Think customers 5 secrets to success in retail

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Without customers, you don’t have a business. Understanding customers is just as important as understanding technology.

Transcript of Think customers 5 secrets to success in retail

  • Think Customers 5 Secrets to Success in Retail
  • Understanding customers Supply the right products to satisfy your customers needs. Your profits are reward for creating value for customers. Put consumers at the heart of your business. When you love your customers, they love you back. "Image courtesy of photostock/"
  • 01 | Stock Awesome Products "Image courtesy of khunaspix/" Delivering that WOW factor through product and service. Supplying great products is the foundation of a meaningful relationship to engage your customers. To be successful in retail means to solve your customers problems. Solving problems means listening. Not to find the right customers, but to find the right products for your customers.
  • 02 | Make Competition Irrelevant Meet shoppers needs in a superior way. Determine which segments offer the best opportunities and deliver the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than competitors. SMB's with limited resources should decide to serve only one or a few special segments or market niches. Establishing uniqueness gives consumers more value. "Image courtesy of nonicknamephoto/"
  • 03 | Content is King "Image courtesy of pixtawan/" Give more valuable and helpful content to consumers than anyone else in your field. Success online means making relevant and genuine contributions to consumer conversations. Create long tail content that address those unanswered questions. Becoming part of the conversation is infinitely more powerful than handing down information via some other obsolete advertising inroad.
  • 04 | Adapt to Changes Retail markets are changing so rapidly that the ability to adapt has now become a competitive advantage. Stores that understand and adapt well to their environments are the ones that thrive. Redirect resources to systematicly track and quantifiy your data so you're able to better analyze what's really driving buyers decisions. Adjust your strategy accordingly. "Image courtesy of naypong/"
  • 05 | Use an iPad POS Build profitable customer relationships while achieving organizational goals as well to better target markets and deliver effectively. Help you analyze, plan, and implement strategies, which create, build and maintain beneficial exchanges with your buyers. Helps you answer what product you should provide, what group of customers to target, and how to compete and gain a successful place in the retail market.
  • .. And Now, Request a Bindo Demo No matter what your role is in a company, you must be customer focused. This has to be all-pervasive and a part of everyones job description, from the cashiers to the owners. Bindo is not just an iPad POS; its a way of doing business. [email protected]