Tips for App Store Optimization from ASO Experts

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iMenuCards created a PPT Slide to explain you how to optimize mobile application on app store. We explained most essential factors that can help you to achieve good rank on app store.

Transcript of Tips for App Store Optimization from ASO Experts

  • 1. Tips for App Store Optimization from ASO Experts As per the research of Forrester Research, about 63% of the apps are found when people search for them otherwise it wont come up automatically. Professionals can make their presence strong on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. Thus, spending money and time over app search engine optimization is getting the boost and here are some of the tips from experts.

2. Highlight your USPs To get instant attention on your application it is important to implement unique features which make it different from other apps available in market. Secondly it is essential to pay more heed and efforts in promoting the application. 3. As keywords play a crucial role in optimization so it is important to have their adjustment appropriate in title, description which helps them in accurate optimization. Once the optimization gets done appropriately it enables the app to certainly get accessible to people when they search about such app. Usage of Relevant Keyword 4. Appropriate Keyword Appropriate Keyword or researched keyword should be used during the optimization as guessed keyword will not be helpful in searching the appropriate app on search engine as well as stores. Experts must go through keyword research to find best ones. 5. Social Media Using the social media networks to promote the app is really a good idea and effective too. Through this medium expert can promote it all over the world and get good response as well. 6. Quick Marketing Quick marketing should be used for better sale and maximize number of app users. It really works to empower the businessmen. 7. Titles and Its Importance Professionals must have stunning titles that grabs the attention of users and compel them to have a look on it. Once the visitor get attracted towards the title then half of the work has done. 8. Focus on Target Customers It is important to market the app to the target customers instead of entire country or region as it is wastage of time and money. 9. Specific Market Channels Specific market channels help the marketers to focus on the branding and get appropriate results in form of number of downloads from app store. Channels should reach the target customers accordingly. 10. Email Marketing Email marketing is one of the most effective way to promote the app as it contains the detail, images and other benefits which leaves a great impact on the user. It should be used for powerful response. 11. iMenuCards Offer High-end Custom Restaurant Menu App Development. Contact us: 1-877-335-7664 [email protected]