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Transcript of Twitter webinar

  • 1. TWITTER:
    What it is, how its used, and why it can be effective for

2. W H A T
4. Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows you to answer the question, What are you doing? by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called tweets, to your friends, or followers.
5. H O W
6. the TWEET
7. Tweeting allows you or your organization to share what you are doing or what is on your mind in real time.
8. the MENTION
9. @
You can use @ in a tweet to mention someone, ask them a question, or point them in the direction of a cool website. Using the @ symbol is also a great way to reply to tweets by other people.
10. the HASHTAG
11. Hashtags, or # symbols, are used in tweets to mark keywords or topics, thus making them more accessible in the Twitter Search bar at the top of your home page.
12. the RETWEET
13. Retweetingallows you to pass on an interesting tweet from someone you follow to everyone following you. Its a great way
to spread
the word!
14. the URL
15. Use websites like,, and goog.le to shorten URLs so that they fall under the 140 character limit provided by Twitter.
17. And your followers see your tweets too!
You can follow
people or organizations of interest to you in order to see their tweets and stay in the loop.
18. the TIMELINE
19. Tweets of people you follow show up chronologically in your individual news feed.
20. the FAVORITE
21. You can favorite a tweet that you like in order to save it for later.
Once you favorite it, a yellow star will appear both in the upper left-hand corner of the tweet, as well as at the bottom. You can always unfavoritea tweet as well.
22. W H Y
23. stay CONNECTED
24. Follow people and organizations of interest and get real-time updates
Find out what others are reading, doing, and saying
26. Communicate and collaborate with others doing work in similar fields
Post info about events, blog updates, and pictures/videos
28. The organizers of the most recent WiserJakarta event made use of Twitter both to effectively advertise prior to the event, and to disseminate information, pictures, and blog entries after the event had taken place.