The Triangle of Character Gary L. Patton, Ph.D. LPC.

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The Triangle of The Triangle of Character Character Gary L. Patton, Ph.D. Gary L. Patton, Ph.D. LPC LPC

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Transcript of The Triangle of Character Gary L. Patton, Ph.D. LPC.

  • The Triangle of CharacterGary L. Patton, Ph.D. LPC

  • If you think about renowned leaders, the mention of their names, leads to memories of their deeds.

    We are in essence thinking of their character.

  • What is this thing called character?

    Why does it matter about public safety and protection?

  • Words / Actions Cognitive Processes Belief Systems

  • Our belief system actually guidesour thoughts, ideas, and behavior.

  • A roll call.Dwight EisenhowerColin PowellIdi AminNelson Mandela Saddam HusseinBilly GrahamJohn Wooden

  • IntegrityDo the right thing, in the right way, for the right amount of time.

  • CourageCourage is when you are scared to death and yet you do what you have to do.

    Gen. Omar Bradley

  • Courage contd

    Courage is the greatest virtue because it allows for all the others.

  • Discipline

    The pain of discipline hurts less than the pain of regret.

  • Traits of First RespondersNeed to be in controlObsessiveCompulsiveHighly motivatedAction oriented

  • Traits contdHigh need for stimulationNeed for immediate gratificationEasily boredRisk takersHighly dedicatedNeed to be needed

    Source: ICISF Jim Gunnels, Special Agent, Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

  • How can these fit into a sense of response to disaster and a sense of justice?

  • There are obviously some things in that list that can essentially go either way in terms of outcomes.

  • Do you want an obsessive, easily bored person who likes to take risks babysitting your children?

  • Probably not , however

  • Do you want an obsessive, easily bored, highly motivated, highly dedicated (disciplined) person who is willing to take risks who is known for impeccable integrity taking care of your children?

  • A reminder of our time in history..

  • The wisdom of Allan Greenspan

    Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve

    He observed a very basic and yet haunting point..

  • The common ingredient in all disasters, emergencies, and crisis.

  • is that something was unanticipated.

  • ExamplesThe Great Depression


    School shootings

  • The UnanticipatedThe good guys have to guess ahead of the bad guys.

    Once something happens, we often hear, nobody thought of this.

    An example:

  • CASVE Model of Decision Making

  • Comes from the field of career planning.

    Is an adaptable model for planning and triage.

  • Communication

    Execution Analysis

    Valuing Synthesis

  • Communication (Identify a gap)

    Analysis (Interrelating problem components)

    Synthesis (Creating likely alternatives)

    Valuing (Prioritizing alternatives)

    Execution (Forming means-end strategies)

  • Critical Thinking SkillsCritical = EvaluativeMinimize risksMaximize gainsAssess a situation for outcomesWork from a principle to an issueWork from an issue to a principle

  • Thinking is often casual and informal, whereas critical thinking deliberately evaluates the quality of thinking.

    In productive problem solving you generate ideas (by creativity) and evaluate ideas (by criticality).

  • Critical Thinking and CharacterLinda Elder and Richard Paul in Valuable Intellectual Traits, describe the traits of: - courage - integrity - perseverance (discipline) as intrical to critical thinking.

  • A Point In PlanningWhatever does not get resolved gets repeated.

  • Inspiration Inspiration is helping to believe that they can do that which they previously believed themselves unable to do.

    Gen. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

  • Two things to keep in mind when delegating and hiringHire for attitude and train for skills.

    2. The why influences the how.

  • IntegrityAccepting responsibility

    No excuses and managing reasons

    Upholding justice

    Forgetting about perfection and pursuing excellence

  • DisciplineTraining a little harder

    The easy day was yesterday

    Do all you can do, and then do one more