This Is Service Design – UX Week 2011

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UX Week 2011, Workshop, This Is Service Design

Transcript of This Is Service Design – UX Week 2011

  • THIS ISSERVICE DESIGNa service design crash courseJared Cole | Jamin HegemanAugust 24, 2011UX Week San Francisco
  • Todays GoalsIntroduce service design basicsExplore 3 core methods of service designConsider business implications of service 2
  • Todays Agenda9:00-9:10 Intros9:10-9:30 Service Design9:30-9:40 Workshop Project9:40-10:30 Customer Journey10:30-11:00 Break11:00-12:30 Acting as Prototyping12:30-2:00 Lunch2:00-3:00 Service Blueprint3:00-3:30 Break3:30-4:30 Business Model Canvas4:30-5:00 Share 3
  • Service Design?
  • Service DesignFocuses on experiences and interactions,rather than products.Seeks to balance aesthetics and humanneeds with organizational capabilities.- after Lucy Kimbell 5
  • Service design isnt new.
  • 134 Harvard Business Review January-February 1984 Exhibit I Blueprint for a comer shoeshine StarKlard Brush execution time shoes 2 minutes Total acceptable execution time 5 minutes Une of Faciiitating services vialblllty and products Not seen Select by customer and purchase but necessary supplies to perfonnance There are several reasons for the lack of Good and lasting service management requires muc hanalytical service systems designs. Services are more. Better service design provides the key to marketunusual in that they have impact, but no form. Like success, and more important, to growth. 7light, they
  • is was designed. 8
  • Designers are advancingservice design.
  • Dialing IBM-HELP to get assistance with Lotus Notes Carrie Chan | IBM T.J Watson Research Center, Hawthorne NY | 6.15.07 Blueprinting ideas v.4 service evidence Living with Complexity, Donald problem with Lotus Norman Notes Mail and Calendar syncing customer steps DIAL NAVIGATE PRE-RECORDED MENU TALK TO AGENT WAIT FOLLOW AGENTS ST hazard line Dislike calling call centers how long am i being onstage put on hold for? im pressing 3 and nothing is happening... 6D1511 is before 6A1511 in the menu choices... did I hear is he even listening to 6D1511 correctly? me? he seems to be hes assuming i know all the typing a lot. and not customers journey IBM language even though Ive paying attention. repeatedly told him I was new hes apologizing for soft- hes talking really fast ware malfunction - is this the same problem i was just having? or should i be worrying about something else?ne of of visibilityarea visibility representative service Give introductory speech. Ask for employee serial Present customer with menu options to Introduce yourself. Ask customer what Look up information regarding Ask what error message Proceed to follow steps outlined in documentation. number. redirect call. Apologize for software problem theyre having. Lotus Notes Mail and Calendar the customer is getting. script malfunction. syncing on database.