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Transcript of Trello Basics

Trello for Consultants

A presentation for my cousins to illustrate and explain the basics of using Trello.

2016 Becky Jamison

Trello BoardsIve created Boards for some of my Ancestor families, mostly as a place to organize major life events and newspaper articles about the individuals.

Create your own FREE Trello account. Go to

When we sign up at this link, my friend, mentor, author, and professional genealogist Lisa Alzo will get extra credit on her paid subscription. She provides excellent training for Trello and other genealogy research resources. we can create our new account at with a Username and Password.

FREEAfter youve created your Trello account, email me at [email protected] and tell me your Account Name so I can give you access to the family Board.

You can make a Board for any topic you choose.

Each long rectangle in gray is called a LIST.

Each white rectangle on the list is called a CARD.We can display or enter information on each card.

When we click on a CARD, it opens to what we call the back side which offers information about the topic on the Card.

Each card can have labels, color coded to indicate something specific. See the different labels above.

On this Board I coded the labels like this: A GREEN label means the information is in print. YELLOW means the link will take us to a web site. ORANGE goes to Videos, Power Points or Webinars.RED takes us to people, and BLUE will take us to pages on Social Media.

You can do whatever you want.

There are many training videos for Trello at

Take a little time to learn more about Trello.


Remember, you can email me at [email protected]