Third Sector Partnership Argyll & Bute Social Enterprise Network Argyll & Bute VC with Argyll CVS...

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Transcript of Third Sector Partnership Argyll & Bute Social Enterprise Network Argyll & Bute VC with Argyll CVS...

Third Sector Partnership

Third Sector PartnershipArgyll & Bute Social Enterprise NetworkArgyll & Bute VC with Argyll CVS(now Argyll Voluntary Action)Islay and Jura CVSBute Community LinksOthers...

Good Morning, my name is Louise Logue and I work for Argyll Voluntary Action. I am here today, with my colleague Hamish Campbell from Islay and Jura CVS, representing the Third Sector Partnership which is the interface agreed by the CPP. We link the third sector with all its community planning partners.The Third Sector Partnership exists to ensure that the wider sector has a voice in the planning and delivery of services and to represent the third sector at strategic levels, for instance at Management Committee and at Full Partnership meetings of CPP.The Third Sector Partnership is just over one year old and for the first year had the core infrastructure organisations of CLICK Argyll and Bute Social Enterprise Network with the then CLICK Argyll & Bute Volunteer Centre and Argyll CVS leading the partnership. During its infancy the TSP was able to deliver joint projects, the website development and the training project successfully, on time and within the budget allowed. This has greatly helped a wide range of organisations across the length and breadth of Argyll and Bute and is work upon which Argyll Voluntary Action and the Social Enterprise Network intend to build.From spring of this year, the Volunteer Centre and CVS have merged to form CLICK Argyll Voluntary Action and together with ABSEN have been joined by CLICK Islay and Jura CVS and CLICK Bute Community Links to form the core of the Third Sector Partnership.CLICK Over the year a further 20 plus organisations have signalled their interest in becoming more actively involved in the TSP and this is work which is being progressed during this coming year.

1Third Sector PartnershipThird Sector Fora...Mid ArgyllKintyreIslay

Also...Helensburgh and LomondOban, Lorn and the IslesMullCowalButeThe other commitment from the fledgling TSP was the hosting and support to voluntary sector fora which are now extended to become third sector fora. These are supported and funded by Argyll Voluntary Action and exist in five areas so far. We are hopeful that with Islay and Bute on board we are able to extend fora to other areas. AVA is also working closely with Tiree and Coll Development Trusts and has been an enabler in community developments for the islands. We are hopeful that similar work can be taken forward by Islay to support the MAKI islands.

2Third Sector PartnershipCommunicationRepresentationEmbedding the interfaceCommunity engagement

In addition to our core work we have four priority strands:

A central strand critical to the work of the TSP, to community planning and to this group is communication and most would agree that we have room for improvement in that area. It is essential that not only the third sector, but communities have their voices heard. This is one issue to which AVA and the TSP gives a high priority.CLICK Third Sector Web portal development was funded by FAB. This gives new and improved support to the third sector in Argyll and Bute.


5Communicationwww.argyllcommunities.orgCommunity toolkit

CLICK The Community Toolkit is part of the web portal and holds a vast resource of everything and anything that is needed to support the third sector.


7Communicationwww.argyllcommunities.orgCommunity toolkitThird Sector ForaDatabase of Organisations

CLICK Third Sector Fora. It is important to the TSP partners that this channel of communications works effectively. We can distribute information successfully to the wider sector using these fora as well as our mailings to local and county wide databases. The fora are essential mechanisms for discussion and an arena where issues and concerns can be raised. What is very important is a flow of information from the top down. In the past, information has been received late allowing little time for consultation and response from the third sector. An example of this is the rolling together of social welfare, leisure and education grants info out days before the closing date instances like this are of concern to many organisations who feel that they are disadvantaged with a likelihood of grants only being awarded to those in the know. Over the coming months we want to work with our partners in the public sector to improve communication and ensure that it works for the communities of Argyll.

Currently, AVA supports the existing fora but it needs to be noted that they are not necessarily a core activity they are funded through one of our projects so there is work to be undertaken to ensure future support to these fora is sustainable.

