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TNatura Slovenia 2014 ETU Cross Triathlon Race Manual is an essential guide of the last race in the TNatura European Series, scheduled for 21.09.2014. In it, athletes and visitors can find vital informations about the race, including course maps, information about Bohinj and Slovenia, accomodations and much more.

Transcript of TNatura Slovenia 2014 ETU Cross Triathlon Race Manual

  • 21st September 2014Powered b

    y Pulz port

  • Welcome to TNatura Slovenia, the last race in the ETU TNatura European Cross Triathlon Series. It is a great pleasure to host such a premium event in Slovenia, with best elite and enthusiastic AGR triathletes competing together in a breathtaking scenery of lake Bohinj.

    This is the first cross triathlon race at the ETU level that will be organized in Slovenia. With this comes a lot of responsibility, but also a great opportunity. An opportunity to lay the foundation for a great event in the years to come and to show Slovenia, particularly Bohinj/Pokljuka region through what triathletes do best: swim, bike, run.

    why compete in tnatura slovenia?

    the chance to compete with the best triathletes in the last race of the ETU TNatura European Series a challenging race course, set in the beautiful nature of Triglav National Park kind prizes from our partners for best times in swim, bike and run, plus practical prizes for podium finishers in AGR classification EXPO on Saturday and Sunday with our partners (Scott, Sram, Speedo, Berghaus, Proaction ), offering promotional prices, great deals on sport merchandise etc. Slovenian All Star Relay teams with athletes from different sports like Bojan Kriaj, Miran Stanovnik, Vesna Fabjan, Nika Kozamernik, Brigita Langerholc, Andrej Pirc, Janez Mari, Damjan epi, Tomas Globonik

    accompanying events for kids, fans dinner party with great local food, wines, presentation of local culture every participant is included in a draw where we will give out 3 entries for TNatura Slovenia 2015 and the main prize, a weekend package for two in Vila Triglav, including a guided bike ride by Tadej Valjavec!

    We hope you will have a great time in Slovenia and most of all a safe and memorable race!

    See you on 21st September in Bohinj!

    Toma Luovnik, head of the LOC TNatura Slovenia Bohinj

    dear triathletes, visitors, fans!

  • Bohinj is located in the heart of the Julian Alps. The most extensive and highest mountain group in Slovenia is also the most subtle south-eastern part of the Alps. More than two-thirds of Bohinj lie in the only Slovenian National Park: Triglav National Park.

    Bohinj comprises of Nomenj Basin, Upper and Lower Bohinj valley, Lake Basin, Plateau Pokljuka and Jelovica and mountains. The most recognizable natural beauty of Bohinj is its lake, the largest permanent natural lake in Slovenia. Twenty-four villages are lined through the valley and above it, fabulous wealth hidden past, cheerfulness present and future secret.

    how to access bohinj:

    by car from Ljubljana, through Bled, over Pokljuka plateau or cross Sorika ridge

    by bus from Ljubljana, through Bled

    by train direction Jesenice and Nova Gorica

    by cartrain from Most na Soi and from Podbrda

    by plane Ljubljana (Joe Punik) Airport (50 km), from Trieste Airport (Ronchi, 200 km) from Klagenfurt Airport (70 km)

    welcome to bohinj & pokljuka

  • Pokljuka a high karst plateau (12001500m) on the eastern edge of the Triglav National Park overlaps vast pine forests. Health and well-being of man beneficial effect fresh and clean air and a visit to energy points. Unspoiled nature and recreational facilities classifies Pokljuka between popular destinations for family holidays in all seasons.

    On its southern slope some settlements lean across Plateau are classified numerous mountains. among compact forests are hiding specific ecosystems Pokljuka peat bogs (Learning Path Moor Goreljek), which are the remains of the operations of the glacier.






























