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Trinity Debt Management is a debt relief company located in Ohio. We've reviewed them with a focus on their debt management and consolidation services offering. Overall, we've rated them as average, or just a bit above average. Some of their strengths include 20 years in business and a mobile friendly web offering. They also provide free consultations for individuals looking to figure out their debt situation. They do not, however, provide very clear pricing, even when you call in and ask questions. It would be nice to see more clarity. This is the case with many companies in the industry though. They also offer free financial advice b=ebooks on their site, which is a nice addition. Overall, they seem like a decent company. We don't recommend them as highly as some of the other companies we've ranked on the site though. If you're interested in learning more, check out the link in the slides above, or visit

Transcript of Trinity Debt Management Review

  • Tax Defense Partners!
  • Who Are They?! Celebrating their 20th year as a business, Trinity Debt Management is a member of The Associate of Credit Counseling Professionals and offers many different services to those struggling with personal debt. Everything from credit counseling, to debt education resources and nancial planning. !
  • What Services Do They Offer?! Debt Management Credit Counseling Housing Counseling Student Loans Services
  • Additional Services! A more specic list of services may include: Budge?ng Assistance Debt Consolida?on Debt Se@lement Bankruptcy Assistance Housing &Foreclosure Programs Help For First-Time Home Buyers Assistance in Understanding Mortgage Loans Teaching the Facts on Student Loans Resources for Student Loans
  • Do They Offer Debt Education?! They oer a variety of debt educa?on resources including free nancial books through their website, nancial educa?on links and youth nancial educa?on.
  • How Do They Rate With The BBB?! Trinity Debt Management is not rated with the BBB. Either they never provided the necessary informa?on to the Be@er Business Bureau to be ocially rated or for the BBB to determine if they meet their standards or the BBB just hasnt found them yet.
  • What Do Their Services Cost?! The cost of services will vary quite a bit depending on state laws but also on the services required by the individual. Those who are interested can call the customer service line to inquire more about how their circumstances and needs would determine what they would pay for services.
  • Website Resources! Their site provides a lengthy FAQ sec?on with answers to ques?ons such as: Will I s?ll receive calls from collec?on departments? and As a debt management program member, can I s?ll get a loan? They also provide links for free downloads of nancial books, nancial educa?on links and their monthly newsle@er.
  • Why Type of Debt Do They Service?! Trinity Debt Management services all kinds of unsecured debt from credit cards to personal loans. This is the case with most companies in the industry because they dont have to work with debts that are backed by assets.
  • What Makes This Company Stand Out?! The company is based o of the idea that, Our spiritual wellbeing is oZen hampered by overwhelming earthly concerns indebtedness can aect everything from personal rela?onships to physical and emo?onal health. They see debt management as a piece of the greater puzzle to life management and overall well being.
  • Do They Maintain A Social Media Presence?! Social media savvy is not this companys forte. As far as the website reects, they do not currently have a social media presence of any kind, only their website and the resources found there. However, we did come across their Facebook page through other means, and it doesnt appear to be very ac?ve.
  • What Does the BDC Think of This Company?! BDC rates this company as slightly above average for their services with some of their best a@ributes being their excellent customer service and sincere interest in helping their clients lead healthier lives. However, some of their pay structures are hard to understand or obtain informa?on on, they have no BBB ra?ng and their website is not the most upfront about what main services are oered.
  • Potential Negatives! Prices, or even general es?mates, are hard to come by, even with a call to customer service. An in-depth consulta?on is required to get a real idea about what their services would cost the client. Lack of a social media presence may be a concern for some as well.
  • Learn More! We provide in-depth reviews on this company and others on The Trinity Debt Management prole can be found in full here: h@p:// tax-defense-partners-review/
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