Tuam 2010-2011 in Review

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Feedback from the Parish Pastoral Coucil, Baptism Team, Bethany Bereavement Support Group, Cluster Team, Bingo Team, etc

Transcript of Tuam 2010-2011 in Review

  • 1. Parish Pastoral Council, Tuam
    Thursday, 9th June 2011.

2. Parish Pastoral
3. What do you feel about your experience this year?
Good Commitment-1
Lack of Enthusiasm -1
Good Enthusiasm -2
Good Feeling of Community-1
4. What has given the most satisfaction this year?
Dedication - 2
Generosity re. time -1
New ideas were welcome and embraced, e.g. Lavally Lake Mass -2
Advent and Lenten Prayer Meeting -1
Contributing to the future of the Parish -11
Working together for the better of the Parish -1 1
The Way of the Cross on Good Friday -1
Co-operate for a bigger gain -1
Bethany Bereavement Group -1
The updated website, facebook, recording of liturgies in the Cathedral -1
Progress on Mass streaming on the internet -1
Improvement in sound ion Cathedral, re. hearing the choir on the radio -1
5. What has been disappointing for you this year?
Sub-groups focus on their goal, forgetting overall Parish goal-1
Concentrated too much time on reports -1
Too much discussion, not enough time on making decisions/resolutions-1
WOW programme was not taken up -1
Slow progress re. the new Parish Centre -2
Lack of communication between sub groups -1
Lack of interest between sub groups -1
Lack of vigourand progress -2
None -1
Continuing reports about abuse allegations -1
Lack of young people attending Mass and getting involved in the Parish -1
6. Whatdo you feel you or your sub-group can do as part of the preparation for the Eucharistic Congress?
Invite people to volunteer their time and ideas -2
Research and introduce new forms of Prayer-1
Half day or full day of reflection, maybe Sunday afternoon -1
Help with Liturgy from children and youth -1
Address issue re. Mass cards; signed Mass cards, stipends-1
Events that will heighten awareness of the Eucharistic Congress-2
Events to grow parishioners spirituality and knowledge, e.g. Bible reading, scripture discussion-2
Emphasise the importance of the Eucharist in the Church-1
Sub groups to work together as one team to promote the Eucharistic Congress -1
7. Parishioners
8. Parishioners suggestions?

  • Revert to old format for Misselet.

9.Mass on Sunday evening. 10.Mobile phones are a distraction. 11. Events on in the Cathedral, e.g. Prayer Group. 12.Funerals on Sunday back to 12.30 Mass. 13. Youth Mass once a month. 14.Cup of tea once a month after Sunday Mass. 15. Ushers who have regular absences from rostered duty should be replaced.