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When True Love is practiced

nothing seems impossible 1

People who experience True Love

go through profound inner changes, feeling revival and renewal 2

When we go from this to the next world more than anything else we should leave lots of Love behind3

has incredible power of

enormous dimensions True Love4

In the ideal world our Hearts move of their own accord, responsive to and in communication with each other, forming a brotherhood and sisterhood encompassing all humankind5

In an ideal society our position

wilI naturally be determined

by the depth of Love we share with people 6

When we mature in our ability to share True Love, then peoples Hearts will naturally melt in the spring atmosphere of that Love7

If we give unconditonally

an indestructible nucleus of True Love will form within us8

Our level of in the realm of Heartis determined by the intensity of Love we have shown in the way how we related to others9

When we learn to forget ourselves, to go beyond our personal preferences,we will be able to love all kinds of peopleon profound levels10

It is of primaryimportanceto learn howto harmonize with others so that Love can flow freely 11

True Love refers not just to loving somebody who is easy to get along with but enduring, forgiving and embracing people who have not yet learned to love themselves and others properly12

Supreme Love transcends

every national, racial and cultural barrier13

When we enter the highest realms of True Love every cell of our body will be filled and we will want this state of being uplifted by goodness never to end 14

Whenever we are loved by our parents, friends or relatives,

we must think of transmitting this Love to others15

Sharing profound Love

with each other makes us feel happiest of all 16

Heaven begins where we love each other in the truest sense of heartfelt relationships in the spirit of

brotherhood and sisterhood17

In the life originally intended for every human being we are able to sense the voice of our conscience and original mind clearly and we will not deviate from the way of True Love 18

The most nobleWay of Life lies in the pursuit of True Love 19

Saints and holymen and women are those who have become magnets, moving peoples Heartand drawing them closerto the infinite realm of True Love 20

The way of total givingis the right path to prosperitybecause True Love does not want to hold anything back from the beloved 21