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In my Senior Capstone Brand Design class, I worked with two other students to create the visual identity of a fictitious company called Two Brews.

Transcript of Two Brews Brand Book

  • 1. two brewsconor harrington rachel heiss colleen wormsley
  • 2. contents Situational Analysis 3 SWOT Analysis 4 Consumer Accepted Beliefs 5 Competitive Analysis 6-7 Brand Philosophy & Tone 8 Brand Promise 9 Primary Target Market 10 Secondary Target Market 11 Inspiration 12-13 Logo and tagline 14 Color palette 15 Fonts 16 Acceptable use 17 Stationery 18-20 Menu 21-22 Loyalty Card 23 Print Ad 24 Banner Ad 25 Website 26 Social Media 27-28 Signage 29-30 Apparel 31 Sleeves 32 Merchandise 332
  • 3. situational analysiscompetitive Many coffee shops/bars have consistent, strong customer loyalty Current coffee shops/bars have strong identity within college communities Each coffee shop/bar has an identity - Two Brews must have its own identity to differentiate itself from others in towneconomic College students live on a tight budget Cheap eats and drinks trump pricier food and beveragessociocultural Students seek off-campus venues to provide entertainment Nightlife is a challenge for students who are under the legal drinking agelegal The drinking age in the U.S. is 21, therefore, Two Brews needs to closely monitor its customers to be sure underage consumers are not drinking alcoholtechnological Restaurants are utilizing online food services, such as GrubHub, to access college students more conveniently Social media sites such as Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare allow consumers to check-in at businesses and post a review on them from their smart phone 3
  • 4. SWOT analysisstrengths opportunities Ithacas large population of college students Two Brews will give local music artists the chance to Coffee and beer are both popular beverages among perform which will draw in fanscollege students Special promotions for college students can encourage The unique combination of a coffee shop and bar new customersdifferentiates Two Brews from its competitors Local coffee and beer brands are popular among The Commons is an easily accessible location for Ithaca students and residents of IthacaCollege students and will encourage foot trafficweaknesses threats Limited menu items Ithaca is home to many competitors including other Competitive location restaurants, coffee shops, and bars Beer served at night limits demographic During the summer months, most college students leave town Many competitors are well-established and have a good reputation 4
  • 5. consumer accepted beliefs In order for a space like Two Brews to be successful, it needs to be effective in balancing both a coffeehouse during the day and a bar at night Consumers are seeking a relaxing atmosphere when they are interested in being productive and getting work done Consumers are seeking a clean, quality establishment to drink and socialize in at night Money is a big concern for our primary target audience, so prices on food and drink must be reasonable Its difficult to find a space where underage people can socialize with their of-age peers on the weekend 5
  • 6. competitive analysis Bandwagon Brewpub Collegetown Bagels Lot 10Target: Both college students Target: Attracts both college Target: Local residentsand the local community students and the local with smaller focus on collegeLocation: The Commons community communitiesType of environment: Relaxed Location: Collegetown, The Location: The Commonsgathering place for college Commons, and East Hill Plaza Type of environment:students and locals at night Type of environment: Group Identifies as a lounge for foodCoffee/beer beverage gatherings, studying, meeting and local music entertainmentselections: Rotating home- place, etc. Coffee/beer beveragebrewed beers and other popular Coffee/beer beverage selections: Serves local beersbeers selections: Serves locally Small food selections: MenuSmall food selections: roasted coffees at all locations includes lounge food, such asMultiple appetizer options, and local beers on tap at their appetizers and other shareableincluding their popular French Collegetown location dishesfries and dips Small food selections: Provides a variety of desserts and snack options, as well as full meals 6
  • 7. competitive analysis The Nines Ithaca Coffee Company Target: Appeals strongly to Target: Attracts both local college students, especially those residents and college students from Cornell University Locations: Triphammer Location: Collegetown Marketplace and Gateway Type of environment: Commons Combination of a restaurant, bar Type of environment: Offers and local music venue a relaxing sit down venue with Coffee/beer beverage the ability to do work, hang out, selections: Serves local beers and purchase different beers and Small food selections: Order coffee pizza by the slice Coffee/beer beverage selections: Local beers and local coffees available Small food selections: pastries, soup, and snacks available 7
  • 8. brand philosophyThe core of the Two Brews philosophy is customer service. We strive to serve college students and locals alikein a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. The community-oriented space serves as a hub for good food, friends, andfun.Two Brews is also dedicated to serving the best, local menu options available. We offer Gimme! Coffee, IthacaBeer, and a variety of local, seasonal menu items to help support the Ithaca economy and community.toneTwo Brews is the premier spot in Ithaca, N.Y. to relax, stay awhile, and enjoy your favorite drink (or two.)Two Brews is a space where all students can blend both their academic and social lives. The collaborativeenvironment fosters productivity during the day, while the relaxed atmosphere provides a great energy andspace for socializing at night.The brand tone is sleek, modern, and evocative of what Two Brews offers. The coloring of the logos rings wasinspired by the colors of a strong cup of coffee and a pale ale. The branding is designed to be welcoming andcontemporary in order to appeal to our target demographics. 8
  • 9. brand promise Two Brews satisfies coffee cravings during the day and beer cravings at night in a relaxing, lounge-style setting. 9
  • 10. primary target market College-Aged Men & Women (17-24 years old) Particularly those attending: Ithaca College Cornell University Tompkins County Community College Our primary target audience is always busy. Between class assignments, extracurricular activities, jobs, and their social life, theyre always on the go. Two Brews allows the primary target market to balance everything they do. Our audience is looking for one central place off-campus where they can do it all: study, meet for group projects, hang out, and socialize. Theyre looking for a more relaxing environment than the typical college bar. Young Professionals Two Brews is the perfect place for young professionals to meet with a client over coffee or meet up for drinks after a long day of work. We offer a place where they can balance both their professional and personal life.10
  • 11. secondary targ