Training and Development of Teachers in Private Schools

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Transcript of Training and Development of Teachers in Private Schools

  • 1. By: ROSALINA B. BUENDIA June 22, 2013

2. Who dares to teach must never cease to learn ~John Cotton Dana ~ 3. It is only in giving our best that teachers can possibly expect to bring out the best in our students. Be the best teacher you can be, and your rewards will come to you in the form of young hearts and young lives forever changed because of your influence. 4. They reveal hidden competency and capabilities. They enhance teachers' talents and skills. They give additional profit to the schools. They allow teachers to make more money. 5. Lectures => The programs are designed for the trained professional, providing continuing education to keep skills current and provide training on new initiatives. Team Building => Activities intended to encourage teamwork. Designed to encourage people to work cooperatively. 6. Webinar => A webinar is a shortened term that is a combination of the words "web-based" and "seminar." A webinar can be a lecture, a presentation of some kind, a workshop or an interactive meeting that is held on the Internet. By holding meetings in a webinar format, participants can interact with each other even when they may not be geographically close in proximity. Online Training Program =>These programs can be completed at the convenience of the educator, from the comfort of home. 7. It is very important to maintain a regular schedule of professional development for educators, as this field is always changing to meet the needs of both students and teachers.