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  • 1. TrsTrendy me Me
  • 2. Treme is an app that can make all thedifference when shopping for thatperfect outfit. It hopes to create apersonal shopper for each individual,right on their own phone. People cansearch for outfits from a wide range ofhigh street retailers, boutiques anddesigners and can search by colour,design, type of clothing and more. Tremealso allows customers to put in exactmeasurements which they can thenvirtually try the different clothes andsizes simulating exactly how it will look.
  • 3. Treme is out to solve common problemsmany shoppers have when out in theshops or online. Treme offers you thecapability of viewing an online catalogueof many high street retailers but alsofilters what is available in a persons localchain. They then can order to pick upand keep a digital reciept which they canaccess through the app to show theshop. This order can be as specific aspicking a range of sizes so you can try onbefore you buy and your receipt can alsohold items from more than one shop soyou can use it for multiple shops.
  • 4. Customization can go even further As you can take a picture of your face To add on to your mannequin and itThe model feature of the Treme app automatically Adjusts the skin tone of the rest of the bodyallows the customer to virtually try onclothes by putting in thier bodymeasurements which will translate intoA virtual mannequin.This keeps track of what your mannequin has on, whatsize, from where and how much it costs
  • 5. Key Features: Custom mannequin that can tryOn clothes To organize whats in yourWardrobe you can keep a virtualCloset of everything you have Can custom order for pick up atYour local chain, as well as mix andMatching at different stores. Can search for a new outfitThrough filters like colour, type ofClothe, style, shop and more. Can update news on sales inShops if they are exclusively onlineOr in shops as well.
  • 6. Hopefully as Tremes services help boost custom for shops we are hoping that in return they will offer exclusive offers and perks to Tremes loyal customers.Treme will also have a Facebook andTwitter page that can updateCustomers with new offers andCollections.