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    44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome

    Blogging success

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 2



    Blogging can be fun. It can be a business. Blogging also can be a total frustration or a huge

    success. Here are 44 tips to get you started and straight on the road to blogging success. Do not get frustrated and don’t be afraid. Every blogger out there has been a total beginner at one point. No blogger started out as the perfect blogging pro he may look like today. Everybody makes mistakes and has to learn. Grab all the advice you can get. Review and evaluate, choose some advice to follow – see if it works and move on. Blogging is not a decision, it is a process – and the road to success is

    long and bumpy.

    Getting Started

    There is a lot to consider before you start your blog. From setting up a blog and choosing the perfect hosting solution to finding your niche and your voice. Starting out with a new blog can be overwhelming. Here are tips to get you on the right track with your blog.

    1. Go Self-Hosted, Use WordPress

    As a newbie blogger, you have a ton of options for your blogging setup. Some are way easier to handle than WordPress, but most of these solutions have pitfalls when you want to turn your blog into a business.

    We started The Social Ms as a Tumblr blog - it started as a side project. When we went full in with The Social Ms, we had to move from Tumblr to WordPress.

    Here are the advantages when using WordPress:

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 3


    - When you are running a self-hosted blog using WordPress, it’s your property and your rules – no one can tell you what you are allowed to do and what you shouldn’t do.

    - You are allowed to use any form of advertising and affiliate links on your blog – hosted blogging platforms usually prohibit these

    - Wordpress is the most stable and advanced blogging platform out there - Almost any problem you might run into can be solved with the use of existing

    plugins - WordPress is supported by all major webhosting services – and can be installed

    using simple one-click installers.

    - WordPress supports a variety of caching and performance plugins and services, which help with site loading speeds and user experience.

    If you want to learn more about running a blog on WordPress, here are some links that can help:

    - Setting up a blog using WordPress and Cloudways ($15 in hosting credits inside) 8 Myths About WordPress You Cannot Afford To Ignore

    2. Use the best plugins

    Are you on WordPress? Are you aware of the diverse power of plugins? There are Plugins for almost every problem on WordPress, and they can easily help you improve your user experience, site speed, and traffic.

    Plugins are a prominent reason why so many bloggers use WordPress. Make use of the best WordPress Plugins! Here are some links to lists about some of the greatest WordPress plugins we know:

    - 8 Awesome WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Visitors Love Your

    Site And Convert Like Crazy

    - 8 Essential WordPress Plugins That Make You A Better Blogger

    3. Don’t underestimate the influence of website speed

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 4


    There are several reasons why website speed is crucial for blogging success. For one, you can easily frustrate your website visitors and make them leave before they took your desired actions. Also, your search engine ranks are influenced by page speed.

    Make sure your website loads as fast as your audience expects.

    Here is an article that deals with improving the speed of your website running WordPress:

    - 9 Free Tools to Speed Up Your Site For Drastic SEO And User Experience Improvements

    4. Have a backup

    You are a blogger – or a content marketer. Your content is your (main) asset. Losing your (old) blog posts and other content can easily be the reason why your business is going to


    The biggest fear of any blogger often is to lose their content. Make sure you have a backup – or two. Being on the safe side regarding your content and data will let you sleep better and make the right decisions like changing your hosting provider a lot easier!

    5. Don’t get stuck with bad hosting

    It has happened to thousands of bloggers who followed influencers advice for a hosting service. And then they are stuck with a hosting solution that is far below par.

    We have been there: We were afraid to change our hosting providers for fear of losing data or something not working as it should and the blog being offline for a while.

    In the end, we had no choice: Our website became so slow our customers complained – or left. And Bluehost customer service was not willing or able to find a solution. We moved to Cloudways – and we should have done so much earlier. If your hosting provider is not providing the website speed and service that your blog needs, don’t stick with them. Move to a better hosting provider; it will save you a lot of

    frustration and even prevent you from losing customers.

    Here is some more info on how easy it turned out to make the switch to Cloudways:

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 5


    - Why We Switched To Cloudways And How Easy It Was

    6. Don’t wait for things to happen – make them happen

    Blogging is work. Running a successful blog is more work.

