Tinysate Peanut Butter and Spices

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Transcript of Tinysate Peanut Butter and Spices

PowerPoint Presentation

Hiruts Home Is The Location of her Peanut Butter Factory and her Spice Grinding Business

Hiruts Business Card in English and Amaraic

Before the Roasted Peanuts Go Into The Electric Grinder, they are Cleaned and Any Discolored Peanuts Are Removed.

Plastic Jars Ready For Hot Peanut Butter Fresh From The Grinder

Very Hot Peanut Butter Coming Out Of The Grinder

The Hot Peanut Butter Is Placed In A Water Bath To Cool Slowly So The Jar Will Retain Its Shape

Hirut Showing Explaining How The Shape Of The Bottle Remains OK if Cooled Slowly.

Packaged Peanuts Ready For The Grocery Store (Note: No Label)

BerbereThe staple chili sauce of choice,berbereis made from ground red chilies and a combination of at least 20 other spices, including cinnamon, cumin, ginger, coriander, garlic and many more.

Peanuts, Pumpkin Seeds and ?????? Labels are Needed.

Herut and VA Allan. Herut is a member of EWEA. She employs 4 full time, 1 temporary and she as owner works full time!

Talk about guests being treated like royalty! Best described by us as mede. Notice the amount Hirut has. She added mineral water to Allans.

We came to the living room to find Hiruts Mother making traditional Ethiopian Coffee. Notice the frying pan containing the beans she has just freshly roasted on the traditional charcoal stove where the coffee pot now sits waiting for the steam to tell her the coffee is ready. How special is this!

Hirut had Injera (melt in your mouth Injera)

Served with rice, green beans, berbere, greens and beets. Delicious!

An Expensive Treat: Chico-Butter + Grain and Spices

Seneff Kollo: (yegebse kolo (roasted barleymixedwith chickpeas andnuts)

Often served with coffee or at the end of a meal or at a bar as a snack.