Top 25 Direct Mail Marketing Resources

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Marketing Top 25 Direct Mail Resources
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Thinking about using direct mail to market your business but not sure where to start? View our top 25 direct mail marketing resources presentation for plenty of ideas!

Transcript of Top 25 Direct Mail Marketing Resources

  • Marketing Top 25 Direct Mail Resources
  • Theres a very good reason why direct mail is a crucial part of the marketing strategy for many local businesses it works! Weve all received unsolicited advertisements in our mailboxes. Inevitably, most of this advertisement will hit the trash bin.
  • for those businesses that can capitalize on the consumers notoriously short attention span with a compelling argument or design, even a 1% response rate will be profitable. However,
  • It doesnt require a gigantic marketing department or huge budget. Direct mailing is so popular amongst marketers because its inexpensive, but effective. You will need some tips to do it correctly, which is why weve created the Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail. Be sure to check that out. For now, heres a list of the top 25 resources to get you introduced to the power of direct mailing.
  • 1)Here's a powerful way to get your envelope noticed and opened By Jeff Brooks. Make that all-important first impression with your envelope. Pique interest with an envelope that stands out from the rest. Jeff shares some great ways to get your envelope noticed. 5
  • 2)The Direct Mail Envelope Quandary: Plain or Bold This is an oldie but a goodie. Similar to the one above by Jeff Brooks, this article discusses what type of design you should go for in your envelope package. Heres a hint: test.
  • 3)Direct Mail Testing -- A/B split and multi-variable testing Thats right. Testing is not optional. This article goes in depth about the how, what, when, and why of testing your direct mail campaign.
  • 4) By Roy Furr. Rob shares and expounds on an excerpt from Brian Kurtz about how direct mail can improve your marketing strategy. One of my favorite tips is the logic line, where your copy effectively guides the reader through the message. 9 Ways Direct Mail Will Make You a Better Marketer
  • 5)The 16 Best Lines in MarketingBy Jeffrey Dobkin. In this article, Jeffrey shares the best things to say on an envelope and inside the sales letter. Terms like free offer inside or satisfaction always guaranteed are sure to elicit a response.
  • 6)How to Choose the Right Direct Mail Mailing List By Joy Gendusa. Joy, from Postcard Mania, goes into detail on how to choose the right mailing list for your needs. According to Joy, there are 5 different types.
  • 7) Timing Is Everything: Improve Direct Mail Campaign Effectiveness If youre sending out time sensitive information over your direct mail, timing is critical. You wouldnt want your mail to arrive after the event has occurred, or the offer has expired. This article helps you strategize when timing is crucial.
  • 8)The Pros and Cons of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) By Ted Grigg. The Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is not for everyone. Ted helps you weigh the positives and negatives of this type of campaign, and why it may not be the most prudent choice for every business.
  • 9)How to Find the Right Mailing List By Craig Simpson. If youve ever embarked on the hunt for a mailing list, you know its a jungle out there. Craig goes over the best ways to find a mailing list that suits your purposes.
  • 10)10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Sales Leads By Grant Stanley. Grant gives readers a primer on how to easily buy sales leads. He also tackles the common dilemma on whether to rent or buy a sales list. This is a quick and must read before you seek out a list broker.
  • 11)When Should You Rent a Direct Mail List? Because mailing lists are a necessary part of your campaign, its important to truly weigh your options. Should you rent or should you buy? This article takes a look at the benefits and drawbacks of renting a mail list. MailList
  • 12)Direct Marketing List Brokers - How List Brokers Work Speaking of list brokers, this slide show gives you a concise overview about list brokers. In short, a list broker is a middleman between you and your mailing list.
  • 13)Why Cant I Mail It? - Postcards By Summer Gould. Ah, the United States Postal Service (USPS) and their exacting restrictions. Summer explains exactly what the USPS demands for postcards in this easy to consume guide.
  • 14)The 18 Timeless Direct Response Copy Motivators By Ted Grigg. Another offering by Ted Grigg, this is a list of Victor Schwabs list of copy motivators. If youre unfamiliar, Victor Schwab was one of the greatest copywriters of all time. His list, created in 1956, is still extremely relevant for us today.
  • 15)How Furniture Today Boosted Direct Mail Response by 500% By Ryan Cote. Ryan shares how his company helped Furniture Today increase the overall response rate for their campaign. I wont give it away, but its interesting how one design can influence buyer psychology.
  • 16)How to Make Images Work In Your Direct Mailing Campaign By James Ravetti. Most people are highly visual. James shares in his article how to leverage the visual medium without going overboard. Theres a fine balance between doing too many visuals and not doing enough.
  • 17)19 Steps to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign Timeline By Craig Simpson. In this article, Craig gives an outline of a successful direct mail campaign. Being able to see the all of the steps and the end goal can help you create your own effective strategy.
  • 18)Two Ways to Absolutely Guarantee Your Direct Mail Wont Work By Kevin Naughton. Here are a couple of things you dont want to do. Kevin underscores just how important it is to test. And then test again. In fact, testing is never over when it comes to a direct mail campaign. Not only that, you cant afford not to test.
  • 19)Over 200 Irresistible Direct Mail and Print Designs By Thorin McGee. In this article, Thorin shares videos from Trish Witkowski of In Fold of the week Youtube video series, Trish shows off different ways to fold mail.
  • 20)11 Direct Mail Marketing Secrets Would you like to know a secret? Of course you would! This article shares direct marketing tips from 11 members of the Young Entrepreneur Council. Make it lumpy is my favorite secret.
  • 21) 44 Brochure Designs to Inspire Your Own Projects Sometimes, you just need to be wowed by whats truly available. Heres a look at 44 brochure designs that are sure to excite you. Remember that when you send through the mail, USPS requires tabbing.
  • 22)10 Tips for Better Postcard Design By Saul Edmonds. Saul takes readers through his top 10 tips for creating the best postcard design. If youre doing your own postcard, this article is invaluable for understanding the best practices, such as where to place your logo and what type of composition works best.
  • 23)How to Make a Postcard in Photoshop By Kristi Maddox. Akin to the above article, Kristi gives you a step by step tutorial on how to make your postcard in Adobe Photoshop. Dont have access to Photoshop? You can download the cheaper Photoshop alternative, Gimp, and these steps will still apply.
  • 24)Do You Know Your Front End From Your Back End? By Rob Cornish. No, Robs not being rude, hes speaking in direct marketing lingo. This is a great primer for understanding front end and back end in relation to sales.
  • 25)15 Powerful Psychological Secrets of Direct Mail Buyers By Dean Rieck. Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this fantastic series by Dean. It gives insight into motivating factors for your potential buyers. He expounds on simple truths like, people want to avoid risk and people are egocentric. Psychological Secrets
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