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By: Matthew Palkowksi

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The Vietnam War was one of the longest wars in the United States history.

More than 58,000 lost their lives in this war. The war started in 1954 and ended in the year of


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Multiple starting dates for the war complicate efforts to describe the causes of US entry

U.S entered the war in stagesThere are a number of reasons US involvement: 1. North Korea’s invasion of South Korean

confirmed US suspicions that the Soviets sought to conquer all of Asia

2. US believed that the Vietnamese were inferior and could beat them easily

3. Truman administration was under fire for “losing” China and felt compelled to hold the line somewhere else

4. Americans viewed Vietnam as the key to keeping Southeast Asia out of communist hands

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8. Pesticides -There were 20 million gallons of herb

asides sprayed on 14 percent on South Vietnam

-1 million Vietnamese, including 150,000 children suffer from birth defects, miscarriages, and various illnesses attributed to the chemicals

-3.5 million land mines still litter the countryside and causes many casualties each year.

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There are various reasons of to why we lost the Vietnam War.

Uncommitted political leadership in the early years of the war

Lack of a strong, clear military strategyInsufficient communications of reasons and

goals to the American people by the US government

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1. $150 billion 2. 58,000 lives lost 3. Troops were younger on average compare to

World War 2 4. Some were made to fell guilt for the moral

transgressions ; others, responsibility for its failures

5. Many veterans experienced problems with drugs alcohol a post-traumantic stress disorder

6. The war made Americans more skeptical 7. We lost prestige because we lost the war to a

third war country

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Vietnam is located on the eastern edge of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

Parts of Vietnam are covered in thick lush forest.

Other parts are covered in farm land, or cities.

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The United States and Korea made a final peace agreement, however the war in Vietnam did not finish Intel April 1975.

The United States spent more than $150 billion dollars over the conflict in Vietnam.

The final number of deaths is 58,200 people, missing or dead.

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Not even World War II last longer than the Vietnam war, world war II lasted from 1939 to 1945, so 6 years, and the Vietnam war lasted from 1954 and ended in 1975 so 21 years of fighting.

The Vietnam War WW II

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