This Is How You Get Attention

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This Is How You Get Attention

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It is better to be an expert than say you are one. Images by Kris Klop: Created by Bruce Kasanoff. I help clients be clear, credible and compelling. Please follow me on LinkedIn or visit

Transcript of This Is How You Get Attention

  • This Is How You Get Attention
  • If you want to grow your career
  • Pick a direction and focus on it day after day after day
  • Imagine, for example, that you like to photograph airplanes
  • Focus on details that others miss
  • Get people to see things in fresh and useful ways
  • Dont get trapped by success
  • Keep experimenting
  • Never stop getting better
  • At first, it may seem that no one notices your efforts
  • Be expert and persistent and make it easy for others to find you
  • Warning: persistence always takes a long time
  • These pictures prove that persistence pays off, because now you know who Kris Klop is.
  • Credits All images by Kris Klop Clear Sky Photography Created by Bruce Kasanoff