Troop Overnight Certification 1 - Girl Scouts of Thank you for your interest in Troop Overnight...

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Transcript of Troop Overnight Certification 1 - Girl Scouts of Thank you for your interest in Troop Overnight...

  • Troop Overnight Certification 1 Buildings with Indoor Facilities


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    Thank you for your interest in Troop Overnight Certification (TOC) 1. Please take some time to read through this packet. You will find helpful information on council properties, tips for planning a successful overnight, dealing with homesickness, program ideas, recipes and more! In order to receive the certification, you must complete and submit the Course Completion found at the end of this packet. You will be notified by email when your Course Completion has been received. Your certification will be documented in Badgerland Councils database.

    Troop Overnight Certification (TOC) Q & As: What is TOC required for? TOC 1 is required for overnights taking place at any Badgerland Council property or another property (i.e. community center, cub scout cabin, etc) with indoor facilities including plumbing and electricity. TOC 2 is required for overnights without indoor facilities such as tent/tipi or yurt camping. Who should be certified? At least one leader or parent interested in helping to plan, organize and attend overnights for a troop/group must be certified. What is required of the person certified? They must have a current volunteer application on file with Badgerland Council. They must also plan to help organize and attend every overnight their troop/group participates in. If they are unable to attend an overnight, another adult who can attend must become certified. Does the certification expire? No. Once you have taken TOC, you are certified for the rest of your time as a volunteer with Badgerland Council. What about CPR/First Aid? At least one adult should be certified in CPR/First Aid on an overnight. This person does not have to be the same person certified in TOC. Courses through Badgerland Council, The Red Cross, American Heart Association or equivalent qualify. What if I want more hands-on training? Occasionally TOC is offered in person. Check our website at and under the For Volunteers tab click on Training Course Information and Registration for more information. Do I need anything else? You should refer to Volunteer Essentials and the Safety Activity Checkpoints in addition to this packet when planning or attending an overnight. Volunteer Essentials, the Safety Activity Checkpoints and required forms for an overnight can be found on under the Forms and Publications tab. What about TOC 2? If you are interested in camping in tents, tipis, yurts, cabins, and primitive camping with your troop/group, and would like information on TOC 2, please contact the Volunteer Management department at Badgerland Council at 800.236.2710 or [email protected] What about longer trips? If you plan on traveling for three or more nights, you must use the Traveling Troops

    Guide found on our website, under the Forms and Publications tab.[email protected]://

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    Troop Overnight Certification I

    In this packet:

    Progression in Girl Scouts and progression of property usage Page 5

    Badgerland Council property information Page 7

    Procedures for reserving and using Badgerland Council properties Page 13

    Overnight Readiness: Tools to help determine how ready your troop/group is for overnights Page 15

    Transportation, girl to adult ratios and safety Page 16

    Tips on planning and budgeting with adults and girls Page 18

    Kapers, things to bring, sample schedule & dealing with homesickness Page 20

    Fire building, fire and food safety & cooking tips Page 24

    Severe weather, animals, plants and emergencies Page 30

    Resources: recipes, games, crafts and songs Page 34

    Overnight Planning Chart Page 38

    Course Completion: Throughout this packet there will be Check In reflection questions. These are for your personal use and do not need to be returned. To record that you completed Troop Overnight Certification I, you must complete and submit the Course Completion on the last page of this packet to Badgerland Council.

    Please return this document at least two weeks prior to an overnight. You can mail, email, fax or complete the form online.

    Mail the completed document to: GSWIBC Attn: Volunteer Management Dept

    2710 Ski Lane Madison, WI 53713

    Email the completed document to [email protected]

    Fax the completed document to 608.276.9160

    To complete the form online, simply click on this link:

    If you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Management Department at 800.236.2710 X 1143 or 608.276.8500 or [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]://[email protected]

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    Badgerland Council Service Centers and Properties

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    What does progression in Girl Scouts mean?

    Girls grow and develop new skills by starting with activities that are familiar, then working their way up to new and challenging ones. Girl progression is the gradual increase of skills and knowledge, designed to match the girls learning levels to their abilities and needs. As girls progress in their skills and knowledge, they enjoy the challenges, rather than become frustrated by attempting to learn skills that are beyond their readiness. The more comfortable and prepared the girls are in performing tasks, the easier your role as the adult volunteer becomes.

    Certain topics common through all levels in progression: skill development

    safety and standards

    program goals

    girl planning

    age appropriateness

    environmental protection

    fun! Before going on an overnight, girls should experience activities outside of their troop meetings that provide a gradual progression to the extended activity. Focus on activities that teach planning and group interaction, which are essential for an overnight. These activities should increase in length, from simple hikes to full day trips, or adding additional skill components, such as cooking.

    Progression Beyond the Troop Activities starts with looking out and exploring out before moving on to sleeping in, sleeping out and eventually trips out. As the girls in your troop advances through the progression activities they will add to their skills and their confidence. Allow them to move up as fast as they are ready and able. More detailed examples are on the next page.

    Progression of Properties Many of the beginning outdoor progression steps can be done in your own backyard or at a nearby park. What comes next? Here is an idea of the progression of Badgerland Properties. When planning an overnight, think about the type of property best suited for your troop/group. Listed below are suggested Badgerland properties depending on the experience and age of the girls. The following Badgerland Properties are available for use with Troop Overnight Certification I:

    Service Centers: Madison, Beloit and La Crosse

    Hawks Nest & Hilltop troop houses located at Brandenburg

    Gray Manor farm house located at Echo Valley

    Troop Lodge located at Oakwood Knoll

    Stetler Troop House located in Richland Center

    Waunagon house located at Camp Black Hawk (only available when camp is not in session)

    Nakomis Lodge & Bertha Shuman Lodge located at Camp Ehawee (only available when camp is not in session) Other facilities appropriate for TOC 1 overnight camping may include community centers, cabins and schools. The following Badgerland Properties are available with Troop Overnight Certification 2:

    Sumac tent unit & Kinderspielen primitive site located at Brandenburg

    Whispering Winds & Woodland Hills located at Echo Valley

    Platform tent & Primitive tent site at Oakwood Knoll Other facilities appropriate for TOC 2 camping include yurts, primitive campsites and state park campsites.

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    Progression Beyond the Troop Activities 1. Look Out

    - Talk about the outdoors - Learn what to wear - Learn good outdoor manners - Draw pictures - Read stories

    2. Move Out

    - Use senses to look, listen, feel, and smell in the out-of-doors - Learn to enjoy being outdoors without disturbing nature - Learn the buddy system

    3. Explore out eat a no-cook meal - Take a snack or lunch to eat outdoors - Take a short trip: hike or explore a council property for a day or afternoon - Learn first aid

    4. Sleep in cook in play out

    - Plan for a troop house overnight - Learn knife safety - Follow a kaper chart - Learn to taste unfamiliar food - Practice safe dishwashing for overnights - Develop a basic understanding of nature and environment

    5. Cook out

    - Prepare a shopping list - Practice packing food - Learn outdoor dishwashing and sanitation - Learn fire safety - Learn charcoal cooking - Learn to use a camp stove

    6. Sleep out

    - Learn the proper gear needed for camping - Demonstrate tent care - Learn Leave No Trace camping concepts

    7. Trip out - Plan a trip extending over several days - Learn basic outdoor survival skills - Practice Leave No Trace camping - Try new experiences:primitive camping, backpacking, and extended trips - Help others learn about outdoor wonders

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    Property Descriptions

    Brandenburg Not just for day camps! Brandenburg is located 30 minutes west of Madison and provides plenty for you a