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1 TRANSMISSION CORPORATION OF TELANGANA LIMITED BID DOCUMENT TENDER SPECIFICATION No. 03 / 2020 - 21 OF DE/TELECOM/MAMIDIPALLY. NAME OF THE WORK: Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on Maheshwaram Bonguluru 220KV line for interconnecting specified OFC fibers to Pharmacity data center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS Maheshwaram

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    Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on Maheshwaram – Bonguluru

    220KV line for interconnecting specified OFC fibers to Pharmacity data

    center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS Maheshwaram

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    I Salient Features of the Bid 3

    II General Terms and Conditions of


    4 to 11

    III Technical Specifications 12 to 16

    IV Qualification Requirements 17

    V Sample Forms 18 to 23

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    Specification No. : 03 /2020-21 OF DE/TC/MAMIDIPALLY.

    Name of the Work : Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on

    Maheshwaram – Bonguluru 220KV line for

    interconnecting specified OFC fibers to

    Pharmacity data center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS


    Officer to whom the bid will be : The Divisional Engineer,

    addressed Telecom, TSTRANSCO,


    Schedule Available Date : From 28-12-2020.

    Bid Submission closing : 18.01.2021 at 14:00 Hrs

    Date & time

    Date of Opening of Tender : 18.01.2021 at 16:00 Hrs.

    Bid Security to be paid : DD worth rupees equal to 2.5% on quoted

    value, should be drawn in favour of

    SE/ Telecom /Metro /TSTRANSCO/ Hyderabad

    payable at Hyderabad.

    Bid cost to be paid : DD worth Rs.590/- should be drawn in favour

    of SE/ Telecom /Metro /TSTRANSCO/ Hyderabad

    payable at Hyderabad.

    Superscription on the bid cover

    a. Specification No. b. Due date and time for submission c. Date and time of opening d. Bid Cost particulars e. Payment of bid security

    i. If paid give details : DD No....... …,dt…......… for Rs. …………….

    ii. Mention if permanent bid security is available

    iii. If exempted give details

    f. Whether 90 days validity offered ………. (yes/no). g. Whether bid is made accepting payment terms Clause … (yes/no) h. Whether delivery is as per delivery schedule indicated . (yes/no)

    The Bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms and technical specifications in

    the bidding documents. Failure to furnish all information required by the bidding documents or

    to submit a bid not substantially responsive to the bidding documents in every respect will be at

    Bidder’s risk and may result in the rejection of its bid.


    TELECOM, 400KVSS, Mamidipally,HYDERABAD.

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    This specification covers Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on Maheshwaram –

    Bonguluru 220KV line for interconnecting specified OFC fibers to Pharmacity data

    center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS Maheshwaram

    2 Cost Associated with Bidding:

    The Bidder will bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of bid, and the

    TSTRANSCO, will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the

    conduct or outcome of the bidding process.

    3 Documents constituting the Bid:

    The bid prepared by the Bidder will comprise the following components:

    i. A Bid Form and Price Schedule completed in accordance with Clause

    No. 4 and 5.

    ii. Documentary evidence establishing that the Materials / equipment and ancillary

    services to be supplied by the Bidder are as per the Technical specification of the

    bidding documents; and

    iii. Bid Security in accordance with Clause No.11. iv. Tax clearance certificate.

    All the schedules will be duly filled but not necessary in the sheets attached to the

    specification.Unless full details required in the schedules are furnished the Bids will be

    liable for rejection.

    4. BID FORM:

    The Bidder will complete the Bid form and the appropriate Price Schedule furnished in

    the bidding documents.

    5. Bid prices:

    5.1 The prices quoted will be Firm and in Indian rupees only. Bids will be called for with

    prices ,GST and other legally permissible duties and levies wherever applicable,

    handling charges to cover the transport by road to site, unloading at destination, for

    Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on Maheshwaram – Bonguluru 220KV line for

    interconnecting specified OFC fibers to Pharmacity data center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS


    5.2. Even though composite price is given the break-up for all the duties, GST, taxes, freight,

    packing and forwarding, Testing, Installation & Commissioning etc., will be furnished.

    6. Variable prices & price variation basis:

    The prices shall be quoted on firm basis only.

    7. Taxes and Duties

    7.1. A bidder will be entirely responsible for quoting the correct taxes and duties, other local

    taxes or levies if any, license fees, etc., he has to incur until completion of the contract.

    For the purpose of evaluation the bidder should clearly indicate the Excise Duty, GST

    and any other taxes and levies payable in the respective columns provided in the price

    schedule. Failure to furnish the details as prescribed in the price schedule will be loaded

    as indicated in the evaluation criteria.

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    7.2. If the rates of statutory levies assumed by the Bidder are less than the actual rates

    prevailing at the time of bidding, the Assigner will not be responsible for such errors. If

    the rates of statutory levies assumed by the Bidder are later proved to be higher than the

    actual / correct rates prevailing at the time of bidding, the difference will be passed on to

    the credit of the Assigner.

    8. Statutory Variations:

    Any variation up or down in statutory levy or new levies introduced after signing of the

    contract under this specification will be to the account of TSTRANSCO provided that in

    cases where delivery schedule is not adhered to by the contractor and there are upward

    variation / revision after the agreed delivered date the contractor will bear the impact of such

    levies and if there is downward variation / revision the TSTRANCO will be given credit to

    that extent.

