Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008

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This list was compiled from the Top 10 Tools list shared by over 220 learning professionals worldwide at the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Transcript of Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008

  • TOP 100 TOOLS FOR LEARNING Compiled by Jane Hart Centre for Learning & Performance 2008 Technologies
  • About the Top 100 Tools List During 2008, over 220 learning professionals from around the world shared their Top 10 Tools for Learning. You can view their individual lists at uk/recommended/ From these lists I compiled the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008. You can view the entire list at Jane Hart is a Social Media uk/recommended/top100.html & Learning Consultant and Head of the Centre for I have also categorised the list into related tools to Learning & Performance Technologies. create Toolset for Learning 2009. This also shows the Top Tool in each category as well as the Top Free Tool (if different):
  • About the Tools Each tool page shows: Its ranking on the list in 2008, as well as its previous rankings in 2007 and Spring 2008 Tool or vendor logo 1 line summary of the tool Cost: FREE or commercial or both Availability: To download and install or hosted/online service More info: Link to the page at Centres website to find out more about the tool including what learning professionals think about it
  • 1 Delicious Social bookmarking tool Spring 2008: 1 2007: 2 Cost: Free Available: Hosted A place to store your bookmarks online, tag them and share them with your More info: colleagues and/or students.
  • 2 Firefox Web browser with extensions . Spring 2008: 2 2007: 1 Cost: Free, Open Source Available: Download Platform: Windows, Mac, The award winning browser is now available in its third Linux version, Firefox 3., an d there are thousands of More info: extensions to add to its functionality.
  • 3 Google Reader RSS reader Spring 2008: 3 2007: 7= Cost: Free Available: Hosted A web-based reader to More info: aggregate and manage all your news and blog (RSS) feeds in one place.
  • 4 Skype Instant messenger and voice call tool Spring 2008: 4 2007: 3= Cost: Free Available: Download Use it to have text and voice Platform: Windows and message conversations with Mac others who have Skype on their computers. More info:
  • 5 WordPress Blogging tool Spring 2008: 6 2007: 6 Cost: Free, Open Source Available: Hosted or Download A blogging platform that is free and easy to use. More info:
  • 6 Google Search Web search tool Spring 2008: 5 2007: 3= Cost: Free Available: Hosted A powerful web-based search engine, so to find any information, you just Google it! Link:
  • 7 Google Docs Office suite Spring 2008: 11 2007: 14 Cost: Free To create, store and share Available: Hosted documents, spreadsheets and presentations online, and where you can work on your own or More info: collaboratively.
  • 8 PowerPoint Presentation software Spring 2008: 7 2007: 5 Cost: Commercial Available: Download This presentation software is part Platform: Windows & Mac of the Microsoft Office suite. More info:
  • 9 Moodle Course management system Spring 2008: 13 2007: 12= Cost: Free, Open Source It provides all the sophisticated Available: Download high level functionality of an educational course management Platform: Windows, Mac, system and more - and there are Linux no license fees. More info:
  • 10 Blogger Blogging tool Spring 2008: 9= 2007: 9 Cost: Free Available: Hosted A simple and quick way to get a blog up and running, now owned by Google. More info:
  • 11 Twitter Micro-blogging tool Spring 2008: 17= 2007: 43= Cost: Free Keep in touch with colleagues Available: Hosted and friends no matter where you are or what youre doing. More info:
  • 12 Audacity Audio/podcasting tool Spring 2008: 9= 2007: 11 Cost: Free, Open Source Available: Download Platform: Windows, Mac, A sound editor and recorder suitable for podcasting. Unix/Linux More info:
  • 13 Wikipedia Collaborative encyclopaedia Spring 2008: 12 2007: 26= Cost: Free Available: Hosted This huge online encyclopaedia has been written collaboratively by More info: volunteers around the world.
  • 14 gMail/Google Mail Web mail Spring 2008: 8 2007: 7= Cost: Free Available: Hosted A web-based email service with many megabytes of storage More info: space for archiving mail threads.
  • 15 Flickr Image hosting and sharing tool Spring 2008: 15= 2007: 16 Cost: Free Available: Hosted A place where you can store your photos, tag them and share them More info: with others.
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