    Good content will not automatically rise to the top. And success will not magically come to the ones providing good content. There is more to success than your blog posts. And creating your posts will by far not be your biggest task. There is also blog promotion, blogger relations, and networking. And for most of us that are not just blogging for fun, there is also the question how to turn blog success into money

    - The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

    7. Be patient

    Many bloggers dream big – and you should, too! But then they expect the big results after a short time. They compare their website traffic, audience and number of social shares to other blogs that have been on the market for ages. And then they get frustrated because they do not see the same numbers that those established blogs have. Always keep in mind, that these blogs also took their fair time to grow an audience and traffic. Only they struggled a long time ago, and now it looks as if they just came to life

    being famous. Each and every blog took a lot of time to grow. Some grow faster and some slower. How fast a blog can grow depends on many things: How much time can you invest? What topic or niche are you active in? How much marketing knowledge do you have? Can you utilize an existing audience?

    8. Proofread every post

    Often our thoughts are much faster than our fingers putting them into letters. Also what seemed a logic argument may not be so logic when reading it again.

    Make sure you re-read all your posts before you hit the publish button. Also, those little typos are easily overlooked, some form of proofreading and spell-checking can greatly improve your content.

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 6


    We use a tool called Grammarly that helps us find the biggest spelling and grammar mistakes. Grammarly is not just a spellchecking tool, it’s a tool that allows you to become your own proofreader! Learn more about Grammarly here!

    9. Show personality – it sets you apart

    Never be afraid of showing who you are. Your personality is what sets you apart from all the other bloggers in your niche. As said before, people like to connect to people. You do not always have to be perfect; you have to be YOU!

    10. Find and focus on your niche

    Are you sure that your blog visitors know what they can expect from you? Or do you write about one niche today and a totally different one tomorrow? That will not help you gather

    a loyal audience.

    It will be easier to grow an audience in social media and for your blog if you focus on your niche and create targeted content accordingly.

    11. Don’t go for quantity – go for quality

    If you cannot come up with a high-quality post every day that is ok. Rather head for one valuable post instead of a ton of posts that no one wants or needs.

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 7


    12. Have a schedule

    While you do not necessarily need to create content every day or several days a week, it

    will help grow an audience if you have a clear schedule. If you have a new post every Monday: Let your audience know, and they will come back for more content next week. If you only blog once a month, then you should decide on a fixed date: every first Monday in a month or every 15th.

    A fixed schedule makes it a lot easier for your audience to know when a new blog post can be expected – and if done right your audience will come back when you publish.

    13. Make it a habit

    Do you keep forgetting to do the vital things that would help you grow your blog? Make it

    a habit – it will make it much easier to remember to do all the important things.

    You could write a list of things you need to do after you have written and published a new blog post: share it through your social media channels, send a newsletter to your subscribers about it,

    Building a social audience should also become a habit: set a time of day and a couple of minutes for each of your social networks. Use the time to answer comments, schedule posts and engage in groups or conversations.

    Doing these things on a regular basis will make them a habit and help you build your audience for your blog.

    - Online Success: What You Really Need Are Habits – Not Money

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 8


    14. Be aware that your job is not done with writing blog posts

    … or creating videos or podcast, etc. Of course, you need to create great content for your blog, and content creation is essential to the success of your blog. But there is much more

    to blogging than the content creation. You need to set up the blog itself. You will have to work on the design and layout. You will need to learn about a lot of technical aspects to optimize the blog itself for your success – or pay someone to do it. You need to think about content distribution and building your audience, about more topics to cover on your blog and how to optimize everything.

    To bring your blog to success, you need to consider much more than the content. Neglecting other aspects of blogging means you are on a sure road to failure – no matter

    how outstanding your blog content may be.

    - 12 Things To Do After You’ve Written A New Blogpost

    15. Tell everybody about your blog even when it is not famous (yet)

    I have heard this many times: “I have not told anyone about my blog, yet.” “I have so few content pieces and so few readers I can’t talk about my blog yet.” “I am afraid no one will be interested when I tell them about my blog.” “I want to grow my blog first before I tell anybody about it.”