    9. Documents Establishing Bidder’s Eligibility and Qualifications:

    The Bidder will furnish as part of its bid, documents establishing the bidder’s eligibility to

    bid and its qualification to perform the contract if its bid is accepted.

    The documentary evidence of the bidder’s qualifications to perform the contract if its bid is

    accepted will establish to the Assigner’s satisfaction .

    a) That the bidder has the financial, technical and production capability necessary to perform

    the contract.

    b) That the bidder meets the qualification criteria listed in section IV In addition the bidder

    may furnish full particulars regarding execution of similar type works in question made so

    far to TSTRANSCO and to other reputed utilities during the last five years.

    10. Documents establishing conformity about OFC works execution to bidding documents.

    The bidder will furnish as part of its bid, documents establishing conformity to the bidding

    documents about 24F OPGW OF Cable works execution, which the Bidder proposes to

    execute under the Contract.

    The documentary evidence of conformity of the 24F OPGW OF Cable services executed to

    bidding documents may be in the form of literature, drawings, and data, and will consist of:

    a) a detailed description of the 24F OPGW OF Cable works executed

    b) the bidder should specifically mention about furnishing the test certificates and a

    specimen form of test certificate should be furnished along with the bid

    c) a list giving full particulars, including available sources and special tools etc.,

    necessary for the proper execution of the work entrusted by the Assigner;

    11 Bid Security

    11.1. The Bidder will furnish, as part of its bid, a Bid Security for an amount of 2½ % of the total

    estimated price offered against the bid or the amount specified by theTSTRANSCO. This

    amount should be paid by way of a crossed demand draft drawn on any schedule bank in

    favour of the SE/ Telecom/ Metro/ Hyderbad and payable at Hyderabad. The crossed DD

    should invariably be furnished along with the bids. Alternatively the bidders may furnish a

    B.G. in original in lieu of DD as per the proforma attached. Fax / photocopies of the bid

    security will not be accepted and will be rejected.

    11.2 The fact of having enclosed bid security by DD/B.G along with the bid or the fact of the

    bidder having permanent bid security should be clearly superscribed on the bid envelope.

    Bids, which do not have the above superscription, will be rejected and returned to the

    respective bidders unopened.

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    11.3 Unsuccessful Bidders' Bid Security will be discharged or returned as promptly as possible

    but not later than thirty (30) days after the expiration of the period of bid validity prescribed

    by the TSTRANSCO.

    11.4 The successful Bidder’s Bid Security will be discharged upon the Bidder signing the

    contract and upon submission of the performance guarantee.

    11.5 The Bid Security may be forfeited:

    a) if a Bidder: i Withdraws its bid or alters its prices during the period of bid validity specified by the

    Bidder on the Bid Form, or

    ii. Does not accept the correction of errors; or iii. Offers post Bid rebates, revisions or deviations in quoted prices and / or conditions

    or any such offers which will give a benefit to the Bidder over others will not only

    be rejected outright but the original Bid it self will get disqualified on this account

    and the Bidder’s BID SECURITY will be forfeited.

    b) In the case of a successful Bidder, if the Bidder fails:

    i To sign the contract in accordance with Clause No. 24.

    ii. To furnish performance security in accordance with Clause No.25.

    11.6 In case where the Bid Cover Contains superscription of having furnished Bid Security by

    way of DD/BG but if the same is not found within, such Bids will be rejected and bidder

    will run the risk of being banned.

    12. Period of validity of bids.

    Bids will remain valid for the period of ninety (90) days from the date of bid opening

    prescribed by the TSTRANSCO. A bid valid for a shorter period will be rejected. The

    bidders should clearly superscribe on the sealed envelopes of the bids about the validity.

    Bids not containing superscription of validity will be rejected and returned unopened.

    13. Tax clearance certificates:

    Copies of Income Tax, Sales Tax, GST and Turnover Tax certificates for the latest period

    from the appropriate authority will invariably be enclosed to the bid. In the case of

    proprietary or partnership firm it will be necessary to produce the certificate / certificates for

    the proprietor or proprietors and for each of the partners as the case may be. If the Bidder

    has already produced the certificate during the calendar year in which the bid is made, it

    will be sufficient, if particulars are given in full.

    14. Service Conditions

    14.1. The equipment / materials offered will be entirely satisfactory for operation under the

    climatic conditions indicated below:

    a) Maximum ambient air temperature (in shade) 45 deg.C

    b) Maximum ambient air temperature (under sun) 50 deg.C

    c) Maximum daily average ambient air temperature 35 deg.C

    d) Maximum yearly average ambient air temperature 30 deg.C

    e) Maximum humidity 100%

    f) Altitude above M.S.L. Up to 1000 M

    g) Average No. of thunder storm days per annum 50

    h) Average No. of dust storm days per annum Occasional

    i) Average No. of rainy days / annum 90

    j) Average Annual Rain fall 925 mm

    k) Normal tropical monsoon period 4 months

    l) Maximum wind pressure 150 kg/Sq. M

    14.2 Due consideration will be given to any special devices or attachments put forward by the

    Bidder which are calculated to enhance the general utility and the safe and efficient

    operation of the equipment / material.

    15. Sealing and Marking of Bids.

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    15.1 The sealed cover as well as the outer envelope should be superscribed as Given in the sailent

    features of the bid.

    15.2 The Bidder will invariably complete the Bid in full. Details to be furnished by the bidder

    and schedule of prices attached to the specification and enclose the same to the bid without


    15.3 The time of actual receipt in the office only will count for the acceptance of the bid and

    either the date of bid, date stamp of post office or date stamp of any other office will not

    count. The TSTRANSCO will not be responsible for any postal or any other transit delays.

