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The most creative and entertaining halloween costumes from 2014. You want to make sure you impress your friends, family, and anyone blessed enough to see you.

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  • 1. Ice Bucket Challenge CostumeThe campaign for ALS awareness has been hands down the Internets viral video of the year. This Halloween costume allows youto be trending without getting wet after all, summer is already over!

2. Tinder CostumeThe mobile application found the perfect algorithm between romance and human desire to rate other people! Lets be honest, whodoesnt love knowing (not so) random strangers for a drink and maybe good conversation? Great idea for groups as well! 3. IPhone 6 - Bendgate Edition CostumeApples newest release came with a part scandal part joke this time and we couldnt have enjoyed it more! Not saying it might notbe the best smartphone released so far by the company but the haters got a mouthful this time; success is guaranteed at anyHalloween party! And you can ask performance artist Yoppy for some tips, perhaps? 4. Luis Suarez BiteThe Uruguayan football player stood out at Brazils World Cup but not for the best reasons, we all know that. Still makes for a verytrendy Halloween costume idea, even better when combined with a vampire themed costume! 5. #Selfie of a #SelfieProbably the most used #hashtag of the year, perfect for the egocentric. So good that even popstar Beyonc had to makesomething of it and took the definitive of them all: the selfie of a selfie. The photo on her Instagram account has about 700K likesalready, a hit! Dont forget to be on top of your selfie game with our #UltimateSelfie guide! 6. The Apparently Kid CostumeAlright, this might be a little more difficult to pull off if youre not a 5 year old, but Im pretty sure everyone around will find youadorable! After becoming a YouTube hit and 16 million views later, apparently you wont have any problems with beingrecognized its just a matter of using the right words, apparently. 7. Dead King Joffrey (Game of Thrones)SPOILER ALERT on this one, though it should be not that great of a news now but the despicable young king from HBOsGame of Thrones is no longer with us, for the joy of millions of fans. 8. Mrs. Doubtfire (Or any Robin WilliamsTribute)The most iconic character of the late American actor is back on the trending list this year. After tragically leaving us last August,any tribute to the great comedian should be welcome on any Halloween party, specially the most famous ones like Mrs. Doubtfire,the aged Peter Pan from Hook, Patch Adams or Popeye. 9. Lobby Boy (Zero from Grand Budapest Hotel)Wes Andersons movie from 2014 has quickly become a classic, especially for the Indies. Grab your lobby boy hat and a coupleof drops of LAir de Panache and get ready to fulfill your role and anticipate the lack of drinks before the party gets parched. 10. Grumpy CatThough apparently this cute grumpy creature was born in 2013, it was just this year when the most adorable cat in the planet hasbecome an Internet star for good. Were all a bit grumpy cat deep inside, arent we? 11. Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesThe classic 90s TV cartoon is back on the big screen! Lots of 3D effects (and muscles!) later the four pizza-eating reptile brothersare in again for groups looking for Halloween costumes ideas. Bonus: You can even get a girl to play April! 12. Hunger Games CharactersOne of the most watched and read multimedia franchise trilogies from the past years is about to reach its climax with their finalepisode Mockingjay, split into two movies to be released in November 2014 & November 2015. Either dress as the heroicKatniss Everdeen, the extravagant Effie or the lovely Peeta, there are thousands of costume design ideas you can implement. 13. Mario KartIts never too late for a video game classic, especially when Nintendo released another great graphic adventure in Mario Kart 8,back in May of 2014. Choose your favourite character and start the race for the drinks table! Perfect for groups as well. 14. The Walking DeadWith season 5 of AMCs post-apocalyptic series about to start and Season 6 just announced, its the perfect time to get into theskin (not literally though!) of sheriffs Rick Grimes, Michonne or any of their friends. Im sure there will be lots of zombies aroundfor you to chase! 15. RocketmanAlright, so maybe this Halloween costume idea is not that related to 2014 as the previous ones, but its definitely one of the mostcreative and eye-catching of them all, isnt it? 16. BONUS: Mutant Spider DogProbably the best Halloween prank anywhere, but youre going to need a small dog for it. The idea and video created by the polishjoker SA Wardga achieved 30 million views in just the first hour of publication and its about to reach 100 million now, a bit morethan a month later. But be careful, this could really become spooky to some people!