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  • 1.PoweringTelecom TransformationDelivering Tangible Business Results

2. Transformation in vision and consciousnesswill automatically create favorable circumstances. 3. Transformation is a journey in a service led environment, driven by innovation, with a sharpfocus on customer needs.In the current fast paced communications industry, telecom service providers are under tremendous pressure, makingtransformation a business impetrative for survival.Telcos need to protect and grow their margins through improved efficiencies and productivity, hence they need to Be Agile Reduce time to market Reject the traditional approach of building everything from the bottom-up to build components that are reusable and sustainableSome of the key business issues of operators that Tech Mahindra can help bring a turnaround include: 1 4. Transformation Drivers Organisation ConvergenceThe transformation practice at Tech Mahindra provides the cornerstone of a holistic approach that helps manage,control and drive the change aligned to the telcos business priorities. It seamlessly enables next generation servicesand operational efficiencies coupled with cost optimisation.Tech Mahindra with its proven global expertise helps align people, processes and technology through best practicesand its broad portfolio of services. These services help achieve quick and measurable results.Mentioned below is the wide spectrum of offerings that ensures a smooth transformation journey, tailored to theservice providers requirement:Business & Operational Health CheckBusiness consulting services to assess key aspects and identify operational pain-pointsBusiness AlignmentServices to identify priorities in terms of business process re-engineering, system architecture modifications andvendor consolidation required to get to the target stateDesigning the Operations ModelServices to re-engineer and harmonise business processes to create a lean operating model aligned to the target stateCross Programme AlignmentServices to identify interdependent programmes and define a roadmap for the end-to-end transformationImplementation ServicesServices to design, build and operate the target systems, reuse existing systems and close unwanted systems to achievethe target state of transformationTransformation GoalsTech Mahindras transformation services portfolio focuses on five primary service areas within which it offers provenstandard-based solutions. These include:Revenue UpliftConvergence Customer ExperienceBusiness AgilityOperational Efficiency2 5. Revenue UpliftDemand for consistent and high service levels is at a rise and service providers are on the look out for emergingopportunities as the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is flattening. As the pace of business intensifies, the need forinnovative communications services becomes inevitable. To fully capitalise on these opportunities a re-evaluation ofthe way technology can be used to drive business results becomes imperative.Improved Operational EfficiencyGreater efficiency is a prime goal for all businesses, more so in the intensely competitive and rapidly changingcommunications sector. Greater operational efficiency translates into higher margins and boosts growth . TechMahindra with its offerings enables telcos to address the operational challenges and focus on their core business,resources and customers.Optimising and streamlining existing network operations and business processes is the key to reduce OPEX andimproving operational efficiency. Eradicating silos that isolate operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS),enable greater automation and centralise operations management. They also reduce integration, maintenance andoperational costs and speed up the time-to-market.Enhance Customer ExperienceCustomer experience has gained currency with falling revenues and intense competition from different telecomoperators. Tech Mahindra has been in the forefront of leading the change for its customers.Business AgilityResponsiveness to changing market dynamics and time to market is one of the most important aspects for any telco.Tech Mahindra provides the operator an advantage of standardised processes, pre-integrated BSS/OSS systems toaddress time to market pressures. This is further accelerated by the prevalence of the "Telco-in-a-box" solutions thathelp diminish the time, attention and resources dedicated by the telco.Reduced OpExToday networks are undergoing a dramatic transformation under the combined effect of factors ranging from demandfor additional capacity to convergence, towards Next-Generation Networks (NGNs).Telcos can take advantage of the investments made by Tech Mahindra in IT and network infrastructure to reduce theirup-front investment in a next-generation infrastructure. This will enable them quickly launch new services and gain acompetitive advantage. 