    16 Late Bids

    Any bid received by the Assigner after the deadline for submission of bids prescribed by the

    Assigner will be rejected and returned unopened to the Bidder.

    17. Opening of Bids by the Assigner.

    17.1. The Assigner will open all the bids meeting above criteria in the presence of Bidders’

    authorized representatives who choose to attend, at the time, on the date, and at the place

    specified. The representatives who are present will sign a register evidencing their


    17.2. The Bidders’ names, bid prices, discounts, and the presence or absence of requisite Bid

    Security and any other details the Assigner, at its discretion, may consider appropriate, will

    be announced at the opening.

    17.3. Bids that are not opened and read out at bid opening will not be considered further for

    evaluation, irrespective of the circumstances.

    18. Preliminary Examination

    The Assigner will examine the bids to determine whether they are complete, whether any

    computational errors have been made, whether required sureties have been furnished,

    whether the documents have been properly signed, and whether the bids are generally in


    19. Evaluation and Comparison of Bids.

    The bid may be rejected for the following reasons:

    1. Not in the prescribed form

    2. Insufficient bid security or bid not accompanied by the required bid security or proof

    of permanent bid security / exemption and specification Cost.

    3. Bids not properly signed

    4. Bids without Bid Cost/Bid Security.

    5. The bidder is a vendor who is banned from further business transactions and the

    period of ban is still in force.

    6. Bid received after the due date and time.

    7. The bid is through telegram or fax.

    * Bids will be examined for completeness and for any computational errors.

    * The Assigner’s evaluation of a bid shall take into consideration one or more of the following


    a) Execution time offered in the bid; b) Deviations in payment schedule from that specified in the general terms and

    conditions of the contract and technical deviations.

    c) Other specific criteria indicated in the Bidding documents.

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    20. Award Criteria;

    The Assigner will award the contract to the successful Bidder/Bidders whose bid has / have

    been determined to be substantially responsive.

    Negotiation if necessary would be held limiting to L4 only and specified quantities will be

    ordered on different firms to meet the requirements of the TSTRANSCO.

    However it is not binding on TSTRANSCO to accept the lowest or any other Bid. It

    reserves the right to place orders on different Bidders.

    21. Assigner’s Right to Vary Quantities at Time of Award

    The Assigner reserves the right at the time of contract award to increase or decrease the

    quantity of services originally specified in the Schedule of Requirements without any

    change in unit price or other terms and conditions.

    22. Assigner’ Right to Accept Any Bid and to Reject any or All Bids.

    The Assigner reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annul the bidding process

    and reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability

    to the affected Bidder or Bidders. The Assigner will inform the affected bidder / bidders of

    its reasons.

    23. Notification of Award.

    Prior to the expiration of the period of bid validity, the Assigner will notify the Successful Bidder in writing by registered letter or by cable, to be confirmed in writing by registered

    letter, that its bid has been accepted.

    The notification of award will constitute the formation of the contract.

    Upon the successful Bidders’ furnishing of the performance security, the Purchaser enters

    into contract with successful Bidder / Bidders. The Assigner will notify each unsuccessful

    Bidder and will discharge its Bid Security.

    24. Signing of Contract:

    The Assigner notifies the successful Bidder that its bid has been accepted. Within 15

    (fifteen) days of receipt of notification of award of Contract, the successful Bidder will sign

    and date the contract. Failure to comply with this stipulation will entail cancellation of the

    contract besides forfeiture of the bid security.

    25. Performance Security:

    Within Fifteen (15) days of receipt of the notification of Contract award. The successful

    Bidder will furnish to the Assigner the performance security for an amount 5% of the

    contract value for proper fulfillment of the contract, which will include the warranty period,

    and completion of performance obligations including warranty obligations. The

    performance security will cover 60 days beyond the date of completion of performance

    obligations including warranty obligations.

    In the event of any failure in the executed work, the rectification works has to be carryout

    during the warranty period.

    The proceeds of the performance security will be payable to the Purchaser as compensation

    for any loss resulting from the Contractor’s failure to complete its obligations under the


    The performance security will be…

    a) A bank guarantee issued by a scheduled bank acceptable to the Assigner, in the form provided in the bidding documents.

    b) A banker’s Cheque or crossed DD or Pay Order payable at the Head quarter of the Assigner in favour of the Assigner drawn on any scheduled bank.

  • 9

    The performance security will be discharged by the Assigner and returned to the Contractor

    not later than sixty (60) days after the expiry date.

    Failure of the successful Bidder to comply with the above requirement will entail

    cancellation of the award and forfeiture of the Bid Security.

    In cases where the performance security is not yet paid,the bid security will be forfeited and

    the balance to make up the performance security deposit will be deducted from pending

    payments, if any, due to the Tenderer from TSTRANSCO on other orders. In addition, the

    company will also become liable for being blacklisted by TSTRANSCO.

    26. Execution:

    The date of completion of work will reckoned from the date of commencement of work.

