GREED" is one of the most basic

attributes of humans so we cannot avoid it . The greedier people become, the faster

the destruction process will be.

Nowadays all those people have done and longed to achieve the things which

can satisfy humans themselves. To achieve their satisfaction, they’ve ignored the

rights of other creatures. It is the Nature that has given humans the answer of the

undergoing destruction . The only way to save human beings from being

Page 43: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 43

destructed is to rely on each other, unite and live for each others. People who

consider themselves as wiser and superior than others shall have to suffer the up-

coming of the destruction process. In this case, humans themselves shall destroy

each other.

However, humans are always good at reacting, and adapting to the changes

(which are human characteristics proven during the natural selection process).

When danger comes (not leave anyone) each man will claim to be superior to live

and act for his benefits first. However, when he helps himself he also helps others

and together with the rest to prevent these risks. But do not let things go too far

and unstoppable ... all is too late.

Indeed, If who are not so " life greed " and they just live how to value, meaning

every minute, the destruction is not really important, and they will receive the

calmest, mildest > Heaven.

As the insatiable person see themselves as superior and satisfying selfish, despite

others, so they hardly receive destruction. And they will be disorder and suffering,

if the destruction is up to close. It is difficult to accept death because they have too

much to lose. Their heart and minds were controlled by the material daily to give

them comfort , especially money . And it is as one of the most powerful drug that

when people get into it , see it as life and can not escape. They are controlled and

depended to weak the resistance of spirit. That is real suffering, even more terrible

than destruction because it persists throughout their life > Hell.

Page 44: Two-Side, Universe, Religion, Human 44


Subject 1:

We have heard some methods to resolve questions such as: Direct Method,

Inductive Method, Antithesis Method, Proof Method, Exclusion Method... but you

has heard "Originalysis Method"?

Through Two-Side theory and some articles answered hard problems such as :

- Eggs - Chicken

- God - The rock

- What do you learn to succeed?

- Love of God? Buddhist Karma? Speed thinking faster than the speed of light? ...

- Pinocchio paradox…

Let me summarize and share a new method that I used mainly for solving

problems (Used method: Originalysis, Inductive, Antithesis).

Originalysis Method is the detailed analysis method of objects in the question and

relationship to find its’ reasonableness – origin. If the question is unreasonable,

we reject it without finding the answer or we can figure out the right question. If

the question is reasonable, according to this analysis we can find the best answer.

It is the advantage of Originalysis Method.

When we go to school, the teachers still teach us how to read and analyze the topic

and collect all data are provided in order to demonstrate the posed problem. But

the analysis goes deeper into the nature of each object and the relationships

(especially the question of cause and effect) is completely missing.

When we solve the problem of data standards is almost full supply, the main

object of the assignment is clear, proportionate and closely together ... But for the

problems (social, worldview, cosmology...), we analyze and clarify each object in

question is very important and necessary. Because, this problems is very broad

categories, sometime it is unclear or a few people understand the nature of each

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object in the question + correlation. But many people follow the trail thinking,

they will approach the question directly to resolve it > deadlock or wrong results.

Originalysis Method help us to eliminate the seemed lofty questions, but in in fact

it is unreasonable and without the mismatch between objects (especially the

question of cause and effect). Next, it help us to understand the nature of each

object in question + the relationship ... then we will have the right direction to

solve problems (At this point we will select the appropriate methods in order to

resolve problems quickly).

Originalysis Method belongs the oriented thinking method, because it is the

beginning of the process of finding answers.


There are two ways to solve a matter by using Originalysis Method:

- Point out the unreasonability of the question and reject it.

- Vaguely answer to a vague question.

Option 1: Point out the unreasonabilities of the question and reject it as below:

Point out the unclear matter of the object in the questions itself.

Example 1: Speed of thought travels faster than speed of light?

Object 1: Speed of thoughts (a really vague concept)

What is the speed of thought? What is its nature? Speed of a stream of stream

signal travel from neuron (inner) or signal from brain travels to another location or

objects (outer)?

