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  • 1. Trip to the Field Museum Ted, Maria and George December 2003

2. The Arrival!!!! Little do they know 3. Mighty big dog there Jethro. Or is that the prehistoric flying squirrel? 4. Spanish Gothic 5. Teds not so distant relatives 6. Evolution of the species 7. Wheel Of Fortune! 8. Giving Free lessons! 9. Watchouticus, Millipedicus! 10. Meet my friend, Ted, he wont bite. 11. Dimetrodon urinating 12. Really, thats our great aunt! 13. Life imitating prehistoric art 14. Gimme a little kiss baby 15. Its the lower left molar, root canal for sure 16. Tasting the bone hut to see if its real. 17. The tusk bones connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bones.. 18. And for just 3 payments of $29.99 this could all be yours! 19. I know a secret 20. The more things evolve, the more they stay the same. 21. This guy in the mirror is most unusual. 22. Oops, this isnt a bus stop. 23. New York, New York, No wait, Chicago, Chicago 24. Watch me pull a rabbit out of Marias hair 25. Does he? Or doesnt he Only his wife knows for sure. 26. The fierce battle of the Killer Shark bots. 27. What would fit in my shirt, lets see 28. Jaws meets Kermit 29. The End?