    27. Inspections and tests:

    (i) The respective site Engineer in Charge will inspect the material & tools utilized before

    execution of work. The work shall be carried out only after obtaining approval from the

    concerned Engineer which comply with the specification.

    ii) The inspection and acceptance of any quantity of materials will in no way relieve the

    contractor of its responsibility for meeting all the requirements of this specification and

    will not prevent subsequent rejection if such materials are later found to be defective.

    iii) The contractor will give advance intimation to enable the Assigner to depute his

    representative for witnessing the work of Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on

    Maheshwaram – Bonguluru 220KV line for interconnecting specified OFC fibers to

    Pharmacity data center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS Maheshwaram

    iv) Should any inspected or tested materials / equipment & tools fail to conform to the

    specification, the Assigner may reject the materials and contractor will either replace the

    rejected materials or make alterations necessary to meet specifications requirements free

    of costs to the Assigner.

    28. Name Plate:

    Equipment should be provided with name plate giving full details of manufacture, capacities

    and other details as specified in the relevant ISS or other specification stipulated.

    29. Transportation:

    The contractor is required under the Contract to transport the Materials / equipment to a

    specified place of destination , transport to such place of destination, including insurance

    and storage, will be arranged by the contractor, and the related costs will be included in the

    Contract Price only.

    30. Warranty:

    30.1. The contractor will warrant for the executed work for a minimum period of

    12 months from the date of completion of the work.In the event of any failure in the

    executed work, the rectification works has to be carried out during the warranty period with

    free of cost to the Assigner.

    30.2. The contractor warrants that the Materials/ equipment supplied under the Contract are new,

    unused of the most recent or current models, and that they incorporate all recent

    improvements in design and materials unless provided otherwise in the Contract. The

    contractor further warrants that all Materials / equipment supplied under this contract will

    have no defect, arising from a design.

    30.3. All the material will be of the best class and will be capable of satisfactory operation in the

    tropics under service conditions indicated in clause 14.1 without distortion or deterioration.

    30.4. The entire designs and construction will be capable of withstanding the severest stress likely

    to occur in actual service and of resisting rough handling during transport.

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    30.5. The Assigner will promptly notify the contractor in writing of any claims arising under this


    30.6 “Upon receipt of such notice, the Contractor will within 15 days rectify the problem, free of cost at the ultimate destination. No claim whatsoever will lie on the Assigner for the

    rectified work thereafter”.

    30.7. If the contractor, having been notified, fails to remedy the defect(s) within the above period,

    the Assigner may proceed to take such remedial action as may be necessary, at the

    Contractor’s risk and expense duly deducting the expenditure from subsequent bills / bank

    guarantee and without prejudice to any other rights which the Assigner may have against the

    contractor under the contract.

    31. Payment

    31.1. Unit rate per installation of fiber optic cable shall interalia includes all related works by

    activities including associated accessories, tools and tackles, machinery etc., The BOQ in

    the price schedule indicates the total fiber optic route length where fiber optic cable shall be

    installed. Accordingly, unit rate shall include all working allowances and wastage hardware

    and accessories requires for installation of optical fiber cable. The owner/emplyer shall not

    entertain any claim or payment towards installation of hardware/accessories any additional

    length of cable for working allowances on wastage etc., The payment shall be made on

    prorate based and actual fiber optic route length executed including cable service loops by

    excess cable as stipulated above.

    95% payment will be made within 45 days reckoned from the date of successful completion

    of the work specified in the Schedule of Requirment certified by the concerned Asst.

    Divisional Engineer/Telecom in Charge and Counter Signed by the Divisional

    Engineer/Telecom Concerened. The balance 5% will be released against submission of

    DD/Bank guarantee covering the performance guarantee period of 12 months reckoned from

    the date of completion of the work.

    31.2. The 100% payment mentioned above is subject to on submission of performance security as

    per Clause 25 by the contractor.

    31.3. The performance guarantee to be executed in accordance with this specification will be

    furnished on a stamp paper of value Rs.100/-. The Bank Guarantee will be extended if

    required suitably in accordance with the provisions of clause No.25.

    31.4. If the contractor has received any over payments by mistake or if any amounts are due to the

    TSTRANSCO due to any other reason, when it is not possible to recover such amounts

    under the contract resulting out of this specification, the TSTRANSCO reserves the right to

    collect the same from any other amount and / or Bank Guarantees given by the company

    due to or with the TSTRANSCO.

    31.5. When the contractor does not at any time, fulfill his obligations in rectifying etc. in part or

    whole promptly to the satisfaction of the TSTRANSCO Officers, the TSTRANSCO

    reserves the right not to accept the bills against subsequent dispatches made by the

    contractor and only the contractor will be responsible for any demurrages, wharfages or

    damage occurring to the consignments so dispatched.

    32. Penalty for Late Completion

    In case of delay in completion of works, whateverbe the reasons, the Assigner will, without

    prejudice to its other remedies under the Contract, deduct from the Contract Price, as

    liquidated damages, a sum equivalent to 0.5% per week or part thereof for the portion of

    works not completed, subject to a maximum of 5% of the total value of the contract. Once

    the maximum is reached the Assigner may consider termination of the contract.

    The Successful Completion of work certified by the concerned ADE/Telecom will be taken

    as the date of completion of work. The subjected work are not confirming to the

    specification would be treated as uncompleted. For penalty, the number of days would be

    rounded of to the nearest week and penalty calculated accordingly. The penalty specified

    above will be levied and would be adjusted against subsequent pending bills.

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    33. Termination for Default

    The Assigner, without prejudice to any other remedy for breach of contract, by

    written notice of default sent to the Contractor, may terminate this Contract in whole or in


    i. If the contractor fails to execute the work within the period(s) specified in the

    Contract, or within any extension thereof granted by the Assigner.

    ii. If the contractor fails to perform any other obligations under the contract.

    iii. If the contractor, in the judgment of the Assigner has engaged incorrupt or

    fraudulent practices in competing for or in executing the contract.

