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  • Thailand
    • Hannah, Sian and Lisa
  • Background Info
    • Total population of 65 million
    • In 1969, tourists numbers were only 469,000
    • In 2006 the number of tourists reached 11.5 million, higher than any other country in Asia Pacific region except China. 62% came from Asia and 25% from Europe
    • The growth has increased constantly since 1970, although there was a dip in the late 1990s when the country experienced a financial crisis
    • More recently tourist numbers have been affected by international terrorism, the 2004 tsunami, bird flu and the SARS
    • In 2007 tourism contributed to 6.7% of Thailands overall GDP
  • Relationship between international tourism and GDP per capita
  • Thailands main Attractions
    • Diving sites
    • Sandy beaches
    • Tropical Islands
    • Night Life
    • Archaeological sites
    • Museums
    • Hill Tribes
    • Bird Life
    • Palaces
    • Buddhist Temples
    • World Heritage Sites
    • Festivals eg. Phi Ta Khon in Dan Sai
  • Tourism Development Projects
    • International Advertising
    • Suvarnabhumi Airport
    • Eco Tourism Development and Wildlife Conservation
        • Kaeng Krachan NP
        • Tai Muang Marine National Park
        • Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport
    • Meaning Golden Land
    • Bangkoks main international airport
    • Worlds thirds largest single -building airport terminal
    • Handled 40.5 million passengers in 2009
    • Bangkoks airport re-opened on 4th December 2010
    • Costing an estimated $3.8 billion
  • Benefits of Tourism
    • Tourism has been Thailand's largest source of foreign currency since 1982.
    • At least one million Thais work in the tourist industry.
    • Many thousands more make a living producing and selling handicrafts to tourists.
    • Tourism brings international prestige to Thailand.
    • Earnings from tourism help to pay for improvements to Thailand's infrastructure - new airports in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, new highways, better water and sewage systems.
  • Problems with tourism
    • Many of the jobs in the tourist industry are low paid and low skilled.
    • Hotel construction along some stretches of coastline has denied access to local people.
    • It has also destroyed some wildlife habitats and natural vegetation.
    • Bad publicity can lead to a drop in tourist arrivals. Following a massacre of 50 students during a demonstration in 1992 the numbers of tourists dropped by 4%.
  • Thank you for watching
    • We hope you enjoyed it!
    • By Steph Nutman and Eilish MacLaren
  • Chinas main tourist attractions
    • Great Wall of China - There are more than 4 million tourists that visit The Great Wall each year
    • Forbidden City
    • Yangtze River
    • Terracotta Army
    • Silk Road
    • Temple of Heaven
    • Yellow Mountain
    • Li River
  • Outbound tourism
    • Over the last decade Chinese outbound tourism has increased rapidly.
    • In 2005 around 31 million travelled abroad and in total spent $15.2, thats about $500 per person.
    • At the moment only 2% of Chinas population have travelled abroad but it is estimated that in 2020 China will be the largest source of outbound tourism.
    • The increase of outbound tourism is thought to be caused by: rising disposable incomes, longer holidays, more interest in travel overseas and greater availabiliy of travel services and products.
  • OUTbound tourism At the start of 1993, there were only about 1-2 million outbound tourism. Within 10 years this number had increased to 21 million, nearly 7 10 times from before. The pink bars show the predicted figures for outbound tourism. In 2020 it is predicted that there will 100 million outbound tourists travelling out of China, this shows that in the future there will be more disposable income and easier access to other countries.
  • Inbound tourism As more tourists come into the country, theres a higher amount of revenue for China to use and to spend.
  • Chinas tourism development
    • Since China is such a cultural, old country most of the popular tourist destinations such as The Great Wall of China are historical and enriched with Chinas history. This means that any new tourist developments are approached with caution due to the surrounding landscape, so therefore makes it difficult to gain permission from the Chinese government. Another factor that may hinder development of new tourist projects are the natural hazards, for China suffers from many earthquakes.
  • Iceland
    • By Annie, Fatma and Nomi
  • Who visits Iceland? Visitors to Iceland are generally well off: The cost of living is high and there are budget airlines that fly to Reykjavik Icelands successful tourism industry is geared to a niche market: Relatively wealthy Europeans and North Americans with an interest in and concern for the environment and wildlife Similar groups of ecotourists can be found in places like Alaska, Patagonia, Costa Rica and the Himalayas. Given the relatively modest scale of tourism in Iceland and countries rugged landscapes, the ecological footprint of tourism is small and the industry is sustainable.
  • Icelands main tourist attractions
    • The Blue Lagoon in Iceland
    • The Blue Lagoon is certainly one of the most visited places in Iceland and that is because this body of water is considered to be one of the most supernatural on Earth. What to expect from the Blue LagoonThe Blue Lagoon it is a geothermal spa, all this time you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings that consist of amazing lava fields and unique black sandy beaches. The sea water comes to the lagoon from the wells that can be found 2000 m (6000 f) deep. The water is warm throughout the whole year never dropping below 36 C (100 F). The properties of this sea water (rich in mineral salt, silica and blue green algae) are excellent for providing you the relaxation you need. The silica has exfoliating properties having a revitalizing effect for your skin and the mineral salt is perfect for relaxing and balancing your body.
    • Nature reserves in Iceland Dorsmork
    • There are many nature reserves in Iceland and one of the most famous one is Dorsmork. On the way to one of the greatest nature reserves in Iceland Dorsmork you can also stop and check out the deserted fishing station at Selatangar, which is famous because it is one of the few of its kind left as an example of how people used to live in Iceland .This nature reserve is actually a valley and the landscapes here are truly breathtaking. If you visit the large valley of Dorskmork with its round fields, straight canyons and colourful flowers, you will truly understand why the place has been an inspiration for so many Icelandic artists. The whole place is surrounded by three majestic glacier peaks.
    • The West Fjords in Iceland
    • The West Fjords is actually a spectacular chain of mountains, this part of the country is 13 million years old. This is certainly the best place to visit for those who enjoy unspoiled nature. The mountains here are made by glaciers, which have dug up the fjords. By the end of ice age the glaciers started to melt, thus leaving the amazing mountains of The West Fjords. This region is the least populated in Iceland apart from the highlands. Seabirds, Arctic foxes and small villages, whose inhabitants have been fighting with the forces of nature for centuries provide life in the area.
    • Waterfalls in Iceland
    • Iceland s natural beauty is perfectly complemented by the numerous and almost magical waterfalls that are spread throughout the country. The northern waterfalls, such as Selfoss, Goafoss (God's Falls) and Aldeyjarfoss are very well known tourist attractions, yet they still manage to capture and retain the primordial magic that characterises any wild waterfall. The magnificent Dettifoss is also a wonder of nature and it is the most powerful European waterfall. The southern part of Iceland also has some extraordinary waterfalls, such as the Gullfoss ( Golden Falls ) Skgafoss, and Seljalandsfoss. The impressive Hifoss ( High Falls ) is a big hit with tourists, as it