Transformational themes that will shake the world of healthcare improvement

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This is Helen Bevan's presentation for Session F1 at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, Paris 10 April 2014

Transcript of Transformational themes that will shake the world of healthcare improvement

  • Helen Bevan Chief Transformation Officer, Horizons Group @HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1 10 April 2014
  • The story Framing the future in the past and present story Five transformational forces that are changing the world Five ways to thrive and survive in the new world The future story @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Time present and time past Are both perhaps present in time future, And time future contained in time past. T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets 1936 @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • What was once A digital story for our time @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Here between the hither and the farther shore While time is withdrawn, consider the future And the past with an equal mind T.S Eliot, The Dry Salvages (1941) @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • the person next to you @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 Tell one of your own stories about change How does your past experience impact on your view of the future? @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OF CHANGE? 1. Change is happening at a faster rate @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1 AND is becoming more disruptive Source of image:
  • 2. New digital tools enable us to be in almost constant contact with almost everyone in the world @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OF CHANGE? @HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • 3. The increasingly complexity of the work environment is eroding hierarchical management structures/styles @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OF CHANGE? @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • 4. Work is changing: Complex work is getting more complex The pace of creative work is accelerating @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OF CHANGE?
  • 5. Creative processes are moving to the edges of our organisations @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OF CHANGE? @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Whilst back in the world of health and care... Many of the ways we go about improving health and care were designed in a different mindset for a different set of circumstances @@HelenBevan #[email protected]@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Some warnings The organizations that survive the future will be those that are capable of changing as fast as change itself Gary Hamel If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the change on the inside, the end is near Jack Welch @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • In the near future, the edges will be where almost all high-value work will be done in organizations. Organizational development and change management need to move to the edges, and quickly. Harold Jarche (2014) @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 Moving to the edge @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Source: @HelenBevan @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 Leading from the edge From the centre From the edge @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • 5 ways to lead from the edge - and thrive 1. Embrace disruption 2. Curate knowledge 3. Build bridges to connect the disconnected 4. Roll with resistance 5. It starts with me @@HelenBevan #[email protected]@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • 5 ways to lead from the edge - and thrive 1. Embrace disruption @@HelenBevan #[email protected]@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1 lc Source of image:
  • Hierarchy alone wont deliver the changes Source of image: ions-trolls-10-years-of-the-cipd-online- community @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 John Kotter: Accelerate! @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • is the new normal! By questioning existing ideas, by opening new fields for action, change agents actually help organisations survive and adapt to the 21st Century. Cline Schillinger Image by @@HelenBevan #[email protected]@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • @chagww @corprebels Across the world, the change agent movement Is exploding! @rebelsatwork
  • Valuing radicals @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 Huxley,defendingDarwins theoryofnaturalselection New truths begin as heresies @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Rock the boat, but stay in it! Walk the fine line between difference and fit, inside and outside Source: Debra Meyerson @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 Able to challenge the status quo when we see that there could be a better way Capable of working with others to create success NOT a destructive troublemaker Conform AND rebel We need @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Rebel or troublemaker? Troublemaker Rebel Complain Create Me-focused Mission-focused Anger Passion Pessimist Optimist Energy-sapping Energy-generating Alienate Attract Problems Possibilities Alone Together @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 Source : Lois Kelly @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Discussion Are you are a rebel or a troublemaker? What moves people from being radical to troublemaker? How do we prevent people falling out of the boat? @@HelenBevan #[email protected]@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Probably the largest simultaneous improvement initiative in the history of healthcare A disruptive case study @HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Aim: to create a mass movement of grass roots NHS staff and people who work with and use the NHS to pledge a simple act that can contribute to better patient care
  • It started with a tweet in June 2012! Young clinical leaders and improvement leaders started to talk about how they could improve care Damian Roland Stuart Sutton Helen Bevan @HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Probably the only winner of a global challenge to develop leaders in the corporate world that names Saul Alinsky and Marshall Ganz as major influencers @HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • NHS Change Day: vital statistics Nearly 750,000 pledges to take action 81 separate Campaigns 86 million twitter impressions 35,400 video views on YouTube and Vimeo 95,000 daily reach on Facebook @HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Insert Change Day film
  • Evaluating NHS Change Day Were evaluating intention (pledging), initiation (doing) and their outcomes (delivering) Were developing and testing new methods to show impact We want to build new theory of large scale change @HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Change Day is spreading. Australia Sweden N Ireland Denmark Canada Netherlands Saudi Arabia Finland.and many more @HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • 5 ways to lead from the edge - and thrive 2. Curate knowledge @@HelenBevan #[email protected]@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1 Source of image: John Curran
  • Finding things out and determining whats valid from whats just noise CURATION Its about identifying networks and communities and seeing where the nodes and ampliers sit Its about quality and coherence, not volume and mass Julian Stodd @@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Because theres a problem. Source of quote: Harold Jarche Source of image: Getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant Mitchell Kapor @@HelenBevan #[email protected]@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • A big challenge for improvement leaders Tacit knowledge is where the action is. Its the people with tacit knowledge who deliver the results Tacit knowledge is critical for large scale change ...but The only way tacit knowledge can be broadly shared is to turn it into explicit knowledge VERY difficult Few organisations succeed Gray D (2012) The Connected Company Source: Harold Jarche @@HelenBevan #[email protected]@HelenBevan #Quality2014 #f1
  • Tacit knowledge... best developed through conversations and social relationships Source of image: Harold Jarche @@HelenBevan #[email protected]@HelenBeva