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n for the sake of other people’s wellbeing

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True Love is expressed in the readiness to sacrifice myself

for the sake of other peoples wellbeing1

By practicing True Love we will definitely not lose but prosper 2

When True Love moves it becomes bigger and grows to new dimensions3

Themore you give the more you willreceiveThe sharing of Love represents a circular movement4

We exist to give Love to others to initiate an endless flow of True Love5

True Love enables us to go over any kind of inner barrier6

Because of the unlimited depth of Love people can understand each other deeply in the world where everybody lives for the sake of others7

The main question referring to the essence of human life is, How much have we loved others with True Love? 8

True Love should start from myself. The joy of giving Love is greater than the joy of being loved9

True development comes from living centred on True Love10

Love is precious and holy Let us treat each other accordingly with deep respect and dignity11

Everything melts in the warmth of True Love12

Man's ultimate purpose is to complete and perfect the ability to express True Love13

by experiencing and sharing True Love Everybody will F I N A L L Y be liberated 14

True Love wants to give,forget what has been offeredand then give even more15

If you look with the glasses of Love everything is beautiful16

Love enables us to absorb the good characteristics of others and to become one with them17

To be in harmony with others is the first step toward ever growing happiness in Love18

One may debate the meaning of perfection but in essence it is nothing other than the perfection of Love 19

The most desirable surrounding is a world of True Love where all people want to live in harmony with each other 20

Once we come into the world of True Love everything is Love and you cannot help but see everything that way21