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US Consumer Attorneys usconsumerattorneys.com

Welcome to US Consumer Attorneys


How to get rid off your timeshare. Timeshare legal advice by professional lawyers. Get complete solution of your timeshare disputes.US Consumer AttorneysUsconsumerattorneys.com

US Consumer Attorneys is renowned timeshare lawyer agency that provide best legal advice and solution for all timeshare contract disputes.

We provides the legal counsel needed to get you out of your legal timeshare dispute. We understand the problems that timeshare consumers face and our experienced professional lawyers provide best solution to get rid of your timeshare membership.About Us

Our Team

We will provide you legal advice that how to get out of a timeshare contract.

We will demonstrate how to cancel timeshare.

We will help you in resort cancellation process.

We will show you how to transfer a timeshare deed.

How We Will Help You

What Did You Get Yourself Into?

Option No 1Pay Maintenance Fees & Assessments for Life. Your Children will Continue Paying Them for Life.

Option No 2Retain an Attorney to Create an Exit Strategy.

Option No 3Keep Your Timeshare. Ask an Attorney to Develop an Estate Plan that Frees Your Heirs from Life-Long Timeshare Fees.What Options You Have Now?

Act Immediately if You Recently Purchased a Timeshare.Timeshare Contract Rescission

Strategies to Get Out of a Timeshare

Considerable maintenance fee increaseWorst servicesUnique assessment on owners before examiningLiability of developersNew Rules on usage or rentalDisputes with Developer or Management

Review your timeshare contract & proofChoose a strategy as per your requirementsWrite a fully inclusive demand letterNegotiate & review offers with clientEnter into a settlement agreement.Alternatively, arbitrate or initiate litigation.Process

Any Decision You Make will Cost you Money.

Do Nothing: Pay your timeshare expenses for lifetimeExit Timeshare: Retain an Timeshare AttorneyCreate Estate Plan: Legal & Accounting Fees

Which Choice will Cost You the Least Amount of Money?What Should You Do?

Contact Us For Any Help

US Consumer Attorneys 5173 Waring Road, Suite 106 San Diego, CA 92120


Thanks You