    In the event the Assigner terminates the Contract in whole or in part, the Assigner may

    execute the work, upon such terms and in such manner, as it deems appropriate services

    similar to those undelivered, and the contractor will be liable to the Assigner for any excess

    costs for such similar Services. However, the Contractor will continue performance of the

    contract to the extent not terminated

    34. Jurisdiction

    All and any disputes or differences arising out of or touching this contract will be decided by

    the Courts or Tribunals situated in Assigner's Headquarters only. No suit or other legal

    proceedings will be instituted elsewhere.

    B. RAVI



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    on Maheshwaram – Bonguluru 220KV line for interconnecting specified OFC

    fibers to Pharmacity data center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS Maheshwaram


    The Intent of this specification is Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on Maheshwaram

    – Bonguluru 220KV line for interconnecting specified OFC fibers to Pharmacity data

    center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS Maheshwaram

    The bidder can do survey for the above locations to assess exact quantity and type of

    hardware fittings required for laying of OPGW Cable prior to the submission of the bids

    without any additional financial commitment to TSTRANSCO. It is the total responsibility of

    the bidder to assess the quantity of hardware fittings required and quote for fulfilment of the

    project on turnkey basis. The bidder shall do survey for any unavailble information on laying

    of 24F OPGW Cable and ascertain the exact quantity of hardware fittings required before

    submission of the bid. The bidder is total responsible for execution of the project in all

    aspects. Any additioanl financial proposal at a later date during execution of the works is not

    acceptable once the bid is submitted and finalized and contract is awarded to the successful


    2.0 SCOPE OF WORK:

    2.1 The Scope of Work includes the following:

    Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on Maheshwaram – Bonguluru 220KV line for

    interconnecting specified OFC fibers to Pharmacity data center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS


    The work executed shall confirm in all respects to high standards of engineering, design

    and workman ship and shall be capable of performing in continuous commercial operation

    upto the Bidder’s guarantee, in a manner acceptable to the Assigner.

    2.1.1 The Bidder shall use his own tools & instruments for Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on Maheshwaram – Bonguluru 220KV line for interconnecting specified OFC fibers to

    Pharmacity data center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS Maheshwaram work as per the

    requirement. It is the total responsibility of the bidder for the safety of his staff and material

    and the bidder shall not cause any loss or damage to TSTRANSCO’s property and

    TSTRANSCO will recover the amount if any equal to such loss or damage from the


    2.2. Guarantee:

    The system shall be guaranteed for trouble free operation for twelve (12) months from the

    commissioning date. In case of failure within this period, the contractor shall rectify the

    problem at no extra costs to the Assigner.


    Routine tests shall be carried out for checking the Wideband connectivity between

    400KVSS Maheshwaram and 220KVSS Bonguluru to show that the Guaranteed

    performance figures are achieved and that the cable laying and associated acessories meets

    the requirement of this specification. The General particulars, and guarantees stated in

    Guaranteed Technical Particulars and the relevant ITU-T or equivalent Indian Standard shall

    be complied with.

  • 13

    3.1 The contractor shall be responsible for the following:

    Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on Maheshwaram – Bonguluru 220KV line for

    interconnecting specified OFC fibers to Pharmacity data center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS

    Maheshwaram work as per the requirement.


    4.1 Unless otherwise specified elsewhere in this specification the rating, performance and

    testing of the cables and accessories shall confirm to the latest revisions, available at the

    time of placement of order, of all relevant standards.


    The work to be executed against this specification shall be suitable for satisfactory

    continuous operation under the climatic conditions given in the section-II of the Spec.


    The contractor shall utilize his own test equipment & tools and accessories in Stringing of

    24F OPGW OFC cable on Maheshwaram – Bonguluru 220KV line for interconnecting

    specified OFC fibers to Pharmacity data center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS Maheshwaram




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    Stringing of 24F OPGW Fibre Optic Cable

    1. OPGW OF Cable Installation requirements

    OPGW cables shall be installed in live-line as well as off-line conditions. The tentative bill of quantities for

    both live- line as well as off-line OPGW cable stringing have been specified in the appendices and the actual

    quantities for both types shall be finalized during project execution after detailed survey.

    Supervision of Installation – The Contractor shall supervise the stringing at site as per the approved stringing

    procedure. Site visit for supervision shall be carried out as per instruction of Employer. However, the contract

    price shall be adjusted as per the actual requirement. The Supervision/Inspection work in Contractor’s scope

    shall mainly include inspection as per stringing procedure, proper location of drum site, installation of

    stringing blocks/pulleys, proper sagging, proper installation of hardware, proper tension as per Sag-Tension

    chart, provision of service loops of OPGW in jointing locations etc. Operating conditions

    Since OPGW shall be located at the peak of the EHT transmission line support structure, it will be subjected

    to Aeolian vibration, Galloping and Lightning strikes. It will also withstand for fault currents. Therefore, its

    electrical and mechanical properties shall be compatible to withstand for fault currents. Installation

    OPGW installed under off line as well as live-line condition, shall be generally in accordance with the IEEE

    Guide to the Installation of Overhead Transmission Line Conductors (IEEE STD. 524 with latest revisions),

    with additional instructions and precautions for fibre optic cable handling. The stringing procedure shall be

    submitted by the Contractor prior to stringing for Employer’s approval.