    How is this going to work? Not telling anyone about your blog will certainly not help you grow an audience. That is like founding a company and not wanting to market it before you have a ton of customers.

    From my experience, most people highly respect the effort of building something new and having the courage to try it. And what if you really come across people who look down on you because your blog is new, only has few readers and your content is not yet perfect? What if you still need some more practice to become a great blogger?

    Who cares? Who did ever start something new and was perfect at it the first day?

    A blog will not find an audience if you keep it your secret. You cannot evolve if you do not start. You won’t be able to learn from feedback if you never get feedback because no one ever reads your posts.

    16. Don’t try to be perfect all the time

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 9


    A friend once told me that she never has the feeling her post is finished. So she ends up working on one article for months and publishes one perfect piece every once in a while. But that simply is not enough to build an audience.

    Blogging is not about perfection – you could argue that blogging is more about imperfections than perfection. Blog audiences know that you are not the New York Times. They know that you don’t have 3 editors checking every post. They long for content that is real – that (apart from bringing value) is also written by a human being. And they want more of that content.

    A constant stream of new content is the foundation for growing an audience. Each and every piece does not have to be perfect; it just needs to be interesting and valuable to your

    target audience.

    Overthinking and over-perfecting will keep you from getting things done. When you are starting a new blog, you need to keep going and push things forward.

    Traffic and Audience Generation

    If you want blogging success you need an audience. To build an audience is hard work. And it won’t happen without working on it!

    17. Make your blog visually appealing and easy to read

    Blogging is not a beauty contest, but there are some basic rules you should follow. Some style elements will make your post easier to read – or skim.

    - Use style elements like bullet points and line breaks. - Use images - Choose fonts that are easy to read

    18. Learn to create better headlines

    Have you ever thought about the power of a headline? If your content does not get the results you would expect from the quality of your content, then you should consider

    putting more effort into your headlines.

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 10


    Often we use the next best headline that comes to our mind after creating a piece of content. But they deserve more attention. Keep in mind that the headline is what people

    see in social media or on your blog before they decide whether they click or read on.

    David Ogilvy, the famous marketer, recommends spending 80 cents out of every dollar on the headline. Because 4 out of 5 people will read your headline while only 1 out of 5 will actually read your post.

    The headline is what people see first. The headline has the power to lure people to your content – or not. Never underestimate the power of headlines.

    - How to Effortlessly Create Captivating Headlines and Subheads

    19. Be aware of Google’s preferences and penalties

    Especially when your main traffic source is Google you need to be on the lookout for Google updates. Make sure you know what Google likes or dislikes and optimize your content and website accordingly.

    Here is an example: For 2017 Google has announced that they will penalize intrusive interstitials – that are ads, popups, and light boxes. If you are working with these types of elements on your website, make sure you know how and why they may affect your rankings.

    - 3 SEO Traffic Hacks Every Blogger Should Know

    20. Select your social channels with care

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 11


    Do not try to be everywhere. Choose a couple of social channels where your target group is and engage with your audience there.

    Each and every social network takes time and effort to build an audience and keep growing. Trying to be everywhere at once will most of the time result in frustration and a lot less success than a handful of select social networks could give you if you get it right. Just because some social network is hyped right now, dos not necessarily mean that you need to be active on it.

    21. Build a list – start a newsletter

    You need to start growing an email list right from the start. Everyday you wait is going to make it more unlikely that your blog is ever going to make money.

    I keep quoting Neil Patel: Your highest converting traffic channel will be your email list.

    And do not think you can buy your way out and use someone else’s list. A bought list will not give you the results that you are seeking.

    As a blogger, your earned email list can provide you with traffic – and sales. And done right you can use your newsletter to build a relationship with your audience, build trust and sell not once but multiple times to your leads.

    As an email service we recommend Drip.

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 12


    22. Offer a freebie

    A simple signup form is nice for a start. But to really push your newsletter signups you

    will have to offer something in exchange for an email address. Don’t worry it does not have to be a scientific paper – simply look at what other bloggers have to offer and come up with ideas what you can provide that your audience would love to have.

