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  • This is a first-hand account of my interaction with I spent over $360 and did not back up a single file. Instead, I closed my account.
  • It all seems friendly and harmless enough at first glance so I created a free account. Im then directed to a page asking me to download their app. Nothing funny going on here either Wait what? 15MB? Ill use that up with just 2 songs! Thats hardly a convincing trial but lets download it anyway.
  • So I download and install the app Wait what? 15MB? Ill use that up with just 2 songs! Thats hardly a convincing trial but lets download it anyway.
  • And the fun begins. My very first marketing pop-up lets call it: marketing offer 1 I click to go claim my free 1GB
  • But instead of getting my 1 free Gig, I get this This guy is giving me another offer for a discount marketing offer 2 This this is telling me I havent installed the app. Yes I did Another pop-up asking me to invite friends I havent even backed up a file yet! Do you really think Im going to invite my friends? marketing offer 3
  • So I launch the app and guess what? Already? I havent even used my extraordinarily massive 15MB yet! My free trail expired in under 14 minutes, Im sure they said 14 days? Oh well At this point I probably should have just walked away buy sadly, I clicked this button!
  • Which took me back to the website Really? Today Only? Lucky me! I checked, they lied, its the same everyday marketing offer 4 marketing offer 5 I select No Thanks. I just want to check them out first
  • So this is what happens next... YES, I HAVE! Here it is see.. Okay, now what? I close the window...
  • Here it is see.. I try to upload a file using the browser instead of the app just to see what happens
  • Well, this is what happens! Whats the point? Youre supposed to be a cloud storage solution and you cant handle a 10MB file? But my desktop application has expired Just then, in the top right corner of my desktop, I get this little gem marketing offer 6
  • Meanwhile, back at the dashboard... And this guy is back with another offer. So I click to find out more marketing offer 7 I apparently still havent installed their app
  • Guess what? Another SPECIAL. Lucky Me! (I checked, EVERY hour has the same special next hour discount) marketing offer 8 What? UNLIMITED ONLINE STORAGE ? That sounds just too good to be true. The English definition of UNLIMITED is: not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent Justcloud seems to think it means whatever they decide it to mean...
  • And you thought that UNLIMITED ONLINE STORAGE actually meant UNLIMITED ONLINE STORAGE! Right, so its not really UNLIMITED ONLINE STORAGE so I choose the cheapest plan instead...
  • I also start taking screen shots because Im beginning to think this is either a joke or a scam and I decide to join up and subscribe for a 1 Month Plan I did not upgrade, nor did I agree to being billed every month. I selected 1 month storage and even paid a premium because I only selected 1 month storage. Does that mean I should expect an interrupted service if I dont upgrade?
  • And then along came this... I checked, they lied again , its not today only marketing offer 9 So I selected all the additional features not included in the plan to see what the plan would actually cost And then clicked this button
  • I was instantly charged without any summary page or confirmation page or marketing offer saying I might want to consider a business plan. So far I have received 9 marketing offers. When I actually need one, nothing, just an immediate credit card deduction. Total bill $360.50 Ive since issued a cancellation request to test their claim of Money Back Guarantee No response yet
  • So, this was my experience with I was looking for a robust cloud-based storage solution and instead I got a barrage of special offers and an app that didnt work. These guys are all about the money, youre better off with Google Drive or Amazon. JUST WALK AWAY!