    The OPGW cable sections shall normally be terminated & spliced only on tension towers. In exceptional

    circumstances, and on Employer specific approval, cable may be terminated on Suspension towers, but in this

    case tower strength shall be examined to ensure that tower loads are within safe limits and if required,

    necessary tower strengthening shall be carried out by the Contractor. Hardware Installation

    The scope of supply of the optical cable includes the assessment, supply and installation of all required

    fittings and hardware such as Tension assembly, Suspension assembly, Vibration dampers, Reinforcing rods,

    Earthing clamps, Downlead clamps, splice enclosure etc. The Bidder shall provide documentation justifying

    the adequacy and suitability of the hardware supplied. The Contractor shall determine the exact requirements

    of all accessories required to install and secure the OPGW.

    The OPGW hardware fittings and accessories shall follow the general requirements regarding design,

    materials, dimensions & tolerances, protection against corrosion and markings as specified in clause 4.0 of

    EN 61284:1997 (IEC 61284). The shear strength of all bolts shall be at least 1.5 times the maximum

    installation torque. The OPGW hardware & accessories drawing & Data Requirement Sheets (DRS)

    document shall consist of three parts: (1) A technical particulars sheet (2) An assembly drawing i.e. level 1

    drawing and (3) Component level drawings i.e. level 2 & lower drawings. All component reference numbers,

    dimensions and tolerances, bolt tightening torques & shear strength and ratings such as UTS, slip strength etc

    shall be marked on the drawings.

    The fittings and accessories described herein are indicative of installation hardware typically used for OPGW

    installations and shall not necessarily be limited to the following:

    (a) Suspension Assemblies: Preformed armour grid suspension clamps and aluminium alloy armour rods/reinforcing rods shall be used. The suspension clamps shall be designed to carry

    a vertical load of not less than 25 KN. The suspension clamps slippage shall occur between

    12kN and 17kN as measured in accordance with type test procedures.

    The Contractor shall supply all the components of the suspension assembly including

    shackles, bolts, nuts, washers, split pins, etc. The total drop of the suspension assembly shall

    not exceed 150 mm (measured from the center point of attachment to the center point of the

    OPGW). The design of the assembly shall be such that the direction of run of the OPGW

    shall be the same as that of the conductor.

  • 15

    (b) Dead End Clamp Assemblies: All dead end clamp assemblies shall preferably be of performed armoured grip type and shall include all necessary hardware for attaching the

    assembly to the tower strain plates. Dead end clamps shall allow the OPGW to pass through

    continuously without cable cutting. The slip strength shall be rated not less than 95% of the

    rated tensile strength of the OPGW.

    (c) Clamp Assembly Earthing Wire: Earthing wire consisting of a 1500 mm length of aluminium or aluminium alloy conductor equivalent in size to the OPGW shall be used to

    earth suspension and dead end clamp assemblies to the tower structure. The earthing wire

    shall be permanently fitted with lugs at each end. The lugs shall be attached to the clamp

    assembly at one end and the tower structure at the other.

    (d) Structure Attachment Clamp Assemblies: Clamp assemblies used to attach the OPGW to the structures, shall have two parallel grooves for the OPGW, one on either side of the

    connecting bolt. The clamps shall be such that clamping characteristics do not alter

    adversely when only one OPGW is installed. The tower attachment plates shall locate the

    OPGW on the inside of the tower and shall be attached directly to the tower legs/cross –

    members without drilling or any other structural modifications.

    (e) Vibration Dampers: Vibration dampers type 4R Stockbridge or equivalent, having four (4) different frequencies spread within the Aeolian frequency bandwidth, shall be used for

    suspension and tension points in each span. The Contractor shall determine the exact

    numbers and placement(s) of vibration dampers through a detailed vibration analysis as

    specified in technical specifications. Vibration damper clamps shall be made of aluminium

    or aluminium alloy, shall support the dampers during installation and shall maintain the

    dampers in position without damage to the OPGW and without causing fatigue. Armour or

    patch rods made of aluminium or aluminium alloy shall be provided as required to reduce

    clamping stress on the OPGW. The vibration damper body shall be hot-dip galvanized mild

    steel/cast iron or shall be permanent mould cast zinc alloy.

    1.1.2 Fibre Optic Splice Enclosures (Joint Box)

    All splices shall be encased in Fibre Optic Splice Enclosures. Suitable splice enclosures shall be provided to

    encase the optical cable splices in protective, moisture and dust free environment. Splice enclosures shall

    comply with ingress protection class IP 66 or better. The splice enclosures shall be designed for the storage

    and protection of required number of optical fibre splices and equipped with sufficient number of splice trays

    for splice trays for splicing all fibres in the cable. No more than 6 fibres shall be terminated in a single splice

    tray. They shall be filled with suitable encapsulate that is easily removable should re-entry be required into

    the enclosures.

    Splice enclosures shall be suitable for outdoor use with each of the cable types provided under this contract.

    Splice enclosures shall be appropriate for mounting on transmission line towers above anti-climb guard levels

    at about 10 metres from top of the tower and shall accommodate pass-through splicing. The actual mounting

    height and location shall be finalized after Survey. Contractor shall be responsible for splicing of fibres and

    installation of splice enclosures. Optical Fibre Splices

    Splicing of the optical fibre cabling shall be minimized through careful contractor planning. There shall be no

    mid-span splices allowed. All required splices shall be planned to occur on tower structures. All optical fibre

    splicing shall comply with the following:

    (a) All fibre splices shall be accomplished through fusion splicing. (b) Each fibre splice shall be fitted with a splice protection sheath fitted over the final splice. (c) All splices and bare fibre shall be neatly installed in covered splice trays. No more than six

    (6) fibres shall be installed in each splice tray.