    - Understanding Email Marketing: The 3 Key Elements of Any Email Marketing Strategy

    23. Send newsletters

    Do not be afraid to use your email list! Send newsletters, or your audience will forget about you. You want to stay on their radar and use the newsletter to connect.

    You should send newsletters for your new blog posts or even for some extra tips.

    If you send valuable information with your newsletters, your audience will love to get them – and not be annoyed by them.

    24. Utilize the power of images

    Are you using images on your blog? Enough? You should!

    On social media, images will get you more shares, likes, and clicks. Your content will be easier to consume if you add images every few hundred words.

    If you want to go for it, you can also use videos or slideshows to upgrade your posts.

    - How to make your blogpost visually appealing and the tools to do it right!

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 13


    25. Monitor the hell out of everything and act according to your data

    If you are blogging for success, you need to watch your numbers. The answers to many marketing and blogging questions lie in the data and analytics. Make sure you monitor

    everything you do and adjust your activity according to your numbers.

    Check out the lean marketing process, and you will understand why numbers are key to your blogging and marketing success.

    26. Create content with promotion in mind

    There may have been a time when there existed only a limited amount of great content from your niche. People searching for specific topics would automatically have ended up on your blog for the simple reason that there was not much other content on your topic.

    These times are long over (at least in most niches). With so much content around for everyone to discover you will have a hard time getting your content noticed. And it is part of your job as a blogger to spread the word about your content: To market your content. It is your job to find your audience – not the other way around. Your content alone will not be enough to find and build an audience.

    27. Write for your audience

    Some bloggers start their blog as a kind of personal journal. That is ok if you do not expect

    much regarding results. But when you only write for yourself, you can easily forget to write for an audience.

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 14


    If you want to attract a targeted audience, you need to know what your audience is interested in and provide that in your blog posts. Blogging is more about what your audience wants to read/know and less about what you would like to tell them.

    Bloggers who focus too much on themselves fail most of the time – at least if attracting an audience was the goal.

    28. Make your post easy to share

    Your audience is lazy, don’t expect them to make an effort to be able to share your post. Make it as easy for them as possible to spread the word about your post. You should provide share buttons, images for the major social networks in the right dimensions.

    29. Know about keywords

    Don’t overoptimize your posts for SEO, but using the keywords that people are looking for will tremendously help you to rank in Google. Keep in mind that often the broadest keywords with tons of traffic will not be your best choice. Go for long tail keywords and keyphrases that people actually search for. They will give you much more targeted traffic than the seemingly „big“ keywords that often lead to untargeted traffic.

    - 3 SEO Traffic Hacks Every Blogger Should Know

    30. Think about content for shares, links and traffic

    There are some types of content that you can easily provide, that will help you boost traffic.

    For example, you could interview experts or influencers from your niche. Often the experts are more than willing to not only participate in the interviews but also share them with their audience and link back to them.

    Another example is top lists like this:

    - 10 Twitter accounts from your niche you should follow - 5 blogs you should know - 8 experts from your niche you should listen to

    Let people know that you included them in the list and they will help you spread the word.

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 15


    31. Build your social audience

    While SEO traffic is great, you will probably not get it soon after you started your blog.

    Plus it is hard to build links and rank on search engines if no one knows about your new blog.

    Social media is different; you can build an audience even when you are still new to the blogging game. If your blog posts provide value your social audience will not only turn into your blog audience; they will also help you spread the word.

    Choose your social networks with care and have a plan how to grow your first followers. It is harder in some social networks than in others to get reach without advertising. But it is

    absolutely possible – if you know what you are doing.

    - 7 Tips to Build a Targeted Audience in Social Media

    32. Consider when is the best time to publish (and share)

    There are various reasons why it makes a difference WHEN you publish. People can follow your blog in various ways, and some will instantly see your new post – or not if you chose a bad time.

    Timing is not only important for hitting the “publish” button. Timing also plays a crucial role in posting on social media and sending out newsletters.

    - 4 Ways to Optimize Your Tweets for Better Results on Twitter

    33. Interlink your posts

    Many bloggers link to older posts from new posts they write. But have you considered linking to your new post from old posts? Especially if you have some older posts that still get a ton of traffic, this can help you give your new post an extra boost!

