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Tips for Finding Good Dissertation Titles or TopicsDoing a Master-level dissertation is a major challenge. Students have to be mindful of when they are developing or outlining good and interesting dissertation topics. Students must use information and knowledge that they have learned during their studies in order to be able to form good research titles. The most important thing is to develop the dissertation topics or titles that you feel comfortable with and have confidence with as it is you who have to work on it. Get help and advice from supervisors who can give you some useful information.



Students should ensure that they discuss topics and titles for their dissertation with their Faculty Supervisors, as a working relationship between Supervisor and students is very important. Supervisor can help by giving guidance on forming, outlining and revising dissertation topics in order to produce the most interesting titles.


Dissertation topics should be based in the real world of your study fields i.e. Marketing Human Resources Management and Finance.


Topics must be based on your areas of interest and not on those of your Supervisor. This is because you are the person who will have to carry out the research and so it is imperative that you feel comfortable and have confidence in your chosen topics and titles.


It is useful for a student to be knowledgeable about his or her topic. A student should try to research a topic that would be helpful for his/her prospective career.


Students must ensure that their chosen dissertation topics and titles are up to date in order to catch up with the ever-changing world. This is because new knowledge, information, research and studies are being added to the academic world all the time.


You could narrow your dissertation topic by concentrating on specific issues. However, topics should not be overly narrowed down as students may risk not finding sufficient resources.


Do not consider dissertation topics which are too difficult for you to research. Most students tend to base their dissertation topics or titles on the area or areas that are most interesting, but are not actually in their interests. This is because most students think that difficult topics will be rewarded with good marks that, is incorrect.


Research topics or titles must have critical approaches. Do not be tempted to bite off more than you can chew as it might ultimately prove to be more harmful than helpful.


A great starting point for developing good and interesting dissertation topics is to begin thinking about issues that you have discussed and learned during your programme so far. Think about the particular content areas or subjects that you have studied within your modules and especially those that really help trigger ideas that might help throw some light on the research questions and topics that you are attempting to formulate.


Reading one or two selected text books and papers. Revising previously acquired knowledge, information and ideas can help students to think of some good and interesting dissertation topics and titles. The information students gain from reading or re-reading can also give them the ideas about whether theirs is a good topic or not. Students will be able to gauge for themselves whether they can easily obtain relevant information to support their research works if they decide to take up that particular topic.


Good ideas also come from sources other than textbooks and what you have learned in classes. Some useful sources of information that can help students to generate ideas for developing good dissertation topics include the Academy of Management Review, the Journal of International Business Studies, the Journal of Management Studies, the Journal of Marketing, the Strategic Management Journal and other current articles within specific journals and Journal web sites, for new areas of research that are being developed .


The type of dissertation topics and research titles that students develop will be influenced by additional factors such as current assignments, coursework and the relevant workload (Morris 2006, pp. 116-126). Realistically, the context in which students carry out the research work is limited by the time and resources available. In addition, it has been suggested that for Master- or MBA-level students, evaluation research titles are often the best and easiest options for students to undertake. This involves looking at some systems and practices that already exist and making recommendations as to how they might be changed or improved. Most of the time, the recommendation section in the last chapter of relevant research within a student's interests, can give them flashes of ideas for developing good and interesting dissertation topics.


Whichever topic and approach the Master-level students decide to undertake, it is important to seek advice and gain some opinions and ideas from experienced professionals. Usually guides have been allocated to each student because they have similar interests or have experience of similar research topics. However, the students should be prepared to use their own judgment and make decisions accordingly as the dissertation topic will be focusing on your research works. If your supervisor does not agree with your ideas or your selection of topics then it is your job to convince them, with reasonable and

logical evidence and explanation. This is because the main reason for asking students to undertake dissertations or research works is to see whether or not students can think and carry out research critically. The most important thing is to apply what you have learned during your programme to your dissertation topics and research works.


There are two types of research methods - primary and secondary. Secondary source is a quick and lowcost way of obtaining data. Less effort is expended and less time is taken. Also, sometimes it is more accurate than primary data. Some information can be obtained only from secondary. Primary data is obtained to help solve the problem at hand. The major methods of primary data collection include focus groups, individual in-depth interviews, questionnaires, protocol analysis, project methods, action research, and Delphi research. The research method depends upon the topic selected for research. It is also necessary to get advice on research method selection from a supervisor..


DISSERTATION TOPICS 1. IN FINANCE CATEGORY wise1. Personal Finance Dissertation Titles y y y y y The analysis of ever rising personal debt situation, how people manage to get into and out of it? You could also think student loans. Line of Credit or private Student Loan? Which is better for college tuition fees? Will the economic predicament have an impact on students loan? If so, how and why? Personal auto finance companies- A case study

2. Corporate Finance Dissertation Ideas y y y y Can Foreign Portfolio Investment Bridge the Smaller Firm Financing Gap Around the World? The Role of Arbitrageurs in the Takeover Process Explain how the use of derivatives can be used to determine maximum profit and minimal cost Corporate Finance and Governance research at HSE has recently focused on equity and debt issues and particularly initial public offerings. How can this be helpful in increasing their productivity and services? The central problem of Corporate Governance for UK listed firms is therefore rendering managers accountable to shareholders. Investigate the ways in which the mechanisms used to control these managerial agency problems are enforced.


y y y y y y y y

A study on Financial sources for entrepreneurial Ventures in the company. Management of Finance in small Business units- A study of selected units. Mergers and acquisitions in India- A case study Sickness in Small scale Units- A case study Foreign Direct investment- A case study Performance of Multinational companies- A case study Financing pattern of private corporate- A case study On- line Banking- A case study

3. Accounting and Finance Dissertation Topicsy y y y y Will raising the national minimum wage change the face of poverty in America, or will every income level jump with it What is the role of contemporary accounting in identifying the capital accumulations conflicts? How the contemporary accounting theory one differs from the second issue? What are the intangible and tangible inflows/outflows which can help in the management of Cash flow? Applicability of Sarbons Oxley Act on Corporate frauds in India.

y y y y y y y y y y

Applicability of Ratio analysis for the Financial performance of a company Effect of dividend policies on market price of the securities of the company Financial structure of Two/Three advertising agencies in any city A study of cost control techniques of two manufacturing units. Issue of season tickets by APRTC A cost benefit Analysis Working capital Management in small scale units- A study of selected units Sources and application of funds of a corporate/ Enterprise- A case analysis Dividend policies and practices a comparative study of public and private sector banks. A study on International Financial Accounting standards And their applicability to Indian corporate Internal Control mechanism of Manufacturing companies- A case study 4. Risk Management


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Assessing Risk in Introducing High Tech Products. New software implementation where all of your current systems are going to be replaced with a single, enterprise wide system like People soft or SAP. Purchasing mortgage backed securities in today's market. Most are probably undervalued due to the scare but how do you manage the risks. P