    (d) For each link, bi-directional attenuation of single mode fusion splices, shall not average more than 0.05 dB and no single splice loss shall exceed 0.1 dB when measured at 1550 nm.

    (e) For splicing, fibre optic cable service loops of adequate length shall be provided so that all splices occurring at tower structures can be performed at ground level.

    1.1.3 Optical Fibre Termination and Splicing

    Optical fibre terminations shall be installed in Fibre Optical Distribution Panels (FODP) designed to provide

    protection for fibre splicing of preconnectorized pigtails and to accommodate connectorized termination and

    coupling of the fibre cables. The contractor shall provide rack/wall mounted fibre optic distribution panels

    (FODPs) sized as indicated in the appendices and shall terminate the fibre optic cabling up to the FODPs. The

    location of FODP rack shall be fixed by the Contractor, with the Employer’s approval.

  • 16

    1.1.4 Service Loops

    For purposes of this specification, cable and fibre service loops are defined as slack (extra) cable and fibre

    provided for facilitating the installation, maintenance and repair of the optical fibre cable plant.

    (a) Outdoor Cable Service Loops: In – line splice enclosures installed outdoors and mounted on the utility

    towers, shall be installed with sufficient fibre optic cable service loops such that the recommended

    minimum bend radius is maintained while allowing for installation or maintenance of the cable to be

    performed in a controlled environment at ground level.

    (b) Indoor Cable Service Loops: FODPs shall provide at least three (3) metres of

    cable service loop. Service loops shall be neatly secured and stored, coiled

    such that the minimum recommended bend radius’ are maintained.

    (c) Fibre Units Service Loops: For all fibre optic cable splicing, the cable shall be

    stripped back a sufficient length such that the fan-out of fibre units shall

    provide for at least one (1) metre of fibre unit service loop between the stripped

    cable and the bare fibre fan-out..

    (d) Pigtail Service Loops: Connectorised pigtails spliced to bare fibres shall provide at least 1 metre of

    service loop installed in the FODP fibre organizer and at least one (1) metre of service loop to the

    couplings neatly stored behind the FODP coupling panels.

    (e) Fibre Service Loops: At least 0.5 metre of bare fibre service loop shall be provided on each side of all

    fibre splices. The bare fibre service loops shall be neatly and safely installed inside covered splice


    1.1.5 Methodology for Installation and Termination

    All optical fibre cable termination, installation, stringing and handling plans, guides and procedures, and

    engineering analysis (e.g. tension, sag, vibration etc.) shall be submitted to the Employer for review and

    approval in the engineering/design phase of the project, prior to establishing the final cable lengths for

    manufacture. Installation procedures including details of personnel and time required shall be documented in

    detail and submitted to Employer for approval. All installation practices shall be field proven and ISO


    All cable segments shall include service loops as specified in this specification. The maximum allowable

    stringing tension, maximum allowable torsional shear stress, crush strength and other physical parameters of

    the cable shall not be exceeded. The preventative measures to be taken shall be documented in details and

    submitted to Employer in advance of installation.

    Optical fibre attenuation shall be measured after installation and before splicing. Any increase in attenuation

    or step discontinuity in attenuation shall not be acceptable and shall constitute a cable segment failure. In the

    event of cable damage or any fibre damage, the complete section (tension location to tension location) shall

    be replaced as mid-span joints are not acceptable.

    Any or all additional steel work or modifications require to attach the fibre cabling to the overhead

    transmission/distribution line towers shall also be carried out by the contractor. It shall be the Contractors

    responsibility to provide adequate communications among all crew members and support staff to ensure safe

    and successful installations.




  • 17



    1. Supply & Service Record

    1.1 Bidders should have designed, supplied & developed as the case may be and tested &

    commissioned the similar work specified in the section V – Schedule of requirements in

    any one year (a continuous period of 12 months) within 5 years prior to the date of bid


    1.2 The similar work performed as in schedule of requirements shall be in satisfactory

    operation for atleast 1 year (a continuous period of 12 months) within 5 years prior to the

    date of bid opening.

    1.3 The supply and service record claimed by the bidder shall be supported by clientele

    certificates issued by a Senior Officer of the utility/ organization to which the equipment

    is supplied and commissioned.

    2 Bidders who meet the requirement stated at para (1) above, except for successful

    operation for one year can also participate in the bidding provided they have a valid on

    going association/collaboration with a firm who in turn completely fulfils the specified

    requirements. The Bidder shall furnish, along with his Bid, an undertaking jointly

    executed by the Bidder and the Collaborator for the satisfactory design, manufacture,

    testing and performance of the equipment/ material offered. Bidder shall also furnish

    documentary evidence for his collaborator meeting the qualifying requirements in the

    proforma enclosing performance certificates.

    3. The Bidder/ associates /consortium members should furnish a brief write up, backed with

    adequate data, explaining his available capacity (both technical and financial such as

    profit and loss statement, balance sheet and auditors reports of latest, Bankers certificate,

    credit facility, BG limits, solvency certificate etc.), for manufacture and supply of the

    required material, within the specified time of completion, after meeting all their current

    commitments. The Bidder / associates / consortium members should furnish certificates

    of Income Tax verification from the appropriate income tax authority.