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    k lj u

    k aTriglav2864 m

    Veliki Bogatin2005 m

    Rodica1966 m

  • slika jezera, celostranska. Bistvo te strani je vizualni draljaj, e bo pa treba kaknega sponzorja predstaviti pa se lahko ponuca kot oglasni prostor

  • 12.00 Official opening TNatura Slovenia Lake Bohinj

    9.00 18.00 Registration and race package pick up Lake Bohinj

    17.00 Press conference Hostel Pod Voglom

    18.00 Race Briefing ELITE+AGR Hostel Pod Voglom

    18.45 Race pack delivery ELITE Uniform check

    10:00 Open Transition Area (recheck for ELITE) 10:30 Open warm up

    11:15 Close Transition Area

    11:30 Close warm up

    11:50 Line up for ELITE 12.00 Start ELITE+AGR Lake Bohinj

    18.00 Finisher Party with official award ceremony Lake Bohinj

    9.00 18.00 EXPO Lake Bohinj

    cows ballOn the same day as TNatura Race, more than 50 years old festival will be held in Ukanc. Festival marks winter homecoming; not of men, but of cattle, which return to the alpine Bohinj valley after a summer spent on green pastures. Celebrate their safe return with a selection of best-looking cow, traditional homemade dishes and learn about modern farming. Lets have a ball!


    saturday, 20.9.

    sunday, 21.9.

  • bohinj park eko hotel. official hotel.

    Bohinj Park EKO Hotel is an award winning hotel in South Eastern Europe. We open the door for you as a guest, we treat you as a friend.

    Bohinj Park EKO Hotel Triglavska cesta 17, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica+ 386 (0)8 200 40

  • Tadej, it is obvious that you cant ran out of challenges, even after the end of your professional cycling career. Managing Vila Triglav is more than a full time job and yet you took on triathlon. You started TK Pokljuka and dove head in organizing ETU TNatura Cross Triathlon race. Why triathlon, why Pokljuka?

    I want to stay active, it is something that I enjoy, that it is in my nature. It helps me stay fit, healthy and positive, even with very limited free time due to running Vila Triglav. Triathlon? Triathlon was one of the ways, ideas on how to promote Vila Triglav as a training destination. Talking with my friend who now runs our club, one thing lead to another and eventually we got into contact with manager of TNatura, Mr. Sandro Salerno.I know Pokljuka and Bohinj well, so when mapping the course I started thinking that this is something I would like to do, compete in. I have always loved riding MTB, so this was a perfect challenge.

    This is the first race your club is organizing, the first triathlon race of this format in Bohinj. What is the hardest part?

    There are unlimited number of issues we are dealing with, as soon as you solve one, another shows up. It kind of reminds me of certain times in my career, pushing to the max on every race, using all of my resources, knowledge, energy to be the best I could be. The hardest thing is convincing partners and sponsors that we are serious and that this race is here to stay and can only develop as a great opportunity for tourism of the whole region. Yes, it is our first time, but we aim to put together the best race possible, even when lacking support.

    There were some major changes in location and the format of the race in the past week. What are the main reasons?

    The main two reasons are connected to finances and logistics. The new course is easier to control, there is just one transition area, less people are needed for security and medical staff and logically that means less costs. I think it is a smart decision, the course is equally fantastic, easier for fans to see their athletes and cheer for them. As mentioned, the main primary goal of this race was to promote Pokljuka and Vila Triglav, but we believe that this can still be done in the next years (maybe with TNatura MTB race or trail run). For this year, changing the course was the only way. The only other option was cancelling the race.

    interview with tadej valjavec

    Tadej Valjavec is an ex-Slovenian professional road bicycle racer, who won Baby Giro dItalia in 1999. He was well-known as a good climber due to his rides on mountain stages in the Giro dItalia. He has consistently performed well in the Grand Tours, with three top ten and four further top twenty finishes. He retired in 2013 and is currently running a tourist mountain chalet in Pokljuka, offering his guests active vacations, biking program and tours. As one of the founders of Triathlon club Pokljuka he is largely responsible of bringing TNatura Cross Triathlon Series to Slovenia. We had a chance to talk to him about different challenges in competing and organizing TNatura Slovenia race.

  • In spite all of this issues it is clear that Bohinj and Pokljuka have a lot to offer to endurance athletes, be that runners, cyclists, triathletes. Not only as a race venue but also as a perfect training destination, seminars, camps.

    I agree, Bohinj and Pokljuka are perfect destinations, completing each other. Even historically, Pokljuka developed as another source for need of farmers from the valley. On Pokljuka we can offer ideal conditions for altitude training, in Vila Triglav we even have a special system of high altitude rooms that are an invaluable tool for endurance athletes, great climatic conditions with perfect infrastructure at biathlon center And the most beautiful lake in the region, lake Bohinj. Add to that knowledge, experience, kindness of the local people, great food and wine, it really makes a one of a kind