8RepresentationWith the withdrawal of the fairer Scotland funding to the Third Sector Partnership, there is no longer funding to support organisations drawn from the wider sector to represent the sector. We remain committed to the plans outlined in our representation document and will continue to seek ways in which we can enable those plans.



e.g youth/elderly care/community care/environment/ disability /development trusts/social enterprises/communities /family support/training & education/advocacy/recycling/childcare/national partnersArgyll & Bute Third Sector Partnership Links with Community Planning PartnershipFABComm HealthOur core funding has a small element available for representation which does not stretch to the many and various strategic groups and partnerships which proliferate across Argyll. There is possibly a learning curve here also; at the same time CPP is looking at streamlining the number of groups meeting there are also additional groups being set up eg the Equality and Diversity Partnership, and the new third sector steering group arising from the demonstration project which Arlene wishes to set up. Although worthy, there may be a point at which the sector as a whole is unable to maintain its presence at all the groups which are relevant to its work. Meantime, the core members of the partnership together with other organisations retain their commitment to this group, and others whilst looking carefully at how this can be achieved without cost to other, vital, support services.

10Embedding the InterfaceAs mentioned, the interface is new very new and as a group the core members need to work together; we also need to inform the wider sector and let others know how we intend to work and what our vision is for the future. To this end we are sharing our own workplans and business plans so we meet and work in common knowledge, identifying gaps as we progress throughout this first year of the interface.We are very aware of the challenges ahead. In 2011 funding to the core organisations will reduce, possibly by around 30% - and we have to work to mitigate the impact which this will surely bring with it. Most around this table will recognise that the voluntary sector folk are a resilient crowd and will look for solutions and ways to continue to offer levels of support at least at the current level. We are all ambitious for the sector, we believe there are steps which can be taken to improve and help sustain organisations across Argyll many of which are responses to funders demands which seem to get greater with each year.An example would be in this time of falling availability of funds from trusts and other grant making bodies enabling organisations to achieve a quality standard, such as PQASSO or EFQM. The core infrastructure organisations are committed themselves to achieving EFQM before March 2011 and one of AVA objectives for the coming year is to promote achievement of a relevant and appropriate quality marquee to other organisations. We want to ensure that the third sector organisations in Argyll and Bute can evidence and demonstrate the quality of the services they deliver.

11Community EngagementCommunity Consultation Events:Oban Lorn and the Isles 15 MayHelensburgh and Lomond 22 MayMid Argyll, Kintyre and Islay 19 JuneHard to reach groups:Participatory EngagementNational Standards of Community EngagementFirstly, I think most of you are aware that the TSP has been awarded the tender to organise the 3 community consultation events in CLICK OLI, CLICK Helens and Lomond and CLICK MAKI. The short timescale is a challenge - although MAKI has a date of 19th June so has an advantage over the other two areas. We are very keen that as required by the CPP these are truly partnership events, so we want your involvement and participation as well as your attendance. Glenn or Eleanor have I think already contacted Iain in respect of setting up a steering group for the MAKI area and it is hoped we can progress this to achieve a really successful event. Steering group meeting date is 26th May venue to be decided, likely Tarbert.The TSP have all been involved with this tender and will be actively working to allow the voices of MAKI residents to be heard.CLICK Secondly and because it is relevant , I need to concentrate on Argyll Voluntary Action instead of the TSP as AVA has funding, for this year only, to work with those who are marginalised and harder to reach communities of interest, identity or place and enable their views to feed into the community planning process.We all know that there are a large number of people who will never come to a public meeting. For a variety of reasons whether location, confidence, disability or just lack of awareness, however hard one tries there are always gaps. And this is where it becomes relevant for this group and for the MAKI area. It is also our opportunity to add value to the public consultation event in June.CLICK We have the opportunity through truly participatory engagement over the coming months.CLICK Throughout this work we adhere to the National Standards of Community Engagement and use the Toolkit designed specifically to sit alongside those standards.AVA is keen to work with this and other groups to be able to feed back views and information relevant to the development of local plans. They can contact me for info or to put something in place for consultation.12

As an organisations we have a number of other work strands but we also have an important commitment to the sector and to the Third Sector Partnership. In terms of this group the four strands of Communication, Representation, Embedding the Interface and Community Engagement are likely to be the most relevant and we are happy to continue to keep this group updated as we progress.

Some of you may be familiar with this pictorial representation of an empowered community. We must all work together with the CPP to enable Argyll and Bute to become an empowering Authority.

Does Hamish want to add anything?