    4. Even though the Bidders meet the above qualifying criteria, they are subject to be

    disqualified if they have

    i) made misleading or false representations in the forms, statements and attachments submitted in proof of the qualification requirements and/or.

    ii) record of poor performance such as not properly completing the contract,

    inordinate delays in supply completion, litigation history or financial failures etc.

    5 Bids not satisfying qualification requirements specified herein will be rejected.

    a. Not withstanding anything stated above, the Assigner reserves the right to asses Bidder's capability and capacity to perform the contract should circumstances warrant such as

    assessment in the overall interest of the Assigner.




  • 18



    1.1 BID FORM

    Date :

    TO: (Name and Address of Purchaser)

    Gentlemen and / or Ladies :

    Having examined the Bidding documents, the receipt of which is hereby duly acknowledged, we,

    the undersigned, offer to execute the work of ……………..


    (Description of work) in conformity with the said bidding documents for the sum of

    ……………………................................................................. (total bid amount in words and in

    figures) or such other sums as may be ascertained in accordance with the schedule of prices attached

    herewith and made part of this Bid.

    We undertake, if our Bid is accepted, to deliver the materials/ equipment in accordance with the

    technical particulars specified stringing of OPGW OF Cable with in the stipulated period fixed by

    the Assigner.

    If our Bid is accepted, we will obtain the guarantee of a bank in a sum equivalent to 5% of the

    Contract Price for the due performance of the contract, in the form prescribed by the Assigner.

    We agree to abide by this Bid upto …………....... (for the Bid Validity period) specified in Clause

    12 of Section II and it will remain binding upon us and may be accepted at any time before the

    expiration of that period.

    Until a formal contract is prepared and executed, this Bid, together with your written acceptance

    thereof and your notification of award, will constitute a binding contract between us.

    We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any bid you may receive.

    We certify/confirm that we comply with the eligibility requirements of the bidding documents.

    Dated this ………………. Day of ……………….. 2020.

    (Signature) (in the capacity of)

    Duly authorized to sign Bid for and on behalf of


  • 19


    NAME OF THE WORK: Stringing of 24F OPGW OFC cable on Maheshwaram – Bonguluru

    220KV line for interconnecting specified OFC fibers to Pharmacity

    data center of AIRTEL at 400KVSS Maheshwaram


    S.No Description Qty Unit Rate





    1 Laying of Optical Fiber Approach Cable in switch yards

    of 400KV, 220Kv and 132Kv (Including hardware) 0.4 KM


    Laying of 12F/24F OPGW Cable on 220KV & 400KV

    Lines (including Splicing & fixing of hardware


    0.891 KM


    Splicing charges for Ofc fibers laid iin offices at

    Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts existing in FODBs

    at 400KVSS Maheshwaram

    24 Nos

    4 Sub-Total

    5 GST@18% on S.No.4

    Grand Total (Rs.):

    Or Say:



    Signature of the Contractor TELECOM, 400KVSS, Mamidipally,HYDERABAD.

  • 20

    1.3 SCHEDULE – Bill of Materials



    1. Pease furnish bill of materials for each type of equipment.

    2. Make and type of each individual mounted/loose equipment to be supplied shall be

    indicated in the detailed bill of materials.


    1) Please note that for any short comings from that specified the bid price will be loaded at the unit price if given in unit price schedule or at the highest rates quoted for that item

    among other bids.

    2) Tenders without detailed Bill of materials are liable for rejection.

    Date: Witness Signature :

    1)Name &

    Address Name :

    Place: 2)Name &

    Address Status:

    Whether authorised attorney of

    bidding company

    Name of tendering company with


  • 21


    To: ………………………… (Name of Assigner)

    Whereas ………………………………........................................……….. (Name of Contractor)

    (hereinafter called “the contractor”) has undertaken, n pursuance of Contract No. ………. Dated

    ………….. 2020 to execute

    ……………......................................................................................(Description ofwork )

    (Hereinafter called “the Contract”).

    AND WHEREAS it has been stipulated by you in the said Contract that the Contractor will furnish

    you with a Bank Guarantee by a recognized Bank for the sum specified therein as security for

    compliance with the contractor’s performance obligations in accordance with the Contract.

    AND WHEREAS we have agreed to give the Contractor a Guarantee:

    THEREFORE WE hereby affirm that we are Guarantors and responsible to you, on behalf of the

    Contractor, up to a total of ………………………………….. ........................... (Amount of the

    Guarantee in words and Figures) and we undertake to pay you, upon your first written demand

    declaring the Contractor to be in default under the Contract and without cavil or argument, any sum

    or sums within the limit of ……………...................... ... (Amount of Guarantee) as aforesaid,

    without your needing to prove or to show grounds or reasons for your demand or the sum specified


    This guarantee is valid until the ……………day of …………2020.

    Signature and Seal of Guarantors


    Date ………………. 2020.

    Address ………………….

    NOTE: This will be executed on a Rs.100/- non-judicial stamp paper by a

    scheduled Bank.

  • 22


    Bidders shall furnish here a list of similar orders executed/ under execution for the last five years

    by him to whom a reference may be made by the Purchaser in case he considers such a reference


    Sl. No. Name of Client Value of Period of Name & Addresses

    & Description Order Supply & to whom reference

    of Order Commissioning may be made

    Name of the Firm :

    Signature of the Bidder :

    Designation :

    Date :