Tumblr for Higher-Ed: How Yale University is using Tumblr

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Slides from my March 20, 2013 presentation on how Yale University is using Tumblr, and best practices for higher-ed institutions on the platform. Here's a link to the presentation notes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uz6qupfeypmslub/YaleOnTumblr_PresentationNotes.pdf

Transcript of Tumblr for Higher-Ed: How Yale University is using Tumblr

  • 1. yaleuniversity.tumblr.com
  • 2. Access.
  • 3. 1) Why should I care?2) Which community is this meantto delight?3) Attractive graphics, useful info4) Timing5) Short, punchy copy6) TaggingThe Anatomy of a Good Post
  • 4. Remember: Tumblr is a community, and a placefor creative, informative content. You must beprepared to be an enthusiastic participant.Example of content that does well: gorgeousphotography, infographics and archival materialthat is relevant to your subject area.Certain institutional updates are moreappropriate for your primary website.Does Tumblr make sensefor my department?
  • 5. 1) Allows you to connect withenthusiastic, niche communities.2) Provides a good frame forthinking about how to producegood content.Tumblr is valuable because
  • 6. 1) higheredsocialmedia.tumblr.com2) tumblr.com/spotlightResources
  • 7. Love your fandom.Thank you.Emmanuel QuarteyEmail: [email protected]: @equartey