Object 2: Speed of light (such a specific, accurrate concept)

Thus, it is nonsense to compare the vague object 1 to a specific object 2.

At the same time, there is no 2 opposition sides rejecting each other in 1 single


Example 2: Almighty God can create a magical shield which can not be broken by

anything? Then, should He be able to create a magical spear which can break

through anything? Thus everything obviously is contradict – God is not almighty.

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However, the above question violates a principle which is in the same time, there

are 2 opposite sides in the matter of the Shield, there is something unbreakable and

there is something can break it.

The objects in the Cause-Result question have no relation or the relation

between them is unclear or illogical.

Example 3: (I) Egg or Chicken comes first?

(A) The Egg (say any kind of egg: chicken, duck, turtle, snake , dinosaur…) is a

much more lager cagetory than (B) the Egg is rather a clear and more specific one.

(A) & (B) have a relation of this come from the other. Thus, (A)&(B) have no

clear relation and obviously no logic.

The question from (I) is indeed illogical and nonsense, which turns out to be: The

turtle Egg comes first or the Chicken do? Because the Turtle Egg also considered


The main object in the question does not exist.

Example 4: The universe comes from Emptiness

What is Emptiness? Emptiness really exists?

This lack of logic between action and the considered time.

Example 5: When Pinocchio (the wodden boy, when telling lies, the nose will be

longer) says: My nose will be longer”

If his nose really becomes longer, it means that the boy tells the truth => his nose

shall not be longer, but if it is not, it means that he is telling a lie => his nose will

be longer. The problem appear the same when his nose becomes longer. So,

Pinocchio’s nose will become longer or not?

Telling a lie or telling the truth is only considered in the present moment or in the

past. We use the present moment to consider the future one to be “telling a lies or

not” is indeed illogical, and unreasonable.

A vague answer to a vague question.

Example 6: Almight God can create a rocky stone that He can not lift off?.

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God is a vague object and we can consider God as Universe (consider that

Universe is unlimited)

Thus, unlimited Universe-God can create a unlimited heavy rocky stome (another

vague thing) and the answer still satisfy the question.

Example 7: There is a taxi driver, who will take a 5-miute rest after driving every

5km with the speed of 30km/h. The question is when he is taking his passenger to

the airport, which is 30km away, what is his shirt color?

Is there any relation between his shirt color to the question? Totally nonsense.

However, this nonsense, vague question can be answerd with another nonsense,

vague thing.

Answer: It’s red; if you don’t believe it, just go ask him.

Example 2: Solve the problem in Example 2 similarly to Example 6 .

God is a vague concept and we can consider He as unlimited Universe.

Thus, unlimited God-Universe can create an unlimited hard Shield – which can

not be broken (another vague problem) and then He can also create an unlimited

hard Spear - which can break through anything (another vague problem) – then

the question is still finally solved.

Subject 2:

Answer to the question: Egg comes first, or Chicken comes first?

This is such famous question for everyone. But this is also a great Concept-

Exchange work. This question brings such a wonderful value until today except

no one can figure out the answer. Therefore, everyone just considers it as an

interesting mystery, and heads to deadlock when trying to understand many of the

phenomenon in the universe.

Let me try for this matter:

Before going to details, I will analize the question to point out the another concept

exchanging problem: Egg comes first or Chicken comes first?. Egg is a much

larger concept than a chicken (a clear concept) so we are easily go down the

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wrong way. I will show you all how unreasonable this question is. The turtle egg

is also the Egg? Exactly! Therefore I will totally can make a question: The Turtle

Egg comes first or the Chicken comes first? OH NO! There is absolutely no

relation – this question is unreasonable. (If you try to answer an unreasonable and

illogical question, no matter what your answer is, it is still wrong; don’t waste

your time for it.

If so, we need to correct the question.

