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    Paisley Products of Canada Incorporated is Canadas premier distributor and manufacturer of technical consumable materials . When you work with Paisley Products, you gain access to a wide range of leading brands, made-to-order fabrication, and custom design and manufacturing capabilities all backed by our exceptional customer service and technical support teams .

    At Paisley Products it is our priority to provide the best and most innovative solutions to our customers. We stay on top of industry trends, remain committed to product innovation, maintain our successful connection with global vendors, and actively look for corporate acquisitions to enhance our product line. It is our way of delivering technical solutions for the material challenges you face.

    PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATIONCustomizing your order with slitting, sheeting and cutting services in our fabrication department.

    CONSUMABLE MANUFACTURINGDeveloping and manufacturing products such as tapes and adhesives that meet the specific demands of your unique situation, project or environment.

    INVENTORY AND DELIVERYDelivering products to you from our well stocked and managed inventory with on-time delivery from our locations in Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton .

    DISTRIBUTIONBringing you access to world-class brands like 3M, Albedo100, Dow Corning, DuPont, Epoxy Technology, Intertape, Plasti Dip, and our Paisley Products brands, Xmark, The Great Tape Company and Arno .

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    Paisley Products supplies the aerospace, automotive, rail, public transit and marine industries with materials such as electrical insulation, composites and vibration resistant adhesives that aid in the production of safe, attractive and durable modes of transportation. Our Customer Service team can assist you in choosing from our line of valves, dispensing systems, lubricants and coatings so you can improve performance, reduce cost and find the product best suited for your unique project.


    Since 1949, Paisley Products has been trusted by Canadas electrical equipment manufacturers to provide insulating materials for transformers and motors. Today we provide a complete line of high-quality, UL standard electrical tapes, sleeving, varnishes and composites. Fabrication is available at our facilities for custom requirements.


    We are exclusive distributors of reliable brands such as Plasti Dip, Arno, Albedo100 and Xmark. Paisley Products offers our retail partners popular consumer products from spray coatings to silicones, adhesives, tapes, and surface protection, all delivered directly to retail locations across Canada from our warehouses in Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton.

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    Paisley Products is a premier supplier to the worlds top electronic manufacturing companies . Products like our EFD micro-dispensing systems are trusted for applying controlled amounts of adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other assembly fluids to help increase productivity and maximize the quality of electronics . Our electronics product line also includes conformal coatings, silicone gels, encapsulants and soldering materials to meet any job specifications.


    Supporting builder and contractor best practices, Paisley Products supplies Xmark surface protection products used to protect internal and external surfaces during construction and designed to leave no adhesive residues . Made for a variety of materials used on counter tops, tubs, walls, windows, cabinetry, floors and stairs, Xmark products are reusable, recyclable and contribute towards LEED credits. We also offer house and foundation wraps, roof underlayment, weather proofing sealants and flashing tapes for building envelope applications.


    Industrial manufacturers rely on Paisley Products to provide a range of products from adhesives to lubricants, tapes, sealants, UV equipment and speciality chemicals. Serving multiple industries, we support high-quality manufacturing with products that promote adhesion, accelerate product cure times and remain durable in any environment .

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    TAPESAcrylic Tape VHBAdhesive Transfer TapeAisle Marking TapeAll Service Jacketing TapeAll-Weather TapeAluminum Foil TapeAnkle Wrap TapeAnti-Skid TapeAppliance TapeAsbestos Removal TapeAthletic TapeAttachment TapeAutoclaving TapeAutomotive TapeBandoliering TapeBarricade TapeBiaxially Oriented TapeBook Binding TapeBundling TapeButyl TapeCable Harness TapeCargo Pit TapeCarpet TapeCarton Sealing TapeCellophane TapeCellulose TapeChart TapeClay Filled Cloth TapeCloth TapeColour Coding TapeColoured TapesComponent Carrier TapeCopper Foil TapeCork TapeCorrosion TapeCorrugators Splicing TapeCotton Linen TapeCustom Slitting TapeDacron TapeDamping TapeDecorative TapeDetectable Splicing Tapes

