Total Synergy 2013 client satisfaction survey results

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In October last year (2013) we sent out a client satisfaction survey to 780 of our clients. We had 234 responses – 30 per cent. This is a huge response. We’d like to share the results with you – read CEO Scott Osborne’s letter to our clients and check out the results infographic at

Transcript of Total Synergy 2013 client satisfaction survey results

  • CLIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY what our clients* said... Greg Hill Total Synergy NSW *234 architectural and engineering professionals who use Synergy software participated in this online survey in October 2013 (30% survey response). WEVE LISTENED... AND ACTED. THANKS TO ALL OUR CLIENTS WHO PROVIDED FEEDBACK AND HELP US TO CONTINUALLY IMPROVE. #MoreTimeForDesign A KNOWLEDGEABLE TEAM AND A TIMELY RESPONSE ARE HIGHLY VALUED. THE OUTCOME Clients who raised concerns in this survey were contacted by our management team. Our services team has been restructured; more experienced people are now on the helpdesk. Client visits will be conducted by experienced consultants. New internal processes implemented to help improve service delivery with visible improvements in call log response completions already. CLIENTS ARENT ALWAYS WILLING TO PAY EXTRA FOR INCREASED SERVICES. THE OUTCOME All product related webinars are now free for clients. Training videos are now available as part of help files. Annual client conference now professionally designed and produced on a national stage featuring original content based exclusively on client feedback. Periodic and subscription payments are now available to all clients. CLIENTS PREFER TO INTERACT WITH SYNERGY TEAM IN PERSON OR ON THE PHONE. THE OUTCOME We will start to proactively visit more clients in their offices. Consultants now available on-site and online (via phone and PC). Annual user conference redesigned to allow clients to have greater engagement with the entire Synergy team face-to-face. 54% female 56% male 96% YES ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH TOTAL SYNERGY? 80% YES WOULD YOU RECOMMEND SYNERGY SOFTWARE? 80% YES 30% RESPONSE RATE THE GENDER BREAKDOWN OF RESPONSES DEMOGRAPHICS OF RESPONSES IS SYNERGY IMPORTANT TO YOUR BUSINESS? 82% ARE SATISFIED WITH TOTAL SYNERGY PRODUCTS 66% ARE SATISFIED WITH TOTAL SYNERGY SERVICES NSW QLD NSW 44%NSW 44% QLD 27%QLD 27% WA 8%WA 8% VIC 13%VIC 13% SA 6%SA 6% ACT 2%ACT 2% NSW 44% QLD 27% VIC 13% ACT 2% WA 8% SA 6% Bloody Awesome!! Dare say that makes me a raving fan! The more I use the better I like and appreciate the software and its ability to save time and money. MANAGEMENT 24% EXECUTIVE 29%SUPPORT ADMIN, FINANCE, & IT 21% OTHER 21% PROFESSIONAL 7% RESPONDERS BY ROLE