The accurate question is: The Chicken Egg comes first or the Chicken comes first,

or the 2 of them come at the same time.

I will use the Antithesis method to answer this question:

Assumption 1: The Egg comes before the Chicken

Then the animal that bears the Chicken Egg must be a kind of Bird, not a Chicken

(you may refer further in ; it means no other

animal than some kind of Bird can bear the Egg which becomes the Chicken

(Snake, Dinosaur, Crocodile only bear the Egg which relatively becomes that

animals). It will be opposite to the assumption if we say that kind of Bird is a


> The animal that bear the Chicken Egg is a Bird X? When the Bird X bear the

Egg, it is called Egg X (at this time there is no concept about the Chicken, so there

is no definition of the Chicken Egg + Even if there is sudden change inside the

Egg, no body may know what is the animal? Is there any sudden change? There

was no ultra-sound technology in the ancient days. When It bears the Egg, the Egg

becomes the same kind of animal (then people name it “The Chicken”) ; Or People

just bring those Egg home and the Egg become the Bird X – junior + bring it up,

domesticate it, then let it copulated, multiplicated….through many generation (in

case people bring the Bird X – junior home, bring up, let them copulated… things

will be the same) > Bird X E will still become the Chicken > Assumption 1 is


Assumption 2: Egg and Chicken come together.

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Using the same way to prove as Assumption 1 > Reject Assumption 2

There is also some ideas that” The Chicken Egg is the Egg that become the

Chicken” This opinion is only acceptable only if the very first Chicken already

exists in the Earth. For the very first Egg that become the Chicken; we can not

name it the Chicken Egg because there is no such a Chicken, what do people name

that Egg?

Above are the opinions about naming the Egg after the Chicken. How about

naming the Chicken after the Chicken Egg? It means that we already consider

some Egg as the Chicken Egg, then the Egg become a Bird and we name that Bird

the Chicken. This opinion is also wrong because there is no basis to name an Egg.

If we name the Egg according to its shape, it will lead to a Paradox, which is many

kinds of Egg will have the same names due to the same shape or color…

Therefore, classifying and naming the Egg continue to be illogical and lack of

fundamental basis. It will be logical when there is one specific kind of animal – no

such similar one – then we can be able to name and classify them.

There are also other ideas that for NAME only, the Chicken comes first, but how

about the nature? In fact, for the nature how reasonably we shall call the Egg? We

should use the idea in the question to find the answer, not the NAME itself to

describe the nature.How to prove and answer for what? For Human, name always

comes with Nature unseparatedly. Therefore, if we can not use one certain name

for one certain object at a certain moment , we have to use another name for it

(one such object can exist independently of human’s consciousness - that is nature

and if there is no human, who care about it? And there is also no such question in

this topic, but if human exist, there should always be a name for that object). Thus,

are we HUMAN? We should simply know what we are trying to prove.

As a result, we have only one conclusion that there exists 1 kind of Egg from 1

kind of Bird, no relation to the Chicken (not also random kind of Egg), which

comes first and become a Chicken (see

And this conclusion is the answer for these above 2 questions. The question “ The

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Egg comes first or the Chicken comes first?” is not suitable (concept exchange) –

proved above, and the answer is still not suitable. For the ques tion “The Chicken

Egg comes first, or the 2 objects come together?” we already have the answer,

only in the limitation area of Chicken and Chicken Egg.

Conclusion: All the results is available.

1. Name: Chicken comes before the Chicken Egg

2. Nature: The Chicken Egg which bear the Chicken comes before the Chicken.

No Answer for the question “The Egg comes first or the Chicken comes first? (1)

Answer for (1) : The Egg comes before the Chicken (1a). Or the Chicken come

before the Egg (1b).

The both answer for (1a) and (1b) are wrong. Because for the EGG there are

many kinds of Egg come after the Chicken (for nature) . and there are also many

kind of EGG come after the Chicken (for nature). Simply because of lacking of