    Differential Adhesive TapeDouble Coated Cloth TapeDouble Coated Fibre TapeDouble Coated Film TapeDouble Coated Foam TapeDouble Coated Paper TapeDouble Coated PVC TapeDouble Coated Tissue TapeDouble-Stick TapeDrafting TapeDuct FR TapeDuct Military TapeDuct Nuclear TapeDuct TapeEdging TapeElectroplating TapeFiberglass TapeFibre TapeFilament TapeFilm Tape Label ProtectionFilm Tape Acetate Film Tape PolyesterFilm Tape PolyurethaneFilm Tape TransparentFine Line TapeFinger Protection TapeFirst Aid TapeFluorocarbon TapeFlagging TapeFlame Retardant TapeFlame Spray TapeFlatback TapeFlexographic TapeFluoro Marking TapeFlying Splice TapeFoam Tape Double CoatedFoam Tape Single CoatedFoil Butyl Rubber TapeFoil Copper TapeFoil Elastic TapeFoil Lead TapeFoil Plain Aluminum Tape

    Foil Scrim Kraft TapeFreezer TapeFriction TapeFSKFume TapeFusion TapeGaffers TapeGasket TapeGraphic Arts TapeGummed TapeHair Set TapeHarness Wrap TapeHazard Marking TapeHazard Warning TapeHeat Resistant TapeHeat Sealing TapeHeat Shrink TapeHigh Tack Masking TapeHigh Temperature Duct TapeHigh Temp Masking TapeHockey TapeHook N Loop TapeHumidity Resistant TapeHVAC TapeIndicator TapeInsulating TapeKapton TapeKraft Paper TapeLabel Protection TapeLabel TapeLaminating TapeLane Marking TapeLint Removal TapeLithographic TapeLocker TapeLow Residue TapeLow Tack TapeMasking TapeMatte Finish TapeMedical TapeMending TapeMetalized Duct Tape

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    Metal Patch TapeMicrocellular D/C TapeMoisture Resistant TapeMOPPMounting Square TapeMounting TapeName Plating TapeNeoprene TapeNon Slip TapeNon-Skid TapeNon-Woven TapeNuclear TapesNylon Tape High TempOSHA, Approved TapePackaging TapePaper TapePermeable TapePhotoelectric Scanning TapePhotographic Masking TapePhotographic TapePIB TapePipe Banding TapePipeline TapePlastic Film TapePlastic TapePlate Mounting TapePlating TapePolyester Tape PCBPolyethylene TapePolypropylene TapePouch TapePreservation TapePrintable TapeProduce TapeProtection Tape FumeProtective Tape CorrosionProtective Tape Gold SurfacePTFE Coloured TapePVC Tape

    Radial TapeReflective TapeReinforced Strapping TapeRelease TapeRepulpable TapeReverse Wound TapeRoller Wrap TapeRug TapeSafety TapeSealant TapeSelf Fusing TapeSequencing TapeSheeting TapeSilk Screen TapeSolvent Resistant TapeSolventless Masking TapeSpacer TapeSplicing Tape ElectricalSports Medicine TapeStatic Resistant TapeSterilization TapeStrapping TapeStretch TapeStriping TapeStripping TapeTamper Evident TapeTamper Resistant TapeTape PrimerTear Strip TapeTeartapeTeflon TapeTensilized Polypropylene TapeTextile TapeThermosetting TapeThread Seal TapeTissue TapeToupee TapeTrainers TapeTransfer Tape VHB

    Transparent TapeUHMW TapeUHT TapeUncoated TapeUnsupported Transfer TapeUPVC Film TapeUPVC Produce TapeUtility TapeVarnished TapeVenting TapeVibration Damping TapeVinyl Double Coated TapeVinyl Cloth TapeVinyl Marking TapeVinyl Protective TapeVinyl TapeWarning TapeWaterproof Sealing TapeWax TapeWeather Sealing TapeWeb Insulation TapeWoven Tape

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    Acrylic AdhesivesContact AdhesivesCyanoacrylate AdhesiveElectric ResinsEpoxy AdhesivesHigh Density EpoxiesHot Melt AdhesivesIndustrial Plastic AdhesivesInstant AdhesivesJet Melt AdhesivesLight Cure AdhesivesLiquid AdhesiveLiquid ResinsLow Odor Acrylic AdhesiveMarine AdhesivesNon Metallic EpoxiesOptical EpoxyPressure Sensitive AdhesivesPrimerless AdhesiveSpray AdhesivesThermal Adhesive


    Adhesive SealantsAutomotive SealantsElectrical SealantsFast Cure SealantsFungicide Resistant SealantsGlass & Metal SealantsHeat Resistant SealantsHigh Temp Silicone SealantsIndustrial Pipe SealantsIndustrial SealantsLead Free Solder MaskMarine Adhesive SealantsMulti-Purpose SealantsNeutral Cure SealantsNon Corrosive SealantsOil Resistant SealantsPerformance SealantsRTV Gasket MakerSilicone Glazing SealantsSilicone SealantsThreadlockers


