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  • Are the number of bewildering ACA Reporting,

    HR and Benefits Administration technologies

    blowing your mind?

    TRIUNE MAKES IT EASY! Triune Technologies, Inc. was

    started in 1998 by employee benefit professionals, for employee benefit professionals.

    Mature business rules allow your clients processes to run effortlessly

    Setup is our job, not yours!

    Best in class customer service and technical support

    Quick case setup. Clients are up and running in time for their next open enrollment even if time is tight!

    Triune provides EDI transfers to carriers and other vendors in their preferred format.

    Payroll import files are provided at no additional cost.

    Consolidated billing is included.

    1095 Tracking and Reporting have it your way! Full or self service. With or without full benefit administration. Variable hour tracking and reporting. You choose what you need.

    Competitive pricing. Great value. We understand your needs.

    Turn this over to see what your peers are saying, then . . .Call us to learn more and schedule a demo!

    Bynum Tuttlebynumtu([email protected](O): 336.859.5599(M): 336.601.2119

    Greg [email protected](O): 336.299.5858(M): 336.601.2121

  • Dont take our word for it! I have been working with Triune Technologies for over 15 years, and my clients who use your services were among the first to have 1095-C forms out to their employees, while others were sOll struggling. Tammie J. King, RHU, REBC President, Assurance Benefits Group, LLC.

    Your technology is the best, your team consistently exceeds expectaOons and our overall experience has been awesome. Rhonda Lockhart, SPHR Director of Corporate Human Resources, JM Smith CorporaHon

    For over a decade, Triune Technologies has provided excepOonal support. Benefit Connector has allowed us to streamline our processes and gives us the needed flexibility in how we administer our benefits. Their online tools have made it possible for us to improve our customers experience. Our relaOonship with Triune has surpassed the typical vendor/customer relaOonship and has become a true partnership. Tom Hunt Director of AdministraHve Services, NaHonal Telephone CooperaHve AssociaHon

    Triune has been doing benefits administraOon before most of us even knew what benefits administraOon was! They are always transparent and up front about pricing and they provide a comprehensive benefit administraOon system that interfaces with major carriers for a fair and compeOOve price. Eric M. Wells, Partner Southeastern Insurance Consultants, LLC

    Woo-Hoo!!! 1095-Cs and 1094-C are all wrapped up and ready to be sent. Will go out by FedEx tonight!!!. Thanks for all your help along the way! So glad we had you guys to process it for us best decision weve made in a long Ome! Thanks again!. Dianne Conley, Benefits Manager Professional Printers.

    You should be very proud of your company! The new-case setup process is thorough and accurate, which makes it easy for clients. Triune has a very knowledgeable and responsive customer service team that goes the extra mile to ensure saOsfacOon. Their fully-funcOonal billing system provides any cost breakdown requested by finance departments and separates them from their compeOtors. In short, the overall value received from Triune is second to none. Jim Kiser, Partner Pinnacle Benefit Resources

    In eight years of working with their system, I have seen how great Benefit Connector is compared to other opOons and it all goes back to customer service and support. They go above and beyond for their clients. This, along with the wonderful reporOng capabiliOes, makes Benefit Connector the best opOon for benefits administraOon so`ware. Eva Basquez, Client Advocate IPS Advisor