3 6. The ClientRevenue UpliftThe client is a leading IPTV service provider in the United Kingdom providing digital terrestrial televisionchannels using a Freeview decoder and on-demand film, TV, sport, kids and music programming delivered viabroadband through a hybrid DTT/IP/PVR set top box also known as the Vision+ Box.Case SummaryThe client wanted to build converged solutions to enable personalised media experience for IPTV consumerson their handheld devices via real time access of on-demand content. CanvasM built, operated and managedthe trial environment, bundled with multitude of utility community and entertainment applications.BackgroundToday consumers are looking for personal mediaexperience access to content on their terms, targeted Tech Mahindra enabled the client at rich media mobile devices they carry. Service and to generate a great amount ofcontent providers are facing a challenge in creating anddelivering rich media bundles to consumers. The client additional revenue withwanted to enable personalised media experience for advertisers/brands paying fortheir existing IPTV consumers in collaboration with BBC mobile inventories for events, sponsored by them i.e. Paralympics WorldCup and London Grand Prix.Through its vision of media mobility, CanvasM has built,operated and managed trial environment topersonalise media experience for the clientsconsumers. This was done using Tu Vista Solutions thatdelivered media bundles to sports enthusiasts whodesire rich immersive experience at the sporting eventor when on the move.Tech Mahindra/CanvasM SolutionThe TuVista Software Solution is a near-live contentcreation, management and distribution softwaresolution that creates an exciting and unique experiencearound an event, such as a professional sports game, bydelivering rich media content before, during and afterthe event to users mobile devices.Designed as a complete, scalable, network and deviceagnostic software solution, it allows content providers,content distributors and communications service 4 7. Enabling Innovative VAS Solutions for a Tier 1 Operator in UK Business Needs Business BenefitsEnable personalised media experience for Personalised media experience for their existingconsumersIPTV consumersFacilitate on-demand access of content Created a platform for all its consumers to accessMonetise investments in telco infrastructure i.e.real time on-demand sports contentWi-Fi and 3G for eventsEnhanced consumer experience by offering newBuild cross domain eco-system comprising ofservices that fit their active lifestylemedia houses and advertisers Derived additional revenue as advertisers paid more for mobile inventoriesproviders to offer a Value-Added Service (VAS) to theirend-users. This end-to-end solution enhances theexperience of attending an event, enabling consumersto have additional, customised content and interactiveapplications delivered to their mobile devices.The solution helps event organisers build anticipationfor events by allowing end users to watch pre-eventvideos, view season schedules and club information,receive recorded messages from coaches or keyplayers, or vote on which team will win. It can alsoinclude game-day weather forecasts, assistance inlocating venue parking, seating, food and beverageservice upon arrival and purchase of tickets for futuregames.The solution allows event organisers to engageenthusiasts in new ways, such as viewing instantreplays from multiple camera angles; receiveannouncements such as injury reports; vote for themost valuable player; share pictures and videos; getcoupons for local shops and restaurants in the stadiumand ordering food and beverages, all on theenthusiasts personal device.The solution helps organisers reach beyond the venueallowing consumers to watch post-event videos andhighlights, send and share photos, videos or provideinformation on players, teams and leagues. Along withcreation of rich media content, the solution enablesbundling of ads for the brands: thus, generating newrevenue streams.5 8. Improved OperationalThe ClientThe client is a leading telecom operator in Philippines. As a pioneer, the client had launched 3G services in2006 which run in parallel with their 2G services. The client through their subsidiary company also provides Efficiencywire line services consisting of domestic, international leased lines & VPN networks among others. The clienthas a base of 20 m subscribers.Case SummaryThe client was facing service level issues and high operating costs due to decentralised fault alarm andperformance management. A centralised Network Operations Centre (NOC) to monitor network performanceand services was the solution. Tech Mahindra conceptualised, designed and built this centralised NOCincluding a disaster recovery site within budgeted investment and timeframe. Background The client is operating a telecom service network including wired and wireless network in various Tech Mahindra played a pivotalmarkets across the Philippines. The network comprises of 2G, 3G, VAS, transmission and IP equipment from role in improving operational over 15 different