    CatalystsCuring AgentsDie EncapsulantsDielectric Gel KitsElectrical Resin EncapsulantsEpoxy EncapsulantsEpoxy PowdersHardenersLiquid Resin EncapsulantsMixersOptical CouplantRTV BasesSilicone ElastomerSilicone EncapsulantSilicone Solar EncapsulantThermal Conductive GelUrethane Encapsulants

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    Anti Friction CoatingAssembly PasteBearing GreaseChain & Open Gear GreaseChemical Resistant GreaseDry Film LubricantElectrical Insulating PasteHeat Sink CompoundHigh Temp Bearing GreaseHigh Vacuum GreaseInstrument Lubricating OilLong Life Bearing GreaseO-Ring LubricantPenetrating Oil SprayRelease AgentRelease CompoundSilicone CompoundSilicone PasteSilicone Release AgentSolid Lubricant PasteSynthetic GreaseTransformer FluidValve Lubricant


    Acrylic CoatingAdhesive CoatingAerosol CoatingAnti Corrosion CoatingAnti Friction CoatingAnti Graffiti Protective-CoatingColor Guard CoatingConformal CoatingFlat EnamelFuel Resistant CoatingGloss EnamelLiquid ResinLow Viscosity CoatingPigmented Protective CoatingProtective CoatingRTV CoatingRubber CoatingSemi-Conducting PaintSilicone CoatingSuper Grip Fabric CoatingUrethane CoatingUV Coating

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    Arno Watertite WS Floor CoatingsCross-Linked Foam (XL)Foundation WrapHigh-Density Polyethylene Foam (HDPE)Honeycomb Ceiling SystemHousewrapPolyethylene Foam (PE)Polypropylene Foam (PP)Roof UnderlaymentPaint StripperWindow CoatWindow Protection


    3M Residue Free Duct TapeArno C 006 Masonry Water BarrierArno C SG Adhesive Air BarrierBlueprint ProtectionCarpet TapeFlexible Flashing TapeIndustrial Grade Duct TapeLiquid TapePainter Grade Masking TapePlasti Dip Rubber CoatingPlastiseam Fabric Seam SealerProfessional Grade Pre-Taped Drop FilmPVC TapeStandard Flashing TapeSuper Grip Non-Skid CoatingTuck Contractors Sheathing TapeUtility Grade Duct TapeUV Resistant Polyethylene Film TapeVLP Vinyl/Leather RepairVyna Bond Vinyl Repair Patch



    Breathable Carpet ProtectionBreathe-All ProtectionCarpet ProtectionConstruction BoardFloor PeelFoam TapeFoot Track MatsHard Surface ProtectionLaminated PaperboardReusable Appliance PadReusable Floor ProtectionReusable Jamb ProtectionReusable Top ProtectionReusable Tub ProtectionRubberized PaperStair CoversStatic SheetingTub CoatVentilation ProtectionXmark Black Diamond- Anti-Skid FoamZipwall


    Carpet Tape DispenserGraco Magnum XR9 Airless Spray SystemHoneycomb Ceiling SystemShoe CoversWaterproof CoverallsWaterproof Shoe CoversWindow Tape Dispenser

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    Acrylic SheetsAcrylic SleevingAdhesivesAir-Dry VanishesAluminum Magnet WireAsbestos ClothBaking VarnishesBalancing CompoundCanvas Based LaminatesCMCCommutatorsComposite MaterialsConductive MasticConformal CoatingsCopper Magnet WireCotton SleevingCreped PaperCuffed CoilsCustom Fabricated PartsCustom SlittingDacron-Glass Magnet WireDacron-Mylar -DacronDacron-Mylar Cuffed CoilsDMDDuct TapeEdging TapeElectrical InsulationElectrical Kraft PaperElephantide PaperEncapsulating/Potting CompoundEpoxy AdhesiveEpoxy BraidsEpoxy CompoundEpoxy Glass LaminatesEpoxy VarnishFabricated InsulationsFiber BoardFiber SheetsFiber Wedges

    Fiberglass CordFiberglass SleevingFish PaperFlame Retardant LaminatesFlexible LaminatesFlexible MicaFrayless SleevingGlass Mica Glass CompositesHarness Wrap TapesHeat GunsHeat Shrinkable TubingHeater TapesHermetic Lead WireHigh Pressure LaminatesHigh Temperature Duct TapeHigh Temperature LaminatesHypalon Lead WireIdentification ProductsInsulating VarnishesKapton FilmKraft PaperLacing CordsLaminated Plastic SheetsLead WireLinen Based LaminatorsLinen Lacing CordLubricantsMagnet WireMelamine Glass LaminatesMica

