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Tweeting for Profit Noah Rattner Mark Sampang Rebecca Fackrell

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Tweeting for Profit. Noah Rattner Mark Sampang Rebecca Fackrell. In 2008: user base grew 1,841% Businesses using Twitter Advantages/Disadvantages. Fliqz. Small video-hosting service with 20 employees Subscribed to anyone who may seemed interested - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tweeting for Profit

Noah RattnerMark Sampang

Rebecca Fackrell

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In 2008: user base grew 1,841%Businesses using TwitterAdvantages/Disadvantages

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Small video-hosting service with 20 employeesSubscribed to anyone who may seemed interestedPosted three of four updates a dayCustomer Service

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Success with TwitterFree Marketing 1,358 followersSeal a $6,000 contractSigns or renews 30 deals monthly

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A Growing Sensation

More than online companies benefit

Comcast, JetBlue, Zappos, Whole Foods, Starbucks

Help DesksAdvertising and Promotions

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Retail StoresMission Pies

Tasty, inviting tweets about food

52 Teas"In 2007 we shipped one or two packages every two to three weeks," says Frank Horbelt, 38, founder of 52Teas. "Now we ship 52 packages a week."

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Limited ways to filter the increasing Twitter chatterTweeting too aggressivelyTime consuming

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@QuestionTimeDo you Tweet? What do you Tweet about?

Who do you follow? Any businesses that you follow? Does anyone have any followers?

Why do you/would you follow a business?

Is this a fad or do you think Twitter is here for good?

How do you think this could become profitable if it’s not a “social media” outlet as Twitter CEO mentioned?