    Interlinking your blog posts helps improve your website structure and build authority.

    Adding new links to old content will also help your old content to stay fresh. Every update of old content will signal „relevance“ to Google.

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 16


    Blogger Relations

    Part of blogging success comes from building a community, a network and relationships.

    The big success is hard to achieve on your own. Treat competitors, exerts and influencers with respect and help them – they often will return the favor.

    34. Encourage engagement

    A buying audience is an engaged audience. Try to actively engage with your audience. For instance, you can ask a question at the end of your post and ask for answers in the comments. You can also take the conversation to social media and answer all comments on your tweets or Facebook posts.

    - The Neglected Importance of Putting Your Audience First in Social Media Marketing

    35. Answer every comment

    Especially when you are starting out, your blog comment section can be a goldmine. It is the place where you can personally engage and interact. Use your chance and show who you are and that you care about your audience.

    36. Build and engage your community

    Blogging is not a one-way channel – especially when you are blogging for business or as a

    business. Talk, listen and interact with your audience. Build a community. Engage and be responsive.

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 17


    You will see the effect in your number of signups and followers. You will also see better conversion rates.

    People like to connect (and to buy) from people. They also much rather trust a person they

    have already talked to than a website or blog where they do not know who is writing there.

    - 17 Tactics For More Social Media Engagement From Your Audience

    37. Consider guest blogging

    Do you want to build your audience fast? Write for other blogs. Why? Because they already have an audience and guest blogging allows you to utilize the other blog’s audience and even convert some of them to your own blog audience or social media followers.

    Guest blogging is also a great way to build a network of bloggers that may eventually be willing to help you spread the word when you need it.

    - Guest Blogging – A Mandatory Strategy For Bloggers in 2016 and Beyond

    38. Comment on other blogs

    Don’t just comment “Great post” and add a link to your blog. That is close to spam.

    Instead, make a useful and thoughtful comment that inspires a conversation. You do not even have to agree with the post. But keep it polite and make a point.

    Blog Monetization

    If you want to treat your blog as a business, chances are high that you are looking for ways to monetize it. Here are some tips to consider before you try making money with your blog

    39. Be aware that there is more to making money than traffic

    Many people think that a lot of traffic is the ultimate success for a blogger. But the truth is that traffic does not pay rent or food. You still need to make money to live off blogging. And traffic does not necessarily translate into money.

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 18


    You need a product or service to sell and a strategy for selling it. Blogging is a business, and as such you have to have a product or service to sell and some sales funnel to close the deal.

    40. Use a call-to-action

    If you have a product to sell or have another action you want your audience to take: Add a call-to-action! You should also test the wording on your call-to-action. Little tweaks can make a huge difference.

    - 7 Tips to Write Effective Call-To-Actions

    41. Be aware that you have to learn to sell

    When you decide to make money with your blog you are not just a blogger anymore. You

    need to become an entrepreneur and learn some things about accounting – but much more important is that you have to learn to sell. And that can be tough!

    42. Selling advertising on your blog won’t make you rich

    Selling ad space on your blog will not make you a ton of money. Not even if your blog attracts a huge audience. Using the same space to advertise your own products can make you much more money.

    43. The real profit for a blogger is with high price products

    If you consider creating products for your blog, make a simple calculation: How many of the product do you have to sell to make an income of 1000$? How hard would it be to sell those numbers of the cheap product?

    Now consider you create a high-end product that costs 1000$. Think how hard it would be to sell only one?

    But a cheap product is easier to sell? Right. So create a cheap product and sell that first. Create a slightly more expensive product next and sell that. Move up the price ladder.

    This works, because it is much easier to sell a high price product to a happy customer that

    already bought a cheaper product from you.

  • 44 Blogging Tips To help you achieve awesome Blogging success 19


    44. Your product is great? Say it out loud

    Don’t be shy or modest. If you want to sell a great product at a fair price, then be realistic about the benefits of this product. If your product is worth the price, tell your audience

    why it is great!

    The above tips are in no way a complete list. There is so much to blogging and blogging

    success, that you will never be finished with learning, trying something new and even

    making mistakes. Keep your eyes and ears open. The blogosphere is evolving!