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    Mica PaperMica PlateMica PowderMica SheetsMicartaMotor Repair Shop EquipmentMylar FilmNeoprene Fibreglass CordNMN Nomex Mylar NomexNomex PaperNylon PaperPaper Based LaminatesPhenolicPlastic TubingPolycarbonate SheetingPolyester Combination PapersPolyester Fiberglass ClothPolyester Film TapesPolyester Glass LaminatesPolyimide Film TapesPolyimide Glass LaminatesPotting CompoundsPressboardPressure Sensitive Dacron GlassPTFEPuttyRag PaperRigid LaminatesRound WedgesRound WireRuby MicaSafety MasksSafety SignsSealantsSegment Mica PlateSeparator CoilsShrink PolywebSilicon Varnished GlassSilicone AdhesivesSilicone Compounds

    Silicone FluidsSilicone Glass LaminatesSilicone Resin SleevingSilicone RubberSilicone Rubber Lead WireSilicone VarnishSleevingSpacer TapeSpiral Wrap SleevingSquare Formed WedgesSquare WireStove MicaSulfur-Free Linen PaperTedlar FilmTeflon FabricTeflon RodsTeflon SheetTeflon TubingTFTTie-CordTopstick WedgesTransformer BoardTubingTying CordUntreated FiberglassVarnished CambricVarnished GlassVinyl Coated SleevingVulcanized FiberWedgesWire Markers

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    Albedo 100Reflective SprayInvisible BrightHorse and PetsPermanent Metallic

    PerformixVLP Vinyl / Leather RepairSuper Grip Fabric - CoatingRe-Rack (Grey and White)

    CSL CoatingsAnti-Graffiti CoatingAnti-Corrosion Coating

    FloLogicValve System 3 .5Optional RelaysCommunication CablesPower Supply Cables

    Flagging TapeArctic Tuff Flagging TapeBioSurv Flagging TapePolySurv Flagging TapeQuik-Tear Flagging Tape

    AccessoriesAnd EquipmentsEarlex Spray StationCanGun1

    Xmark Protective MaterialsAdhesive Foot TracksBlack Diamond Anti-skid FoamBreathable Carpet ProtectionBreathable FloorlinerCarpet Floor RunnerCarpet ProtectionCarpet Tape DispenserConstruction BoardFloor PeelFoam TapeHard Surface FloorlinerHard Surface ProtectionHardwood Floor RunnerHousewrapLaminated PaperboardReusable Appliance PadReusable Floor ProtectionReusable Jamb ProtectionReusable ProtectionRoof UnderlaymentRubberized PaperShoe CoversStair CoverStatic SheetingTub CoatWindow Coat

    Guard IndustriesImperialGuardProtectGuardGuard Tech RemoverGuard Slip ResistantGuard RemoverGuard Hardener

    Elipse Respirator SystemsRespirator MasksReplacement Filters

    Plasti Dip (Liquid, Aerosol, UV)Available Colours:BlackBlack CherryBlaze BlueBlaze GreenBlaze OrangeBlaze PinkBlaze PurpleBlaze YellowBlueCamo BlackCamo BrownCamo GreenCamo TanClearClear GlossGlossifierGreen/Blue ChameleonGun MetalCopper Metalizer Gold MetalizerSilver MetalizerPearlizerRedSatinizerSmokeTangerine OrangeTurquoise/Silver ChameleonWhiteYellow

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    AAeroshellAlbedo100AOS Thermal CompoundsArnoAtkins & Pearce

    BBacon Industries IncBerry PlasticsBostikBrady

    CCanthermCarolina NarrowChemetall-OakiteChemtronics

    DDevconDow CorningDowthermDu Pont- NomexDunbar Products

    EElantasElipseEmerson & CumingEpoxy TechnologyEssex Group



    HHumiSealHuntsman International

    IInsultabIntertape Polymer Group


    LLiquid RubberLoctiteLORD

    MMaryn InternationalMG ChemicalsMiller-StephensonMomentiveMulticore

    NNitto Denko CorporationNordson-EFDNovagard

    PPacer TechnologyPepperl+FuchsPerformixPermatexPlasti DipPro-Vent

    RRoycoRchling Glastic

    SSaf-T-LokSaint-GobainScapaSchneider-ElectricShurtapeSi-CoatSmooth-OnStatomixSulzer Mixpac

    TtesaThe Great Tape CompanyThinkyTorque SealTuck Tape

    VVon Roll




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