Tips On How To Implement Enterprise-Wide Change

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How to Implement Enterprise- Wide Changes: Managing the Complexity of Big Changes Don Harrison President and Founder, IMA Paula Alsher VP Client Solutions April 18, 2013 1 ©2013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved.

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Implementing complex enterprise-wide changes to value realization is really hard! This presentation offers some practical change management tips for Change Agents on how to manage multiple sponsors, and overcome predictable barriers to transformational change.

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  • 1. How to Implement Enterprise-Wide Changes:Managing the Complexity of Big ChangesDon HarrisonPresident and Founder, IMAPaula AlsherVP Client SolutionsApril 18, 2013 12013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved.

2. Todays Agenda Why enterprise-wide change is so complicated Common barriers to sustained adoption and valuerealization Tips for managing multiple sponsors Keys to success: resistance management andreinforcement Q&A22013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 3. Enterprise-Wide Change is OftenTransformational in Scope, ComplexityMinor Minor Disruption Minor alterations to the Frame of Reference (FOR) resulting inminimal disruption and resistance1st Order Frame-Bending Major alterations to the existing FOR resulting in significantresistance2nd Order Frame-Breaking The old FOR is no longer adequate. A new FOR must be createdresulting in maximum disruption and resistancerequires old FORto be broken down32013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 4. Three Reminders About 2nd Order Change It cant be done incrementally It cant be made totally safe. It requires a leap of faith You cant go back. Once you cross the abyss, youcant return to the old ways42013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 5. 10 Predictable Barriers to Enterprise-Wide Change Lack of clear scope/definition Too many other changes competing for resources Poor implementation history No aligned, sustained leadership support Major employee resistance Weak motivation and non-aligned reinforcement Risk-averse cultures Poor communications Unclear and/or undisciplined governance structure Use of multiple approaches reinforces silo mentality52013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 6. Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM):Project Management for People62013 IMA 800-752-9254. All Rights Reserved. 7. Overcoming a Silo Culture72013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved.A B Cx y z 8. Sponsors for Enterprise-Wide ChangeSponsors must have agreement on: Strategic priorities Strategic intent82013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved.And there must be reinforced inter-dependenceDont make structural responses tocultural or process problems 9. ActualPaybackPromisedPaybackCriteriaforSelectionSUCCESSExpect the Most Resistance from Those With theHighest Interest in Things Remaining the Same2013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved.CULTUREWHO ISSUCCESSFULLEADERSInformal9 10. Line of Sight-Governance102013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved.StrategyPortfolioChange AgendaProgramsProjects 11. Implementation Roles in Enterprise-Wide ChangePrimary responsibility for tactical implementation activity(strategy, design, deployment, evaluation).Authorize, legitimize and demonstrate ownershipfor the change in their chain of command:possess the authority to initiate resourcecommitment (Authorizing Sponsor) orreinforce the change at the local level(Reinforcing Sponsor).Individuals who believe in the change and thusare committed to helping drive it.ChampionsAgentsSponsorsTargets11Sponsorship is the single most important factor inensuring fast and successful implementation.Those whosebehavior, expectations, skills, perceptions, and/or work processes, etc. you need to change.CAST2013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 12. Defining Success for Enterprise-Wide ChangeImplementation Success Defined:Installation does not equal ImplementationInstallationImplementation On Time On Budget Technical Objectives met Business Objectives met Human Objectives met2013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 13. Human Objectives are Behaviors We Seek to See Different behaviors for different targetgroups Requires Implementation-Specificmeasures132013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 14. Measures Must Be Developed EarlyYou must have implementation-specificmeasures.14The more often you measure, with immediatepositive and negative reinforcement attachedthe faster you can implement2013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 15. Acceleration Depends on Readiness andClimate2013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 15 16. Project Team Activity Level is Not a MeasureDont be seduced by the freneticactivity of the project team!Sponsor drive controls the pace ofimplementation.162013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 17. Unsuccessful Sponsorship CreatesBlack HolesCommunication and reinforcement must cascade levelby management level down the organization.Black Holes are formed when commitment orcompliance is not sustained at each managementlevel and driven to the next level. 17 18. Cascading sponsorship must occur at each level between the Authorizing Sponsor (SA) and the final Targets (T3).There must be Reinforcing Sponsors (SR) at each level between the Authorizing Sponsor (SA) and the final Targets (T3).Compliance or commitment to the change must be Expressed, Modeled and Reinforced at each management level.}}}Successful Sponsor Strategy182013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 19. Sponsorship Must Appear DifferentYou cant get transformational changewith minor changes in Sponsor behavior.192013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 20. Trust and Speed are Functional202013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 21. Approach from the Sponsors FOR Frame the project in the Sponsors languageand Frame of Reference Faster Cheaper Higher Quality Identify how this project will exploit anopportunity or solve a problem forthat Sponsor personally212013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 22. Working from Your Sponsors Frame of Reference Identify the benefits to the Sponsors specificorganization Understand the disruption from the SponsorsFrame of Reference Surface and manage concerns and risksfrom the Frame of the Sponsors222013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 23. Resistance As A Function Of Disruption23It does not matter whether the change is perceived as apositive or negative, resistance to a major change isinevitable.Resistance is not a function of liking or understanding thechange. It is a function of disruption. 24. The Paradox of Enterprise-Wide ChangeSponsors will often have the most resistance!242013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 25. Reinforcements Must ChangeIf you dont change the Reinforcement,you dont get the change!252013 IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved. 26. For More InformationContact:Paula AlsherVice President, Client Solutions770-618-7495; [email protected] IMA 800-752-9254 All rights reserved.